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Change needed

May 1, 2014

Williamsport desperately needs a new mayor. The response to trash being left in Memorial Park is too close the basketball hoops....

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May-02-14 4:00 PM

I drive by Memorial Park everyday on my way to and from wok and trash is not just around the basketball hoops, it is around the playground equipment also and the pavilions. To single out the people playing basketball is not right. As far as Brandon Park, ever since the pool was closed down I am sure the trash and litter has been minimized. I have not heard of anyone condoning throwing trash on the ground.

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May-02-14 2:45 PM

Maybe we could solve the problem by putting in a HOCKEY RING

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May-02-14 2:15 PM

Thank you, Leuy22 and LauriH. We try to do the right and responsible thing. We look out for our neighbors and take pride in our neighborhood. My husband and I have been walking (I use a power chair to do so) through Memorial Park with our dog and spent time collecting trash and clothing, sitting trash cans up, etc. Trash is a problem in the entire park, not just at the basketball courts. Drug deals are happening all around us, in alleyways, on busy street corners, etc. Taking down the basketball hoops does NOTHING to address the situation in or around the park, other than pointing the finger of blame at one group of people, feeding prejudices and stereotypes.

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May-02-14 10:03 AM

RollingwithHusky, I would have done the same thing (calling the police) a hypodermic needle is not the same as regular trash steelman. You would think that letting the police know where it was found may help them decide where to patrol more often. As far as Brandon Park Capricorn, the citizens who clean up that park must have missed the gun that my 3 nephews found on Easter under the swings. So it does happen everywhere. I agree with Bornhere let the work release people help pay down their fines by doing work, my husband has a group of inmates that do just that at the golf course.

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May-01-14 5:17 PM

RollingWithHusky, it does appear as though a mixed message is being sent,(ignore them). The normal layperson has ZERO clue as to what smack, crack, her oin, blow, coke, crank, jane, etc. look like. Why not call and ask? OBVIOUSLY, it wasn't insulin....

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May-01-14 5:13 PM

Most comments address a reactive approach regarding the problems at Memorial Park that have been going on for years. "The city should just clean the mess and the police should provide a constant presence." Few actually suggest that the community needs to be proactive and do their part in keeping this park clean and safe. When the mayor took action last time, the community lashed out and vowed they would do their part to help curb the problems. What steps have they taken? Perhaps they need to get advice from the community surrounding Brandon Park and institute the same aggressive community actions taken by the citizens that assist authorities in keeping that park clean and safe.

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May-01-14 12:59 PM

Steelman, it was a hypodermic filled with a brown liquid. We didn't know what it was or what would be the best way to dispose of it. I didn't want to get stuck by it, nor did I want my garbage man to be injured by it. Shouldn't they know where we're finding such things? Someone else here said if you see things you should report it. People aren't happy no matter what you do.

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May-01-14 12:51 PM

How is calling the police to pick up trash being proactive?

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May-01-14 12:24 PM

Each time the mayor targets the basketball courts it gives the impression that there is a racial component involved. He continues to ignore the trash, language, etc. that exists under and around the playground, the pavilion, etc. The whole park needs cleaned up, not just one part of it. I've walked my dog through the park almost daily for a couple of years and I've seen more trash around the playground equipment than I have around the basketball courts. As for drug deals, they take place right in our neighborhood, on our block, in plain view. When we found a hypodermic needle on the corner and called the police to dispose of it, they told us we don't need to call them, just toss it in our trash. So much for being more involved and pro-active as a citizen.

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May-01-14 8:30 AM

The Mayor really is clueless. He runs the city off the cuff. He doesn't include the ******e task force in the planning of his summit and half the time city council doesn't know what he is doing from one minute to the next. I can't figure out how he gets elected.

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May-01-14 8:09 AM

The mayor needs a new job along with chief 1 and 2!...time to Spring clean....

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May-01-14 8:01 AM

Taxpayers do not need to be footing the bills for these animals……………..Garben78

Bornhere nailed it. Guess what we are already footing the bill to house the prisoner in jails lets have them work for there money, or required people collecting unemployment or government assistance to go and earn their cash. Watch how quick they find jobs if they had to start doing things such as this.

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May-01-14 7:34 AM

I guess we better close all the highways since those " animals" throw stuff out of their cars. I think this hoop thing is silly and proves nothing. Except you need a new mayor.

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May-01-14 7:23 AM

The writer obviously doesn't understand how things work. The more time city workers spend cleaning up after the pigs in the parks, the less time they have to do other jobs, like fixing streets. While I agree that the mayor is largely clueless, the basketball hoop thing is not the best evidence of it.

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May-01-14 6:58 AM

Taxpayers do not need to be footing the bills for these animals to destroy,litter, deal and prove to us all evolution can go in reverse. This mayor is doing a swell job

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May-01-14 6:49 AM

So what if there's trash on the ground?

This is the whole problem. Lack of respect for oneself, one's surroundings, and OTHER PEOPLE'S PROPERTY. This is not your property. If you want to buy a house, throw garbage down on your floor and yard, go to it. This is a public place. Show some respect.

The very fact that it's well known that drug deals go on there, and no one says anything, instead expecting the police to sit there and monitory the problem, shows just how clueless people really are.

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May-01-14 6:45 AM

It doesn't matter if the hoops are up or down there still will be garbage thrown around because people just don't care.

Maybe what the city needs to do is have some work release people go down every morning and clean up the mess, they can work off paying their fines and the hoops can be put back up and everyone will be happy again.

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May-01-14 6:26 AM

I can't believe that some are condoning people to throw trash on the ground. It is so disrespectful and impolite to the rest of society. If they walk to the park with their trash, they ought to be able to take it away or find a trash can. It is just plain rude and people ought to be taught manners.

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May-01-14 6:17 AM

Put the hoops back up, ban basketballs, put garbage can under hoops, shoot garbage, problem solved.

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