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Abortion on demand

May 26, 2014

Abortion is against my religious values and belief. I feel what abortion has become is a lazy form of contraception....

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May-27-14 9:23 PM

I'm watching the Rangers V Montreal, and before the game, a Kate Smithish lady sang the Canadian national anthem in part French, finished in English. I love the Star Banner when not embellished, but is there a more spine tingling national anthem than the Canadian in French and English?

Good night.

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May-27-14 9:17 PM

It is a nice place to visit, and you're right, cause I no longer live there. I live in CT. Anyway, you'll have a good time on your visit.

Culture shock indeed. It was like moving from home to Saturn. But, I survived.

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May-27-14 7:20 PM

Nobody, NYC that was probably quite the culture shock for you coming from Williamsport. We will be visiting NYC in about three weeks we are taking my 9 year old to the American Girl Store and spending a few days with friends. Some of my family that just visited are from Buffalo. Nice place to visit but I would not want to live there.

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May-27-14 7:08 PM

Scott,we had a great time, great weather and alot of laughs, the "nightmare" actually began right after we told my nieces and nephews that they were leaving, they were not going quietly LOL. Hope you had a great weekend yourself.

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May-27-14 7:03 PM

NYC Lauri

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May-27-14 6:55 PM

How sad for his family.-LauriH

You, Lauri are probably doing his family a tremendous service--giving him an excuse to "sneak away" for even a few peaceful moments(for them). Hope your Family get-together was great!!!-Scott

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May-27-14 6:33 PM

Nobody, yes Park pizza is still there, they had a fire a few years ago but has since rebuilt, still as good as ever. I have lived here my whole life and yes Williamsport has changed some good, some bad, as anywhere I guess. Thank you for the kind words and we can chat anytime. What state did you move to?

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May-27-14 6:01 PM

I agree Lauri. And like I said, and I meant, you're one smart girl.

And thank you. I'm flattered that you would chat with such a walking POS as me.

I graduated from Williamsport HS and then Lycoming in the early '70's. Back then, Williamsport was the true "Happy Valley" It was a wonderful small town in a gorgeous setting.

But I couldn't make enough to pay for my apartment across from Park Pizza (is that still there? The best pizza) and utilities, let alone a bit of spending money.

So with great fear and sorrow, I left the town, and my friends, and my family, and took a job out of state.

What's really startling is how far backward Williamsport has gone intellectually.

It was always conservative. But it wasn't always angry, ignorant, and completely unwilling to think independently.

So I post some inside information (which I shouldn't have done BTW), and I'm a stupid lying troll.

Anyway, thank you Lauri. You're an exceptional exception.

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May-27-14 5:29 PM

Nobody, in reguards to Steelman, so many come backs, so little time. Do you know what a "Hypa-Christian" is? Read the 2:21 pm post that will give you a pretty good idea if you haven't already figured that out. Using something that one claims he is so passionate about as a personal attack against someone without being provoked is quite telling, but I could not think any less of the so-called man than I already do. How sad for his family.

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May-27-14 4:02 PM

Hang in there Lauri. You're doin' great!

Remember, being that Steelman/Limp Richard is a ferrous metal, it's no surprise that he has a lot of oxidation going on upstairs. Rust everywhere, actually.

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May-27-14 2:21 PM

I am totally against abortion, but there are some peoples dads I wish would have pulled out 30sec earlier. It would have saved us all alot of headaches

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May-27-14 2:20 PM

To seek my posts out......... LauriH

Seek them out? I cant get away from the crap you cram into each letter posted.

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May-27-14 2:05 PM

First of all you don't know me. To seek my posts out and comment takes alot of energy you should be spending on your wonderful family or have they tired of you also? How old are you to keep bringing up the number 1 thing? You need to lighten up and let your petty anger go, remember just breathe...

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May-27-14 12:38 PM

Contrary to your beliefs, it did not take me 2 days to come up with this post. I unlike other people I know have a life and enjoy spending time with my family. When I get this time, I am not "sneaking off" (chuckle chuckle)and posting comments to ensure I am still top on the board.

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May-27-14 11:44 AM

It took you 2 days to come up with that? Steelman usually you try a little harder to be witty, again you failed miserably. Have a great day.

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May-27-14 11:15 AM

I will post later, last day with familia so I am actually sneaking at this point LOL.

Bet they can't wait to get out of that nighmare.

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May-27-14 10:19 AM

Doobio, we will never agree on this (and many other)topics, but please know that you do not corner the market in understanding God and having strong beliefs, that is untrue. I am pro-choice and always will be, you are not, understood.

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May-27-14 6:24 AM

In the event my wife is giving birth and I have to choose...that is what I am trying to say. That child is not a tumor. It is not a bad liver that can be replaced. It is a human being the needs the protection of a parent. As I (or my wife) we would lay our lives down for a child in all circumstances. It never is about choice because there are none. People who believe as you treat it as an option. Girls and guys use it as an escape from responsibility. Instead they should using it as a reason to be responsible. That is the part as parents we fail. If a child (and adults) understood GOD, where it was their core value, they to would see it is not a choice. In most cases, abortion is easier than being responsible. Abortion is easier than being a parent. Teach kids to respect their bodies and minds and there are real consequences to poor choices.

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May-26-14 10:38 PM

"you would chose the child over your wife?"

You don't have to live my wife, Lauri :)

Just a joke, Honey!

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May-26-14 9:11 PM

It has everything to do with choice. So you are telling me that if your wife was pregnant and something happened during delivery and you could only save one, you would chose the child over your wife? You can have another child. The fact remains if you and your family are against abortions, don't have any,thats your choice just as having an abortion are anothers choice.

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May-26-14 9:01 PM

I agree there may be limits, but it will never be outlawed and should not be. It is a personal choice. Would I want either of my daughters to have to make a choice to have an abortion? No that is not on the top ten list( or any) that I would want for them but I would support them as women in whatever they decided to do because it is still an option that they should have, and be able to make that choice for themselves.

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May-26-14 8:53 PM

Lauri, yes I am putting a child ahead of a woman's choice regardless of the circumstances. If I am reading you correct your point is dealing with a woman's personal choice. My point is it has nothing to do with choice.

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May-26-14 8:28 PM

"We may see limits on abortion, but we won’t see it outlawed again."

I hope you're right Phil. But, isn't this still a state by state issue regardless of Roe V Wade? What I mean is, couldn't an ultra conservative state make it so difficult to qualify for an abortion that in effect it's no longer available?

I guess if that were the case, you just have to go to another state. For some, that might not be an easy thing to do.

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May-26-14 8:19 PM

As long as the law allows abortion, whether to carry a child or abort it is a personal choice, no matter how it was conceived. We may see limits on abortion, but we won’t see it outlawed again.

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May-26-14 7:56 PM

Doobio that is your view and your opinion. So you are putting the rights of an unborn child in front the rights of a woman? Rape is a violent act most likely done to a woman, so for you to speak as if you know how most women would or should feel about carrying that child to term is not correct in my opinion. Most women feel the same as I do,we may never have the need for an abortion but to have that choice is our right as women. You will never know what it feels like to be raped and forced by politicans or society to carry a child concieved in violence to term and shame on anyone for not putting the wants of the woman involved 1st not an embryo. You always talk of God, so let God be the judge not you, be thankful you may never have to make that decesion.

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