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BenIT: The information technology people

May 6, 2008
Daniel Bennett is a young entrepreneur, who is out to do a big thing, educate people about the importance of computer security and to offer services to businesses and residents of the area.

Owner of BenIT Services, in Montgomery, Bennett is hoping to educate people about why security is important.

The company incorporated March of 2006 and employs four part-time employees that each work about 20 hours per work, depending on the amount of work that is available.

“What I really want to do is get more clientele and get a steady stream and have some of my part-time employees go full-time,” Bennett said.

“We really offer our customers, anything and everything,” Bennett said. “We break our services up into residential and commercial.”

On the residential side, services include but are not limited to: in home computer repair, installing hardware and software and creating wireless connections.

“We do anything that the “geek squad” or a small shop would do,” Bennett said. “We can do in home computer repair, clean it, set up printers, wireless networks and secure down people’s systems.”

When it comes to businesses, the largest service Bennett offers is creating Web sites, but said he is hoping to branch out more into the security side of things and is offering customers security audits and other security services.

“I’m trying to gear the business more toward networking, information security, and security policy,” he said.

A security audit entails an internal and external scan of a network and it would include some social engineering.

“That means I would call up their help desk and tell them that I am such and such I have lost my password, can you reset it? And from there I would see what kind of validation they have,” Bennett said.

During a security audit, members of the company may also visit a client after hours to see if any doors may be unlocked or if the building can be compromised in any way.

Security policies are also something the company is interested in getting into. Security policies help companies know exactly what their policies are on certain situations.

“Since 9-11, security has become realized a lot more and it is a hot market right now and it is only going to grow,” Bennett said.

The company can also create software for companies or help them tweak software that is already available to fit their needs.

“Most of the customer software, we do web based ones so they can go across any operating system,” Bennett said.

The company also does off-site backup for some clients.

“Every night their important files are sent to us encrypted and sent encrypted to our server and stored there,” he said.

If a business comes to Bennett with a problem, he can help them fix it.

In one instance a client that owned a business in Williamsport moved to north Carolina but Bennett set up a VPN which authenticates them to their network in Williamsport and now they can remote desktop to computers and do what they need to.

“They could access Quickbooks and print their paychecks,” Bennett said. “We can find solutions for just about anything.”

Bennett recommends Dell computers to almost all of his clients. “I try to keep things universal to help the company,” Bennett said.

And Bennett can do so many computer services for company, he can even let them know when they may need to hire an IT person and help to train them. “I don’t want to pin down clients,” Bennett said.

The company does a lot of estimates and the rates run from $35 to$ 50 per hour. The residential rates also have packages they can chose from.

Daniel Bennett’s education

• Bachelor’s of science in information security from Pennsylvania College of Technology

• Bachelor of science in web page development

• Math minor

• Business Administration minor

• Comp TIA certified


“We like working with Daniel Bennett and BenIT Services. He does hour Web site for us and everyone really likes it. It’s very easy to use and it’s customer friendly.”

-Sharon Phipps, Watkins Partnership

“Basically, Dan was involved with setting up and developing our network. We’re much more computer capable now than we ever were before and all that has to do with Dan. He has been instrumental in doing getting background information and searching for equipment and connecting it all together. Dan and his staff have done a good job for us. I don’t have to worry about my computers anymore I just call Dan. He definitely has a good sense of business, a degree of integrity that you don’t find much in young people and a strong work ethic. I would recommend his services.”

-John Toban, laboratory director at SeeWald Laboratories Inc.

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Aaron Hale, a networking specialist for BenIT Services, works on wiring at a client’s business. Hale has been working with Bennett since he opened the BenIT services in March of 2006. A unique aspect of the company is its personal attention to each and every one of their clients. The company prefers to know its clients. Quality and customer service is their highest priority and their goal is to provide the highest quality and the best customer service to each client and future clients, the company’s Web site said.



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