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Not man enough

August 12, 2012
Williamsport Sun-Gazette

This is in response to the letter about the president arranging a phony assassination attempt. Unless David Axelrod is a fan of the movie, "Wag The Dog," I don't see it happening. But let's not forget that there already have been plotted attempts on the president's life which were thwarted by the authorities, and somehow the fates of the perpetrators remain a mystery. After all, we all learned what happened to the attempted assassins of Presidents Truman, Ford and Reagan. It was all over the papers.

As for the greater likelihood of truth in Harry Reid's rant (as the letter writer suggests) that Mitt Romney failed to pay taxes for 10 years, let's not forget that Romney has been running for president at the very least since 2007, and probably longer than that.

Does anyone seriously believe that Romney is so stupid as to think that he wouldn't have to show his two previous years of tax returns, as required by law? Yes, he should show the returns to shut Reid up. However, he probably doesn't want to dignify the allegation with a response anymore than the president wanted to dignify the absurd allegation about his birth certificate.

Remember 2004 and the Marla Mapes-Dan Rather fiasco over George W. Bush allegedly going A.W.O.L. from the National Guard? It cost Mapes her job and Rather his journalistic credibility and reputation. No, I'm more convinced that Sen. Reid is the new Joe McCarthy, cowardly making slanderous statements from the floor of the Senate, protected from legal recourse.

Until Reid is man enough to "put up, or shut up," reasonable people will withhold their judgment.

Ken Robertson


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