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Stay out of it!

April 8, 2014

A simple solution for the flood insurance program. Government, stay out of it! If people knowingly buy or build in a flood prone area, don’t expect to get bailed out for making a poor investment....

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Apr-10-14 9:00 AM

I could say the same about you and your republicans.

When I googled Louisiana Scandals the first thing that came up was Vance McCallister and also talked about Bob McDowell from VA.

So first of all, you need to admit that both sides steel from us. Second, explain what Mary Landrieu did, aside from voting for Obamacare.

Also, I commented on your first post. Show me the evidence why you said: "the local Democrats stole the money destined for maintenance of the levees." What money was stolen that was meant for the levees?

If you can't provide evidence for that, you'll just be considered another lying sack of $ h it!

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Apr-10-14 12:21 AM

Called “The Second Louisiana Purchase” by political observers, Roosevelt halted federal investigations into Long’s political machine and millions of federal dollars were funneled to Louisiana, which had previously received little aid while Long challenged Roosevelt. Most of the money was pocketed by public officials and businessmen in a wave of corruption known nationally as “The Louisiana Scandals.”

Of course to you liberals that's just status quo.

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Apr-09-14 9:41 AM

"the local Democrats stole the money destined for maintenance of the levees."

That's a lie!

All of the levees that failed in New Orleans were built under the supervision of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

After many investigations on why the levees failed, the conclusion of the primary cause of flooding was inadequate design and construction by the Corps of Engineers, a federal agency.

The American Society of Civil Engineers called the Katrina flooding "the worst engineering catastrophe in US history."

Also, many levee projects were not built because it meant they required locals to pay 30% which meant higher taxes that they did not want to pay to protect themselves.

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Apr-08-14 8:58 PM

"Much of this chicanery comes as a result of the costs of Katrina where New Orleans; although warned that the dikes would not survive a Hurricane 4, did nothing."

Actually they did a lot before the hurricane. In the many years previous , in typical liberal fashion, the local Democrats stole the money destined for maintenance of the levees.

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Apr-08-14 3:14 PM

Blocked out: You know: That concrete thing that human beavers build.

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Apr-08-14 3:12 PM

Another example Lake Flower in Saranac Lake, NY (SLHS 1958) was created to provide power to the village. FEMA has moved Zone A to include land bordering the lake above level of the****rendering planned construction of a much needed hotel on the lakeshore unlikely.

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Apr-08-14 2:58 PM

I agree with this letter with reservation; that is the chicanery of our beloved government. Example: 1967 we lived in a farmhouse scheduled to be the bottom of a recreational lake to be created for flood control. One lake of many proposed by the Army Corps of Engineers. Meanwhile since we were now in a flood zone designated by the Army Corps no improvements or additions were allowed. That****was never constructed. We bought a house on Kettle Creek in 1972 with a FHA loan. Although this home has never flooded: example, 100 year floods 1972,1975, 1996 FEMA now places our home in flood zone A, meaning; unless a buyer pays cash for the property he will not get a mortgage unless he agrees to buy flood insurance. Much of this chicanery comes as a result of the costs of Katrina where New Orleans; although warned that the dikes would not survive a Hurricane 4, did nothing.

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Apr-08-14 2:08 PM

"Satan worshiping Republicans"


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Apr-08-14 12:29 PM

then maybe it's time to sell and find another place.......PatriciaG

Sure it will be easy to sell a house in a flood plain area. And I am sure they will receive top dollar when they do sell, also there are so many reasonably priced homes out there in none flood zone areas.

Why do you think the majority of the people live in these areas? because they where cheap to purchase

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Apr-08-14 12:17 PM

The ones who depend on subsidies to make money by flipping properties in the floodplain are the Satan worshiping Republicans who are bankers, realtors, and Landlords. They don't who is in danger of flooding living in those properties as long as they get money from the gov't when those places flood. Private homeowners should be bought out--but most refuse to be bought out.

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Apr-08-14 11:04 AM

"Those who have government subsidies rarely own homes."

The Federal Government directly subsidizes homeowners to the tune of $100 billion a year; deductions for mortgage interest on mortgage payments and on state and local property taxes and special deals on capital gains from the sale of first homes.

Those owning homes often avail themselves of farm subsidies, student loans, flood insurance, unemployment insurance, subsidized Social Security and Medicare payment, Medicaid payments for parents in nursing homes and on and on and on to the rich who also benefit from loopholes and subsidies of the companies for which they work…all homeowners.

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Apr-08-14 10:48 AM

I agree. If you can't afford to live in the area, then maybe it's time to sell and find another place. Communities, families, and friends can help in disastrous times without the help of the government. Local people and help agencies are more efficient, less wasteful and more knowledgable concerning abuse of assistance than the government.

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Apr-08-14 10:15 AM

Those who have government subsidies rarely own homes.

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Apr-08-14 5:51 AM

This would seem to make sense, although those who are already on the teet of the government subsidies could lose their homes over rate hikes. Something needs to be done in that regard.

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