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Hey, heroin, how have ya been?

April 18, 2014

So Williamsport is seeing a lot heroin abuse – how shocking. You know why a lot of people do drugs? Because life sucks. You know one of the places life sucks for a lot of people? Williamspor....

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Apr-25-14 8:08 AM

YOX - When they start quoting bible verses you know the mentality and their IQ has dropped about 30 points. When all else fails throw bible verses which to those watching show how utterly stupid they really are.They LOVE to hide behind that bible. They hid behind it for prohibition, race segregation, and now gay marriage and ANY LITTLE THING they think they can one up anyone one by quoting a bible verse. Only idiots fall for that b.s. Keep writing Yox!!

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Apr-23-14 5:00 AM

When it comes down to it the dots are there for you to connect. I grew up in this town as my parents & grandparents did. Williamsport is a very insular corrupt little city. If ya don't fit in or your throw into question any sort of matters they set out to they destroy you. It's a mafia in and of itself. I won't stand for it anymore I will only stand against it.

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Apr-21-14 8:43 PM

I don't know about life sucking but I do agree with Yoxtheimer about Dr. Mayor Gabriel Campana. I remember the billboard when he was first running for Mayor that stated "Criminals, on day one you're done." RIGHT!!!

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Apr-21-14 1:04 AM

How has the contemporary Conservative ideology largely failed? Politicians & public figures a good example FOX news pundits who masquerade as defenders of the American way of life really don't represent your interests at all. They don't even acknowledge reality in the least. In the 1980's the middle class began to decline with globalization taking hold. Duh everyone knows a lot of our manufacturing industry was out sourced to other nations for cheaper labor. Wealthy corporations that are wrongly referred to now as "job creators" did this all under the Reagan administration. We live a Plutocratic society which largely embodies the world. You can be a ruthless dictator for decades all the while traveling about the world shaking hands with other presidents & prime ministers if your wealthy enough. Your sorely deluded to think that any politician in this country thinks they can help work towards rebuilding a strong middle class as long as "the Will is in us"

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Apr-20-14 7:25 AM

Alsever purely a brainwashed student of Charlie !! His puppet I shall say

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Apr-20-14 6:14 AM

Still no answer on how conservative thinking makes life s u c k? It doesn't surprise me that you can't come up with any.

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Apr-19-14 9:35 PM

Oh I am so hurt by all of your sharp wit & how you've managed to completely nullify my point. (with sarcastic inflection) I was just Talking about how drug dealers are a detriment to Williamsport & how the city governments' hubris has been a bit of a stumbling block. I think that was pretty clear. I didn't ask to be saved by Christ or discuss any choices good or bad I've made in my own life. I'm a College graduate I don't use drugs nor I have been to jail. So contrary to what you might think I have not screwed up my life! Sorry to disappoint all of you. I happen to be an agnostic because guess what? I can't know something I don't know nor can anyone. that's a least an honest response.

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Apr-19-14 9:50 AM

Anyone ever see the movie "The Apostle" with Robert Duvall?? If not, I highly recommend it. Great movie... Yox's comments remind me of Billy Bob Thornton's character.. enough said

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Apr-19-14 9:28 AM

Yox, I wonder what misfortune that has happened to you to label life as such? What happened in your life to turn you so dour? Life is what you make out of it. If you need to turn to religion, so be it. If you need to turn to drugs, so be it. but it's the choice(s) you make in life that determine your outcome. Don't blame others for the consequences of choices that you made. I hope you find the forgiveness you are looking for.

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Apr-19-14 6:49 AM

"Premier your a total douche!" -Yox

Well I'd rather be a hygiene product than an infectious disease like you. :}

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Apr-19-14 6:42 AM

Yoxtheimer-"Mikekerstetter do quote everything you here on AM talk radio? I'm sure if you got your own show you could be one of those highly paid hypocrites that plays on your silly notions about how the world should work."

Is that the best you've got? You said life s u c k's because of conservative thinking, but gave no clear reasons, or facts to back up your statement. What is it that conservatives are doing, or not doing, that makes you life so bad?

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Apr-19-14 6:38 AM

1 Corinthians 1:18 The message of the cross is foolishness to those who are being destroyed. But it is the power of God for those of us who are being saved.

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Apr-19-14 2:47 AM

Anytime anyone use's their Christian faith to counter or influence me I get the same feeling of nausea. I've heard this nonsense since I was a child & I didn't believe it then nor do I now. Spare me this please! There's noone up there who cares for you down here. Life is just random and silly. All Christians do is keep Duck Dynasty on the air and hold us back intellectually as a species.

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Apr-19-14 2:40 AM

Premier your a total douche!

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Apr-18-14 4:57 PM

Mikekerstetter do quote everything you here on AM talk radio? I'm sure if you got your own show you could be one of those highly paid hypocrites that plays on your silly notions about how the world should work.

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Apr-18-14 4:53 PM

ToTexasfromPa, Nebuchadnezzer!? I had to look that up. I could care less about who the King of Babylon was in 604 BC. What does that have to do with anything in 2014 AD & what I'm talking about? I'm not going to start believing in something that counters my line of reasoning and how I see the universe because of an ancient tale. I couldn't compel you to think any differently so why do you think I would suddenly find religion at age 40ty when I figured out it was B.S. at age 4?!

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Apr-18-14 4:42 PM

Capricorn1 it's not a matter of everything falling into the liberal vs conservative paradigm. It's a matter of common sense a virtue clearly lacking in our culture.

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Apr-18-14 2:48 PM

Steelman, I didn't sell them. They're hidden away in case this issue returns on a weekend day and I can't get to the doctor's office right away. It's been about 6 months now, no problems, so in another few months they will go to the landfill buried in cat litter.

You did bring an important issue to light contributing to the problems with prescription drug abuse: people getting prescriptions free or next to nothing with insurance, and then selling the pills for cash.

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Apr-18-14 10:59 AM

I moved here during the sixties and drug use was common back then. The trade seemed to funnel through otherwise legitimate business at the time, but transitioned to the organized crime and violence we see now.

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Apr-18-14 10:35 AM

Spike, sadly thats true.Even in little Montgomery, we've lost Springs, West co. the Sewing Factories and a few small businesses.Lots of unemployed down here.

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Apr-18-14 10:27 AM

The young people should relocate for employment. Life is always better with a job. Our area is very short on employment opportunities and not everyone will be employed by the gas industry. The days of remaining in your hometown are long over.

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Apr-18-14 10:05 AM

I only took 3 of the 10 pills I was prescribed........... CaveFelem

How much did you sell the other 7 for?..............jk

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Apr-18-14 10:03 AM

Wmpt has always had a reputation for dealing drugs. Back in the '70s, my fellow Penn State students went to Middletown for Pot; Dauphin Boro for pills; Williamsport for ****** and Coke. Friend of mine has a newspaper article from the early 1900's about Boston Socialites coming to Wmpt to obtain opium. Article mentions One very rich young person from Boston dying of opium near Trout Run.

******--will always remember the Marine pet dogs that the Marines hooked on Smack went nuts when their owners left DaNang and went back to the US. Dogs did not like going Cold Turkey! ****** use dropped drastically around Marble Mountain area when the Marine Drug dealers left.

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Apr-18-14 9:51 AM

It's "OBAMA'S" fault!!

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Apr-18-14 9:32 AM

We all make our own little heaven and in it we shall live. A very large portion of that heaven is our personal outlook on life.

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