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Traps and targets

April 2, 2014

Regarding the Outdoors section article March 23, "Crow-Mageddon," there must be a better way to bring sportsman together along with young future sportsma....

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Apr-02-14 1:58 AM

Goodbye, Sun-Gazette There go your page hits. Desperate and a dumb move. 1 Year Subscription $15.00 / month 6 Month Subscription $16.50 /month 3 Month Subscription $20.00 / month 1 Month Subscription $10.00 Single Article $10.00

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Apr-02-14 1:58 AM


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Apr-02-14 6:52 AM

Well, this stinks. I'm a subscriber to The Express, and it's the same newspaper group as the Sun Gazette, and it wants full price for access?

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Apr-02-14 7:13 AM

I even have to pay for peoples nonsensical opinions? I hope the people writing these opinions are getting a cut of the kitty.

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Apr-02-14 8:24 AM

As was pointed out in another group of posts about this, they will see a dramatic drop in online hits. The reduced traffic will reduce what they are able to charge advertisers. It will likely work out. If not, it was fun chatting with you all--good and bad chats! Take care and be well!

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Apr-02-14 8:44 AM

Good morning and unfortunately goodbye:( I don't post many comments but really enjoy reading the discussions. Believe it or not, I'm actually gonna kindasorta in a way even miss shaman...he was better than a cup of coffee some mornings:)

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Apr-02-14 9:07 AM

Good-bye freeloaders. I believe in paying for what I get, so I am already a subscriber. For those of you complaining, try reading any newspaper online for free these days. Can't be done. The worst part is that with people not reading the local news, voters will be even less informed than they were before.

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Apr-02-14 9:35 AM

I sent an email to the editor. Digital = $162.00 per year. Physical newspaper delivery + digital = $163.20 per year.

I would be willing to pay a reduced fee for digital content, but not $1.20 reduced. It makes zero sense. Digital content costs a lot less to provide than printing a physical paper and paying a driver to bring it to my house.

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Apr-02-14 9:48 AM

Unbelievable yet so typical. I do not get the paper version because of the recycling involved. This has been a wonderful way to keep up with what is going on and I did enjoy reading all the comments from the letters. I am not willing to pay full price for the online version. Why spoil a bright spot in the history of the Sun-Gazette.

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Apr-02-14 10:32 AM

We get the paper version of the SG. Also, the online version of the WSJ to which I just skim the high spots, and very little else. I think the move is to eventually eliminate the SG paper version. As for comments: I can do without Shame.

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Apr-02-14 12:06 PM

I believe in paying for what I get......enigma

So do the people paying for the advertisements that the readers are being bombarded with. Once it switches to payment, these people will see a substantial cut in their viewings

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Apr-02-14 12:14 PM

"I am not willing to pay full price for the online version." - hopeforfuture

Why not? Do you want the reporters to work for free because it's not on paper? Do you think that the AP will lower their fee because it's not on paper? If you want to get paper and delivery for your money go ahead, but if you want it digitally how much do you think that saves the SG? It's a lot less than you would think. Web sites are not free or even cheap. If you don't want to pay, don't, but don't whine that you're not getting stuff for free.

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Apr-02-14 12:24 PM

Good-bye freeloaders..........enigma

By freeloaders do you mean those milking the government welfare system. If that's the case don't worry I am sure Obama will come up with some type of program. Maybe he can make it so you can use your food stamps.

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Apr-02-14 12:53 PM

I guess I owe an apology to those who believe that an online subscription should cost less than a paper subscription. Contrary to what has been said, not ALL of the print content is available online. I'm sure that this is because of licensing agreements, but they are not available nonetheless. Some amount of discount seems to be in order in light of this detail.

Steelman, I was tweaking those who think everything they want should be free. I like free stuff as much as the next guy, but I don't insist that people give me things for free. Sometimes you need to pay for news, because a lot of the free news on the internet is overpriced. It's worth less than nothing.

See: Anything that Sham refers to.

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Apr-02-14 9:51 PM

"to shoot crows and line them up for display and then to take pictures of their success, in this case approximately 35 birds leaves me with a thought what the heck are they thinking."


"Maybe wind mills ought to be required to post pictures of their kills in the paper also.

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