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May 26, 2013
Williamsport Sun-Gazette

Enough of politics; I'm up to here with politics. Let's talk something less stressful, like Religion. Like believers and non-believers. I for one believe in the Judeo/Christian Bible and believe every word. If I didn't, what's the use in believing? Non- believers say the Bible is a bunch of myths and fairy tales, impossible to prove and we can disagree all day long. But, for the true believer there's something more to it than just believing the Bible. I won't mess around with calling it being "born again" or any other labels. It's just a "peaceful easy feelin'", like the Eagles song. You can read the Bible all day long, but, understand, it's a relationship. You've got to know the Leader to join his pack. And another thing, you hear that voice in your head telling you this guy is wacked? What do you think that is? The Bible says we have a soul. It's kind of an operating system for your body. When your body quits, that soul, or spirit, leaves the useless shell and goes to its natural home. It's not up in the air; it's in a different plane of existence, just like your spirit. But there are two destinations; one's pretty cool, the other really sucks. So, you have a choice. You can stop being a narcissist and start listening to the Teacher or you can count on this life being the best you'll ever have. The Boss doesn't force you to believe because that wouldn't be right. But, just like when your kids don't listen, He gets real disappointed in us. If more people would keep Him happy, this would be a better world. So endeth the lesson.



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