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No one’s the same

April 15, 2014

In today’s world, many people are against gay marriage or just gay couples. Many people have their own opinions on this topic....

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Apr-23-14 8:49 AM

As a gay man who is in a long term relationship I do not need, nor do others, to shout it from the rooftops. My partner and I are respected professionals, live a regular lifestyle and are just happy to be together. In order for us to have 'equal' rights there are people who are working hard to get it and kudos to them. As a child I was old enough to see desegregation and remember the same arguments about blacks, lots of bible thumping, etc. Now it's just the 'norm' to see blacks as equals, mixed race couples, etc. Soon gay marriage will be the 'norm' it's inevitable look around at other states. It's coming!! We are going to go to NY and get married AND we are going to announce it right here in the S-G !! Why shouldn't we?? To PINECR, I feel sorry for your children hopefully they will grow up and not be bigoted. In fact one might just be GAY...then what? Disown them, throw them out? Probably...

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Apr-15-14 9:58 PM


What happened to the absolute morality? If society changes their mind tomorrow, does the law change again?

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Apr-15-14 9:57 PM

Another LTE on gay marriage. For grins let's look at the reasoning behind it by changing the word "gay marriage" to something innocuous like "eating pizza".


"We all know that [eating pizza] is not what we were intended to do but as long as the [diet] the person is living is making them happy there should be nothing wrong with it."

"[Eating pizza] should be legalized in every state..."


The first portion of the first statement references some level of morality (right/wrong) that is above our society and common to all of us, an absolute morality that all are intended to follow. But then in the second half of the first statement, the author wants to let individuals throw that away and replace it with a morality based on pleasure and happiness, a relative morality. Lastly, in the second statement, they want a new society moral law for all to adopt; a morality based on what society sees as right, today.

What happened to the absolute mor

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Apr-15-14 9:51 PM

"Judging someone is something this world needs to stop doing." ++++

The author violates their own statement by judging others. It is an example of relative morality in which their morality is right and everyone one that judges is immoral.

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Apr-15-14 6:35 PM

Rick424, we already fought that fight this week on April 12, you missed it. I would continue the fight this evening but I am tired from working my 40 hour full time job striving to be like a "republican". You must of missed that comment to, I think that was said by a wise man named Doobie. Glad to see a familiar name again. I am not sure why I have not seen Erik, Scott36,Sham,Reeder post in awhile oh well have a good night.

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Apr-15-14 6:02 PM

Yes, but I can't read the whole letter. So to be fair to the letter writer I have no idea what it is about. Only from the comments. Sorry

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Apr-15-14 5:59 PM

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Apr-15-14 4:27 PM

rick424-"4 Comments on Gay marriage, sad."

You think there should be more debate on it?

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Apr-15-14 3:23 PM

4 Comments on Gay marriage, sad.

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Apr-15-14 10:03 AM

"Judging someone is something this world needs to stop doing.", she says as she judges those who disagree with her. Why is it that all opinions are to be respected as long as they are the politically correct ones?

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Apr-15-14 10:01 AM

Protecting people’s rights doesn’t mean promoting their choices. What bothers many is support groups go beyond protecting individual rights and do promote the lifestyle. I’m the first one to argue for rights of gays and lesbians, but that doesn’t mean I have to enjoy watching programs featuring the lifestyle.

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Apr-15-14 9:23 AM

The gay lifestyle should not have to be forced down our throats if we do not believe in that way of life. I am tired of seeing it on the news, in movies, etc. ABC is all about the gays...they actually promote it. As far as I am concerned, they are sick individuals and I don't want my children to be raised thinking it is "ok" or "normal" because it is not.

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Apr-15-14 8:50 AM

Sounds like the writer of this LTE is a tolerant individual. I wonder if they agree with how the Mozilla chairman was treated as the tolerant left forced him out for having the audacity to support heterosexual marriage.

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