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Natural Waterscapes: Bringing nature to you

April 8, 2008
The soothing splash of a waterfall can be much closer than the woods or an exotic location.

Nature and relaxation could be as close as a walk out your door.

Natural Waterscapes combines the beauty of the great outdoors and the precision of science to create waterfalls, ponds, aquatic habitats and wetlands, decorative drainage and rain gardens and provide water quality, storm water management and more

“Natural Waterscapes is a pond, stream and waterfall business that builds any size pond, from a small back yard pond, pondless waterfall and all the way up to a pond that’s acres in size,” owner Jonathan Klotz said about the business.

Klotz brings more than 15 years of knowledge from working with large and small scale water projects. His hydrology experience studying streams, waterfalls and ponds means that his created water features reflect a natural form.

“I’ve done large scale water resources work, stream restoration, wetland restoration, water quality management,” he said. Part of Klotz’s career has been with the U.S. Geological Survey studying water quality.

“My education and previous experience all directly related to this, on a larger more complicated scale,” Klotz said.

Most commonly, customers request garden ponds and pondless waterfalls, he said, “which is essentially a recirculating stream that can be incorporated into a landscape of any scale from 10 to 130 feet,” he said.

Klotz’s customers include residential homeowners and commercial businesses. “Another client type that we deal with are larger landowners that may have a farm pond with algae problems,” he said. Natural Waterscapes provides water management to overcome those problems.

The company can also retro-fit older ponds to update equipment and technology like skimmers to remove debris from the top of the pond.

Regular, seasonal maintenance and repair work is also provided by Klotz. “If it’s done right when it’s installed, maintenance is pretty minimal,,” Klotz said.

“We can work with just about anything,” he said of land requirements for a Natural Waterscapes water feature. “In fact I can build a waterfall in a back yard that’s absolutely pool-table flat,” he said.

Small garden ponds and waterfalls can be completed in three to four days and a pond acres in size can take more than a month.

The setting of this area poses no real obstacle to constructing a home pond, according to Klotz. “The only real drawback in this area is that it’s not Florida, so you can’t sit by your pond all year.”

Before deciding on a pond or water feature, there are a few things to keep in mind according to Klotz. “How it fits into their landscape and into their long term plans,” he said. “You don’t want to put it in and two months later decide it’s in the wrong place.”

And although creating a water feature may seem as simple as digging a hole, lining it and filling it with water, there is much more to consider.

“When we do a pond, we try to build a balanced ecosystem,” Klotz said. “We try to build a small wetland pocket in the corner of the pond, which acts as a natural filter. It removes nutrients and nutrients are what cause algae to grow in the water.”

A stream or waterfall s in a pond keeps water moving and algae at bay, too.

Plants and fish can be added to a pond. “The plants that we do are natives,” Klotz said, adding that the plants will “winter over.” Rocks and stones can decorate the water feature too.

The calming and soothing effect of water brings another added benefit — wildlife . “You’ll see all kinds of birds and amphibians, all kinds of critters that you didn’t imagine that you have near by,” Klotz said, but that’s nothing to be fearful of.

“People seem to be a little bit afraid of open water and wetland areas because of the fear of mosquitos,” he said. But with a well-designed and balanced ecosystem with moving water, “you’re not going to see much in the way of mosquitos.”

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Visual and audible effects are created by the splash of waterfalls, which can be used as alternatives to a traditional fountain for aeration in ponds of any size. To the left, Cardinal Flower (foreground) and Pickerel Weed add color in ponds and wetlands. Pickerel Weed is known for its vibrant purple blooms and heart-shaped leaves which stretch above the water surface.



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