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Hoops removal solution

May 18, 2014

I think the taxpayers and the citizens of Williamsport area need to rethink the problem of the removal of basketball hoops at memorial park....

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May-21-14 9:20 AM

If I remember the money went to the Center, for what I don't know. I will try to watch the video again and listen to what was said. You are right about the many motels that have illegal drug activities going on and they are open for buisness. Perfect example the one on RT 15 that is in the paper on a regular basis for police activity.

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May-21-14 9:01 AM

I find it interesting the comments on closing the Hospital and Weis Markets. It would be absurd to close them???? Why they have security. It is absurd that the codes office can close a private property with out a conviction, only on there assumption.Small business VS big business!!!! This is called selective code enforcement and is against the law.The hotels in this city are routinely caught with drug activities you don't see the codes office targeting them do you????

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May-20-14 11:39 PM

LauriH-Loni pointed out one of the reasons there is a disconnect in communication, the half truths printed in this paper! Please go watch that video again.

I would like to know what the $40,000 was used for

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May-20-14 10:29 PM

Amazing how the city can paint over a basketball court in record time, but a pothole the size of a small car in front of the nittany mart on 4th street goes untouched for 2 weeks maybe longer. I wonder if the investors of the apts had any input?

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May-20-14 9:09 PM

LauriH, I'm with you, something more is at work here. The speed with which the courts are being painted over and transformed is startling.

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May-20-14 12:01 PM

LaughIn how do you expect people to respond to the mayor arriving with keys to unlock a public basketball court to let them play for 2 1/2 hours? A park that saw a shooting less than 2 years ago where someone died. Where were the mayors children? I did not think anyone got out of line I just think Mayor campana was not expecting to be cornered and questioned like he was, without having been prepared for opposition to his foolish attempt to smooth over the issue with a game of HORSE. Like the one man said "mayor we don't work for you, you work for us". I still say that the Crosscutters and the fact that luxury appts are being built on the old Brodart site have something to do with this. Why else would you keep open hoops at a park where a shooting occured and take down hoops at a park where no violence has happened, that makes no type of sense to me. It is merly for appearance sake.

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May-19-14 3:08 PM

LaughIn, I asked that to show how absurd the situation is. None of this makes any sense at all.

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May-19-14 2:24 PM

Rollingwithhusky-why would paddles and balls be provided by the City? Quite frankly, I do not understand why those basketball courts are being transformed into basically a tennis court situation!!! There are tennis courts right across the street in a fenced in area. Waste of money

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May-19-14 12:55 PM

LaughIn, LauriH asked a reasonable question. Where is the gear for pickleball going to be stored? It requires paddles and wiffle balls. Is the mayor providing these items? Where will they be kept? Will they need to be kept under lock and key to keep them from disappearing? Does the mayor expect the public to purchase their own pickleball equipment and if so where does one find these items locally? If the public has to buy the equipment to utilize the courts that constitutes a "pay to play" concept, as opposed to basketball which most families already have in their homes. (Please, before someone says people have to buy tennis rackets to play on the tennis courts, folks who play tennis regularly would already have rackets and the proper equipment... how many people do you know who play pickleball? Most people commenting on these letters admit to having never heard of it before.)

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May-19-14 12:46 PM

andy33, does it make sense to you, that the mayor removed the basketball court because something "might" happen in Memorial Park, yet encouraged parents to send their kids to the basketball courts at Flanigan Park where murder has actually already happened? It doesn't make sense to me. The more he says and does the less it makes sense to me and the more suspicious I become regarding his motives. One citizen recently said it appears the mayor is trying to segregate the parks and I have to say, that theory is more plausible to me than what the mayor has been saying. If drug paraphernalia is justification for closing the courts, what should the reaction be to the ******s and hypodermic needles we and other neighbors have found all over our neighborhood?

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May-19-14 12:39 PM

I just watched the video LauriH referenced, oh Lord! If I were the Mayor, I would not waste anymore time on organized Friday night basketball games. What I would question is this, are the pickleball courts going to get fences with locks? I wouldn't expect the nets to last very long

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May-19-14 7:20 AM

People...get a grip...if ANYTHING happened at that park, people would have had a fit. It's time for a change if drug related trash is found in the trash BIG question is the cameras. My guess is they are useless and after X hours, they loop and record over the last X hours. This was the brain child of law enforcement that lacks the ability for proper coverage....

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May-19-14 6:23 AM

i think us voters need to rethink who are mayor and the city council is it looks like to me and several other voters i talked with want a recall on these elected incumbents maybe this is the way we must go if the spoiled child (the mayor ) does not get his own way city council members are 100 percent behind him

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May-18-14 11:31 PM

Thanks for the info on what pickle ball is. Great now who will be in charge of the wooden paddles? I pass the park everyday on my way to and from work and I like you am witnessing the changes. How absolutely crazy to not have those cameras closer to the basketball hoops if it was becoming such a problem with drug activity. Had the cameras captured images of the people littering and drug dealing the problem would have stopped by fineing the people responsible or police involvement for drug offenses. The park does not belong to the city it belongs to the people we pay taxes to the city for parks and rec for the upkeep of the parks. Maybe if the camera idea was thought out a little more thoughtfully instead of jumping in head first we would not be at this crossroads in the saga known as "Hoopgate".

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May-18-14 10:16 PM

Pickle Ball is like tennis, only it's played with wooden paddles and a wiffle ball. We played it in High School in the early 80's. The cameras should be yielding useful pictures, as they are not that high off the ground. They are located at Memorial Pool, in the parking lot next to the pavilion at Bowman Field, in the park between the pavilion and playground equipment and across the street from the park proper at the Police shed, near the skate park. The work has already begun on the basketball courts, they are painting over the court surface and have created the holes that, I suspect, will accept the net for pickle ball. When we were there today, there are a total of 4 trash cans in the whole park proper... 2 at the pavilion, one under the trees near parking behind the basketball courts and one at the courts. There are NONE at the playground equipment. Eleven trees at Memorial pool have been removed, as well as trees at the other end of the park. It was very sad to visit today.

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May-18-14 6:18 PM

Doobio I am also ok with the action, but I do not think it will make anything better. People who do drugs don't seem to care whether they are in a park full of kids or at the grocery store, it is happening everywhere. Could possibly the Crosscutters starting their season have anything to do with the closing of the hoops? Have you watched the video ( Campana tries to shoot hoops at Flanigan Park) you should watch if you haven't some very valid points and very orderly on both sides.

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May-18-14 5:52 PM

Lauri-I am still ok with the action, but I do see your point.

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May-18-14 5:40 PM

My point Doobio is where does it end? The drug deals will just move down the street they won't just go away. I am not sure about you but I have lived here all my life and I have seen this city go through many changes some good some bad and like I said I feel the mayor and the police dept are doing their part in trying to stop illegal drug activity but its not enough. That is when we invested much into these cameras that were to deter this kind of activity. I would really like to know the number of arrests at Memorial Park for drugs as opposed to other areas in the city.

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May-18-14 2:37 PM

"The city givith so the city can takith away."


The City of Williamsport "givith" the park?

That's not what the sign says in Memorial Park. Various grants not provided by the City "givith" the park.

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May-18-14 2:05 PM

If your child leaves signs of drug abuse in their bedroom you won't kill them because they have a "right" to life. But you may take away their "privilege" of hanging out with their friends. The offender in the hospital was caught so I am guessing they will be held accountable. Don't think closing the hospital is needed. Signs of drugs in front of a court house will not result in closing the court house. But you might take the "privilege" away to loiter in front of the court house. Your examples do not apply. This is a park. The city givith so the city can takith away.

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May-18-14 1:11 PM

FYI drug activities even happen in our own Williamsport hospital. A woman and a man were brought to the hospital because of drug usage, they were both released only to be followed by staff into the restroom and find them doing more drugs. The woman was then searched to find 38 bags of H stuffed in a body cavity. Should the hospital be closed down because of illegal drug activities? How about in the parking lot of Weis on river ave 2 girls overdosed in the bathroom and then passed out in the parking lot, this I witnessed, my 9 year old was with me. Close Weis? So is the answer cameras everywhere? Big Brother here we come.

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May-18-14 1:04 PM

The Mayor can not spend more than than $19,100 for his plans to change Memorial Park without publishing a public invitation to bid on the work.

Hey SG, ask him how much he has spent so far.

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May-18-14 12:14 PM

In front of city hall thats where they must have placed the good cameras.

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May-18-14 11:53 AM

If they find signs of drug use outside City Hall are they going to close that too?

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May-18-14 11:28 AM

You must not really know Gabe Campana, he has a slight control issue, that being said his intentions are good but these cameras are a big deal, why were they purchased if they can not see images of these offenders? I don't care what they put in the park as replacement to the hoops but drug deals and violence can still happen there, so the question is what good are these cameras to ensure the public safety?

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