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Working alone

May 6, 2014

I would like to express my appreciation to the mayor of Williamsport, Gabe Campana, for his ability to deal effectively with issues which are very important to this city....

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May-09-14 10:09 PM


Hi. I agree with you. There also isn't a trash can anywhere near the playground. One must walk to walk to the basketball court or to the pavilion to throw away trash. I'm not terribly surprised some of it doesn't make it to the can.

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May-09-14 8:29 PM

JerryfromRI, my husband and I have also picked up the trash in the park when walking our dog. I've been posting on these letters about this topic repeatedly letting people know that it's not just the basketball courts, in fact, our experience has been that the playground and pavilion areas are typically far more littered than the area around the courts. The thing we find most often is clothing, which we've hung over the benches or edges of the trash cans so they are up off the ground. We've never found hypodermics in the park, though we have found them at the corner of Memorial Ave. and Race St. The bottles we often see are Gatorade or soda bottles, I don't think we've seen glass. There have been adults with their kids at the playground sitting among mounds of trash strewn around the benches and equipment, totally oblivious. For several years I was a daily patron of the park (weather permitting) and I find a lot of the claims about the park to be exaggerated.

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May-08-14 7:01 AM

More to the story? Absolutely. Just take a step back and look at the big picture. There is new multifamily housing under construction a block from the park. Rental properties nearby have recently been subject of code inspection. The Mayor's plan isn't covert, he's telegraphing it in plain English, he's cleaning the place up.

The problem is, it is not against the law to be a 20 something and play basketball in a public park paid for with tax dollars. The Mayor "could have" proposed changes to the park, gotten the support of the city council and the nearby community but he didn't.

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May-07-14 8:39 PM

Part of the issue presented was needles and glass. I have never seen the park. Can anyone confirm this? If it is even half way true I would be concerned with children being harmed and city liability that comes with it. Stick to the very ineffective fine process, a child is harmed and now public outcry that not everything possible was done. 15 minutes of trash does not seem it would bring these consequences. My spider senses are telling me there is more to the story for the mayor to stick his head way out on the block.

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May-07-14 6:42 AM

I've personally policed the park for trashed on several occasions as have many other members in the community. Having done that I can tell you that, yes, there is sometimes litter around the basketball courts. But, there real culprits are the pavilions. It seems the cans get filled over the weekend (when families use the park) and then the wind blows the rubbish from the top of the uncovered cans. Also, it did not seem to me that trash can emptying day was Monday, which left the trash in the can longer to blow around.

In my personal experience it took less than 15 minutes for one guy to clean the park of litter. As someone who actually has cleaned the park I would have suggested adding two cans, adding covers to all the cans, and making Monday morning trash can emptying day.

Don't take me word for it, I posted pics online last summer.

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May-06-14 11:32 PM

Jerry-apples and oranges. Can't compare speeding and theft to littering which is virtually unenforcable. Tax payers will spend more trying to collect a fine than the fine itself. I'd like to see how this plays out in the court of public opinion. It certainly has got more press than if a simple fine was given.

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May-06-14 11:21 PM

Good, bad, or indifferent, it is refreshing to see a government official take a bold stance 'against' an issue. Took guts.

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May-06-14 8:48 PM

JerryfromRI, so do you leave your trash for others to pick-up or do you throw it in the trash can?

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May-06-14 12:51 PM

The mayor drew a line in the sand and it was crossed. Stick to your guns Gabe.

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May-06-14 10:10 AM

If Little Leaguers and their parents keep their facilities clean and neat and those using public parks trash them, it seems we are dealing with a cultural problem as well as a law enforcement problem.

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May-06-14 9:35 AM

There has to be consequences to unruly behavior, and if the rules are not being followed, that is not the mayors fault. If people were so concerned they would have pitched in and kept it clean. Call me crazy but if am am walking down the street and see a piece of litter blowing, guess what I take the time to pick it up, even though it is not mine.

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May-06-14 6:49 AM

Maybe the Mayor is on to something.

If there is a litter problem at the park, don't fine the litterbugs, close the park.

If there is a speeding problem, don't ticket the speeders, close the road.

If the convenience store gets robbed, don't arrest the robber, shut the store down.

I'm not sure why we didn't think of this solution earlier.

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