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Everyone wins

April 15, 2014

May I respectfully remind you that the purpose of a government is to protect its people, not businesses....

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Apr-17-14 6:54 PM

Here the "a" I missed on disagree. Hope I don't get a "disagree" on that too!

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Apr-17-14 6:53 PM

Seems to me with all the "disagrees" it must be people making more than $7.25 an hour or do you all disgree on that too?

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Apr-16-14 12:05 PM

Mike,So what I get from your reply is 85% of businesses are paying minimum wage? Listen,I have no problem with companies that can only afford to pay minimum wage,the key word is "afford" but, why is it prices have gone up big time in the past 10 maybe 12 years but, the minimum wage hasn't,why? It's like a bank account that you are only getting 2% but,the economy (GNP) goes up 3%,guess what, you're loosing money! I understand your point on people buying into franchises whether it's McD's or Pizza Hut or what ever but, the bottom line is the BIG corporations could "cut" franchise fees to the owners of these franchises so maybe they could pay a reasonable wage but, we both know BIG business aways wins in the end. This has to stop.

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Apr-16-14 4:24 AM

"Are you purposely ignoring the fact..." - mikekerstetter

There was never really any doubt, was there?

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Apr-16-14 3:42 AM

MECURY2-"ericwilliamsport: You can "spin"it anyway you want but, the score is BILLIONS for McD's and $7.25 an hour for the employees."

Are you purposely ignoring the fact that 85% of the people writing the paychecks are not the McDonalds Corporation, but local small business people who bought a franchise?

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Apr-15-14 7:17 PM

ericwilliamsport: You can "spin"it anyway you want but, the score is BILLIONS for McD's and $7.25 an hour for the employees. Sounds fair to me?! Again,Not everyone is born with your I.Q. and money to go to higher education schools,ie:college. Also,a lot of individuals that work at these types of jobs,is the main source of income. Maybe you can get one and see how easy it is to pay your bills,ie:food,housing,heat and the big one,HEALTHCARE! Forget about owning seven homes and driving BMW's and maybe a round of golf,these are all necessities in the wealthy world! Prices keep going up but, the minimum wage stays the same,makes sense to me if I was stupid!

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Apr-15-14 2:07 PM

Min. wage jobs were always entry level/ 1st jobs or pt jobs for mothers working around school schedules.They were never intended to support families on. Most worked them until they could find something better. Manufacturing jobs were ussually the next step.Those are hard to find these days. For folks without college those min. wage jobs have become the top rung of the ladder.Until Mfg. jobs come back, you have the choice of getting training, education ( which isn't affordable for many) or taking on a 2nd or 3rd job.

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Apr-15-14 1:52 PM

The tea partiers are the ones on SSI and welfare. There is a fine example out in Nevada. Armed Militia helping a wealthy rancher to keep suckling off the government teat! Now that what I call right wing. It's only ok to be on welfare if you're a wealthy Republican!

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Apr-15-14 1:51 PM

MECURY2-"Large companies feed off the unfortunate like say McD'who have profits in the billions."

But here is the problem with that..... McDonalds only owns 15% of the McDonalds restaurants, which means 85% are privately owned and operated. So it's the local guy who has paid for the franchise, pays for the food, utilities, insurances, and keep and other things that also pays the wages. Those small business owners, and that's what they are, are paying that wage, not the big bad corporation.

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Apr-15-14 12:24 PM

The McDonalds business model is not to make careers out of front of the house or grill workers. There are always going to be people who need minimum wage jobs for whatever reason. McDonalds is happy to provide that job. Someone quits, another person will take the job.

These business models and the market set those job values. If they were worth more, McDonalds would pay more. They just simply aren't careers meant to support your family on. Yeah maybe if you have 3 minimum wage jobs you could support a family, but you'd never see them. You would be better off taking a school loan out or living with family and friends.

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Apr-15-14 12:24 PM

Mike,I understand your point but,we are all not as fortunate as you. Not everyone has the I.Q. or are mentally capable of getting a good education. It would be great if we were all born with the same abilities of getting a good job that pays above minimum wage but, that's not the case. Large companies feed off the unfortunate like say McD'who have profits in the billions. This is good for the "stockholders" but, the employees are the ones who suffer! Tell me why people like Mitt Romney and the likes have 7 or more houses and a fleet of vehicles and can send their kids to college without a dent in their bank accounts? I'm not a "Bible-banger" but, there is a quote in there that says, "The Meek shall inherit the Earth". Good luck on your good job and wage. "See you on the other side!"

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Apr-15-14 12:07 PM

Don't like working for min wage? Get a better job. And don't say 'well that's easy for you to say' because it wasn't. I worked at nickel dime jobs thru my 20's until I decided that I was better than that. I went for a good job and got it and have not looked back.

Stop telling yourself that you can't. Go do it. And nobody owes you a thing. You earn your living. Nobody is supposed to give you a living. Realize the difference.

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Apr-15-14 11:58 AM

Johnny, Trusting business has nothing to do with it. If the government would get out of the way and let the economy expand, the market would force businesses to pay more because any business that did not would be unable to find and keep workers and would go out of business. Market pressure does a much better job than government regulation of forcing business to do what is right. Profit motive is much better at affecting behavior than law. If it weren't the prisons would be empty. Think about it.

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Apr-15-14 10:43 AM

enigma-you and I agree on very little. This is another case where we disagree. First, I don't just assume there needs to be a minimum wage, I support a minimum wage 100%! While I can agree training is essential to better paying jobs, I can never agree that there shouldn't be a base/minimum wage.

Maybe it comes from my distrust of a lot of businesses. I know there are some good employers and many of those may post here. But I think this type of employer on a macro scale is rare.

I believe without a minimum wage, many, many more people would be in further dire economic shape because many employers just wouldn't pay the employees well. They wouldn't care.

From there, opportunities would be reduced. Inequality would increase further harming the majority of people of our country.

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Apr-15-14 10:22 AM

Some people, like johnnyad3, assume that there needs to be a minimum wage and that the debate is about what it should be. That is a false and dangerous assumption. Even the idea that there really is a minimum wage is false. There are groups that are exempt from the minimum wage, meaning that there is not really a minimum wage at all. One important exemption is for those with a diminished capacity. The are exempted because if they weren't, they would not be able to get any job. By exempting them, the law acknowledges that some people are not worth this arbitrary minimum. People are paid what they are worth. If you believe that you are worth more, find someone who will pay you more. If you cannot fine someone who will pay you more, you are not worth it, and you should try to make yourself worth more by gaining skills and/or good character. That's how things work in the real world.

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Apr-15-14 10:07 AM

No, everyone does not win. In fact, most people lose, but you can't expect someone this ignorant of economics to understand that. What you should be able to expect is that people who haven't a clue should keep it to themselves.

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Apr-15-14 9:15 AM

Perhaps Maddy should research Obama's raising the federal minimum wage and the effect it has had on military Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) facilities across the nation; many of them now having to close which eliminates these services for our service members and costing thousands of jobs. What do you think the effects would be on a national level?

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Apr-15-14 9:07 AM

Alsever, you can crawl back into your hole now.

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Apr-15-14 9:02 AM

My first job in 72 was a weekend dishwasher at minimum wage for $1.65 per hour. Using the CPI inflation calculator, that $1.65 would be $9.33 today.

These are the kinds of issues that pits people against people. Some will say unkind things at or about people, even during this week. Up the wage to $9.33 and then tie it to the CPI for the future. Knowing what's going to happen, you know stability, is something businesses want to know.

If a business has a product that people want, people will buy it even if it goes up due to increased wages.

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Apr-15-14 8:57 AM

Why don’t we set the minimum wage at the level of middle class? There’s no reason to have anyone be poor in a collectivist society; at least until we run out of other people’s money.

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Apr-15-14 8:46 AM

Your problem is trying to "support a family" on minimum wage. Once the Tea Party takes over and mandates sterilization and abortions for low paid workers, you won't have to support families.

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Apr-15-14 8:46 AM

It's not the government's duty to get you off of minimum wage. It's your duty to work hard, show initiative, educate yourself and get a better job. Remember, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, not the pursuit of government handouts.

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Apr-15-14 8:20 AM

My favorite saying that I taught my children is : 'Whatever you do in life put your entire soul into doing the best job you can do'. This is true in working and relationships. If anything is worth doing do it well, people will notice!

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Apr-15-14 7:42 AM

Bottom line, no matter what the minimum wage people of Maddy's ilk will never be off the government teat.

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Apr-15-14 7:18 AM

If you want to succeed in life remember these 4 words my father taught me, "can't means you won't".

I live by these words in all aspects of my life, if you want something bad enough to improve your life you can do it, but it is up to you to achieve it.

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