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Jobless rate questioned

April 25, 2014

The unemployment rate is dropping? I don't know where Harrisburg is looking but it's not looking at Pennsylvania....

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Apr-30-14 8:30 AM

Ritty77: No,You're not Tom Sawyer,you're an"ass-ho*e.

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Apr-28-14 4:05 PM

"I went to Vietnam in 68..."

And I'm Tom Sawyer.

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Apr-27-14 12:52 PM

mikekerstetter: Mike, I would never try to change your mind,it would be like changing a flat tire with a flat tire!

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Apr-27-14 12:50 PM

Yoxtheimer: You sound like a real "optimist"! Make sure you keep that "doomsday" clock running.

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Apr-27-14 12:46 PM

Garben78: Here is a math problem for you. "Loose unemployment benefits equal welfare". What is the answer? No cheating!

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Apr-27-14 12:41 PM

mikekerstetter: Mike, I can think of one,myself. I went to Vietnam in "68" not useing drugs but, came home on them. I didn't have time to think about what I learned in school about drugs,I was trying to keep my a*s alive! Let me clue you in,these people we are talking about most never thought they would end up useing drugs but,"sh*t-happens.You can blame them all you want but, they ain't going away till people,like youself understand what "ADDICTION" is all about but,again you need an "open-mind" to understand and I guess you just want to bury your head in the sand! Good luck with that Mr.Clean!

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Apr-26-14 5:12 PM

The unemployment numbers are dropping because more and more people have exhausted their benefits thus they are no longer counted as unemployed. Truth is adding all those who've exhausted their benefits into the number of people who don't qualify with enough high quarter credits the unemployment numbers are significantly alarming but you won't hear this in a election year

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Apr-26-14 2:45 PM

So, Mercury, how many drug addicts have you taken in and supported so they could continue in their lifestyle? If that is your calling, go for it. But don't expect everyone else to do the same.

They are taking illegal drugs, bought in an illegal transaction, and probably with money they obtained through illegal means because they can't pass a drug test to get a legal job. The dangers of drugs have been known and taught since I was in school in the 60's and 70's. It's not like they weren't warned. But they chose to indulge in an illegal activity anyway. But my mind is closed because I think it's their own fault they are in the shape they are in? OK, then I have a closed mind. Doesn't change my mind though.

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Apr-26-14 2:16 PM

Sounds easy, can't figure out why someone else didn't think of that before!!? Again,I'll say,"when you get an open-mind" about this problem there is no need to reply. Let's not forget the "alcoholics",you know the ones that drink the "LEGAL STUFF"!

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Apr-26-14 11:28 AM

Sorry, I'm not responsible for their stupid decisions. There is help available for those who want help.

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Apr-26-14 10:36 AM

mikekerstetter: Yes,Mike your comment is "harsh"!Not sure if you have any family members or friends that are "hooked" on "HE*ION",I guess you would throw them to the side of the road to! Conversation over until you get an "open mind" about what is going on,it's called REALITY!

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Apr-26-14 6:44 AM

This may sound harsh, but if people aren't getting a job because they can't pass a drug test.... that's on them, not me. I have no sympathy for them.

As for the gas company jobs and time away from family; yeah, that is a concern. But if that is the only option you've got to provide for your family, that's the one you should take. I worked a swing shift and worked weekends to provide for them while my wife worked a part time job that allowed her to be here when they left for school, when they came home from school and off with them on weekends, holidays and during the summer. If you are responsible you do what you need to do.

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Apr-25-14 7:47 PM

mikekerstetter: I agree with most of your comment but,if a person who may be married and have three or four kids these types of jobs aren't healthy for a good family relationship. I drove truck for 10 years and missed tons of school science fairs,plays my kids were in besides the in home relationship. Good money but,it won't allow me to have good memories of what I missed. All I wanted to get acrossed was we have to get serious about this drug problem we have going on. I'm not saying people can only get a job in this area from the gas companies,there are plenty of 9-5 jobs available but,"DRUGS,DRUGS and DRUGS!! Can you hear me now,as G.W.Bush would say?

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Apr-25-14 4:30 PM

Or they're not willing to work the hours demanded by the gas company.

There are jobs for people who really want to work.

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Apr-25-14 11:16 AM

eriklatranyi: Where do these people go when they 'quit" looking for work? Do they "vaporize"? I just talked to a gas worker (roughneck)and told me 36 gas workers were coming from N.Dakota to work here. I have seen and heard "tons" of jobs are in this area ie:gas industry but, I believe it's not the government's fault people can't get a job, it's mostly because the ones you're talking about can't pass a drug test and most of these individuals don't want to use drugs,they're "hooked" and that's the shame of this problem! "He*ion is a very serious problem for PA. and first we have to fix that part.

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Apr-25-14 10:49 AM

Darlin - according to the report, most of it was in retail and business services with a little increase in construction.

North Dakota does have work though. The problem is getting workers. There's nothing there. From what I've heard, they are setting up towns and flying people in but it has been hard to motivate people to travel there.

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Apr-25-14 9:57 AM

And most of the increased employment is due to the gas industry in Texas and North Dakota.

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Apr-25-14 9:12 AM

From Brookings regarding employment, not unemployment:

For the first time since December 2007, private U.S. payrolls reached a new all-time peak. Since hitting a low in February 2010, private-sector payrolls have increased in 49 successive months, rising by a total of 8.9 million. Revisions in earlier BLS estimates of payroll gains in January and February also added 37,000 to total gains previously estimated for those months.

Nonetheless, public plus private payrolls remain more than 400,000 below their pre-recession peak. That’s because government payrolls sank. In the 49 months that private-sector employment increased, public payrolls fell 627,000, or about 2.8%."

That last part should make a lot of you happy.

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Apr-25-14 9:06 AM

Agree with Erik, they don't count you when your unemployment runs out so at this point, after everyone has run out of unemployment, we should have a 0% unemployment rate. The truth is that we have a work force the size we had in 1978 and our current regime touts that as success. The media never questions them and it should make even the lowest informed people wonder.

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Apr-25-14 8:07 AM

Do you mean Washington instead of Harrisburg?

What idiots exactly are you mad at for "running the country?" Depending on who you ask, one party will say its the Republicans and Congress, ask the other party and they'll say it's the President to blame for all the problems of the country and the world.

We've talked about this before, demanding more unemployment "just because" doesn't help.

IMO, a more appropriate LTE would tell us that you are qualified or seeking to improve your skills to obtain further employment, and need the UC to survive the interim. We all know 2 minimum wage jobs isn't the answer.

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Apr-25-14 7:43 AM

Corbett should appoint Ernestine to the Secretary of Labor position.

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Apr-25-14 7:28 AM

The headline unemployment figure is dropping, but not because more people are finding work.....but because people are giving up hope of finding work.

Yes, Hope & Change is now less hope and please change it back!

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