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October 21, 2012
Williamsport Sun-Gazette

This pertains to the $1.7 million pension cost hike the city faces to meet its minimum pension obligation. It takes drastic actions to correct drastic decisions made in the past. We the taxpayers have constantly been deceived and are being forced to live substandard lives so the pampered who are paid with taxpayers money can retire after 20 years with more retirement money a month than most retired citizens receive in a year's time. It's time to stop holding taxpayers as hostages because of threats and demands made by organized power called unions. Break them if you must - nothing is forever. The old adage that police and firemen jobs are so dangerous has gained acceptance only because of years of continued and common use. There are more farmers who die from farm related accidents every year than the harm that comes to our police and firemen. No one hands the farmer $90,000 a year, and they work all their lives. Others must work from age 18 to 65 years of age. Our overlooked military men and women are paid pennies compared to the wages of most county employees, and they face the true definition of what danger really is. When it comes to the elderly, the social security checks which we receive every month is the money we paid out of our own pockets. It's time for the gavel to come down and a declaration be made for all others to do likewise. No one contributed to our meager retirement, but our Social Security checks are still being taxed because of bad judgment by our county government. If action isn't taken soon by our county government, we the elderly and poor will soon become wards of our state.



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