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Ignoring vets

June 17, 2014

I have been reading with interest all of the news articles and editorials regarding the VA medical scandal. I agree that this is abhorrent treatment of our Veterans....

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Jun-18-14 12:26 PM

All my comments about the "VA" were for informational reasons only but, I get "disagreed" to? What the he*l is wrong with you people? I have now come to believe,you don't "disagree" to the comments but, the person making the comments! I got the 'point' so it's time to say,"farewell"! The 'concrete" is thicker than I thought. Talk to you in 2016.

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Jun-17-14 5:09 PM

Nobody, we have been married for 34 years and my husband is my best friend I would do anything for him to see that his life is happy and content.

Oh by the way sometimes I also can be a handful, but hey you take the bad with the good when you're married.

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Jun-17-14 3:37 PM

Hi BornHere: Your husband is very lucky to have a wife as dedicated as you are to him. And I would imagine he feels the same way about you.

I'm very fortunate too. My wife is very supportive of me, and that ain't always easy :)

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Jun-17-14 12:39 PM

My comment at 11:43am got two 'disagrees' in less than 15 mins.So, I would suggest to the writer of this letter,not to take 'my' advise and just keep "spinning your wheels"! Now I would ask the 'disagreers' what this lady should do for her 'veteran' father,( the one from the "GREATEST GENERATION"!!) "Welcome Home",sir!

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Jun-17-14 12:25 PM

I see I got a real quick,'disagree' to my comment. I would ask that 'disagreer' what they are disagreeing to,all it saying is about was 'my' experience with the "VA",and nothing more! I probably could tell the 'disagreer' the earth is round but, I'm sure I would get a 'disagree' from this individual on that to!

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Jun-17-14 12:01 PM

I,myself at one time had a problem with my 'comp./pension'claim years ago,and this dealt with the "VA" Philadelpia office run by a lady named Ms.L.Jackson. I have talked to other veterans who's claims were 100% solid but, got turned down by this dept.. I went to my congressman at that time,Mr.Carey and with in 9 days my claim was honored. There were people in the Coatsville 'P.T.S.D hospital that were being treated for that problem but, when I was there between 5-8 patients turned out they won't in Vietnam and won't even veterans because they had 'fake' DD-214's! The "VA" does use caution when dealing with claims because of these circumstances. "Welcome Home",ALL veterans!

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Jun-17-14 11:43 AM

To the writer of this letter. I keep hearing it's the "VA" that is doing wrong to all veterans and that's total B.S.! Again, in an business or workplace there are people that don't do the job they're being paid to do. Since this "VA' scandal a lot of people in the "VA" are now looking for new jobs and if everyone would give the "VA" a chance these 'wrongs' that were created not by the "VA" but, certain individuals being lazy and not doing their job! To the writer,I would get in touch with the "patient advocate" located at the "VA" hospital in W/B or talk or write their congressman.Sometimes 'paperwork' gets lost in the process. In other words,"SPEAK UP"!!

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Jun-17-14 10:24 AM

Thank you, I will tell my husband, he will appreciate your kind words.

I told my husband no matter what it took I was going to fight for him when the Veterans Administration turned him down for the compensation he rightfully deserved for his country sending him to Vietnam and he won the battle.

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Jun-17-14 9:51 AM

Same here BornHere, I was also fortunate to have a high draft lottery number and missed all of the fun. Thank your husband for me for his service and sacrifice to this country.

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Jun-17-14 9:19 AM

It's really nice to hear that things finally got worked out for your husband, BornHere.

And BornHere, as one who had a high draft lottery number so I didn't have to go to VN, please thank your husband for his awful sacrifice on behalf of our nation.

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Jun-17-14 8:02 AM

Vietnam Veterans have a saying when your trying to get pension or compensation from the Veterans Administration, "Deny, Deny, Let Them Die".

The best thing to do to avoid being turned down is to call the DAV in Philadelphia and let them take on your dad's case.

I fought with the Veterans Administration from 2005 to 2010 for my husband's compensation, I called the DAV and within 8 months he was declared 100% disabled because of exposure to Agent Orange and received all of his money starting from 2005 to 2011.

Let the DAV do the fighting for you while you enjoy this time with your dad.

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