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City man content, praises natural gas development in area

March 31, 2014

Bob Sherwood, 50, of Williamsport, has nothing to complain about. Having lived in the city all his life, he’s seen its communities grow and the economy prosper....

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Apr-01-14 2:59 PM

The Kohls store had nothing to do with the gasfield development, as far as I know. The problem with the gasfield jobs, are that they petered out so soon and anyone still in it have had to scramble to try and put together a paycheck. Just look around, there are hardly any gasfield traffic to speak of. The energy outfits cut way down on drilling rigs and everything else. I went into the gasfield here as a way to move home after being in another part of PA for the prior 22 years. They talked about the Marcellus taking 20-30 years to fully develop. So I took that as a sign I'd be gainfully employed in it through to retirement in about 12-13 years. It only took them a year and a half to shut down enough of their drilling that I started looking to get out due to lack of steady work. I was a heavy haul driver working for one of the rig moving outfits. They push the jobs without telling you they are mostly temporary.

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Apr-01-14 12:29 PM

Who said anything about 20 years ago? I moved here 8 years ago, and the city is much better off now than it was then. As to the gas industry, net effect sure seems positive to me. Bob, I like the way you think.

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Apr-01-14 12:12 PM

Profanity aside, does it strike anyone else as a bit strange that TheAwesomeAgnostic, (and I'm certain he/she would tout their tolerance) demeans someone whose opinion differs from theirs? Then, agnostic notwithstanding, refers to landing in HELL? I'm reminded why I rarely read these comments.

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Apr-01-14 6:49 AM

I truly find it heartening that even with the constant shilling by the Sun_Gazette, not to mention current and former Gas employees who dare not say ANYTHING derogatory about the gas industry lest they be sued and lose everything, the pendulum has finally swung decisively into mistrust and disallusionment with the gas industry.

It took a while, but SG, Texas in PA with Jesus, and the mad Hungarian guys clearly no longer represent the majority of your fellow citizens.

In the end, the Gas promises have been empty and the lies have been much worse!!

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Mar-31-14 7:25 PM

Ps so sad pinecr has yet to post on this article dang it

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Mar-31-14 7:23 PM

I agree with you Fortysix as long as the tax money isn't swept to some idiotic pork barrel spending on mass transit in areas that don't need it nor are not even seeing any deterioration in their infrastructure from the gas industry but we all know it will be squandered and then when the gas is gone and the money is to that these towns become reliant on they will spike the old taxes and then everyone will be here posting about the excessive burden of the new luxury tax

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Mar-31-14 7:20 PM

Williamsport because of the gas industry is a lot better however the drug dealers keep its reputation in pace with Philly where they was born and raised or should I say never raised or grown up just bred

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Mar-31-14 12:14 PM

While I'm a supporter of the gasfield in a mild mannered way. Left to police itself is certainly not the answer. It needs to be rigorously monitored and "TAXED" appropriately and in accordance with the same general rates that the industry willingly pays elsewhere. This has not happened yet, but I'm confidant it will sooner or later. I worked in the industry for 3 years and I'm a land owner with a gas lease. I've seen it from just about every perspective. The jobs have proven temporary, unless you want to become a nomad and follow the work, which is why I left it.

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Mar-31-14 11:51 AM

Watch this short film about drilling in North Dakota called, "This Is Our Country: Living with the Wild West Oil Boom".

It seems that the people in North Dakota feel the same way as some of us do here.

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Mar-31-14 10:27 AM

Bob seems like an awfully nice guy and I'm glad he's content. Sadly, he also appears to be a pretty low-information kind of person. I wonder if he has ever considered the environmental impact of the o&g industry on our once beautiful state and the spoilage of our water table with fracking chemicals.

I also wonder how far and wide the SG had to go to find someone who didn't disparage the o&g industry for the ruination of our communities. As mentioned, Bob's probably a nice guy but he doesn't know squat about the fracking being done to us.

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Mar-31-14 10:15 AM

When we first left Williamsport over 30 years ago we were desperate to get back. It was home but the job was elsewhere. Funny thing happened. We discovered strange new things like shopping malls, Mexican food, and modern affordable middle class neighborhoods that would be considered "the rich" by Williamsport standards, but average elsewhere. Why? Industry. Mining, manufacturing, and even, gasp, oil & gas. Those regions continue to do well. Visiting Williamsport seemed like entering a time warp. Wasn't long and we could not imagine ever moving back. Saw many LTE bemoaning the exodus of young people and the need for Williamsport to develop industry. Wish granted. Now it's NIMBY time. Many, like Mr. Sherwood, are willing to accept change. Will there be problems? Of course. But they will be addressed and in the long run the benefits will far outweigh the liabilities. We've seen it first hand. Progress can be uncomfortable sometimes. That doesn't make it wrong.

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Mar-31-14 9:26 AM

It's funny that people act like Williamsport is a better city than it was 20 years ago, because it's not. My guess is that Bob is somehow benefitting from the Gas Industry. Those who are generally have nothing negative say about it because their selfish mentalities don't allow them to consider the individuals who have suffered the consequences of the Gas Industry.

It might pay for Transportation related structures and such but in the end, it's a big part of the reason these things are needed in the first place. There is more crime, less jobs, and higher rent costs in Williamsport than there ever was 20 years ago.

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Mar-31-14 8:54 AM

An example of how removed most people are from the destruction of this industry. Industrializing neighborhoods and forests, polluting our water and air, eviscarating wildlife habitat, contaminating billions of gallons of fresh water every year and the list goes on and on. Now we have lost many family-run businesses that have been pushed out by new stores and restaurants like Bootleg BBQ. We have lost Grig's Coffee, The Triangle, Adalyne's, Pets-N-You, just to name a few.

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Mar-31-14 8:14 AM

You go Bob! Couldn't have said it better myself.

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Mar-31-14 7:34 AM

Whaaaa? Where did they find this guy? No apocalyptic rant on how fracking is destroying us? No mention of ******e epidemic? Nothing on the "influx" or even how taxpayer money is being wasted on luxury parking decks? This guy didn't even say anything about metered parking for heavens sake! Reading about somebody as content as this misguided fellow is sure makes for a depressing start of the day.

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