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Your reaction to the drug and violence problems in the city of Williamsport and three homicides in the first seven months of the year is . . .

  1. The city has a drug and violence problem in a few neighborhoods that probably can't be stopped.
  2. The city actually has less of a problem with these things than other cities, so business as usual should be the crimefighting problems.
  3. This is a serious problem that could spread to most of the city and its surroundings if not met by an unprecedented crimefighting effort.
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Jul-31-13 6:16 AM

How about if the city police stop hiding out at Dunkin Donuts or behind the stockpile on 3rd street, they actually do their jobs. They need to get out of their patrol cars and start walking a beat like they used too.

They could also ask/focus some of the available resources like the state police's vice and crime units, which assisted with the recovery of a stolen cell phone...with getting a better handle on the drug and violence problems.

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Jul-31-13 12:17 PM

None of these options make sense. Mrapp99 you are uninformed. The police do NOT spend their time at DD or any other particular establishment. They, like any other working person, get a lunch/dinner break, and can take it wherever they so choose to take that break. Also, last time I checked there are some officers that do walk the beat for 30 minutes at a time. You take an officer away from his vehicle for 30 minutes and that will affect the time it takes for that officer to get back to his car and respond to an emergency. Also, due to our current monetary situation we can’t afford to pay 10 officers to be on duty at a time which is what it would probably take to patrol the city more efficiently.

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Jul-31-13 12:18 PM

Now as for crime in the city, spoken from someone who lives in a not so good area, it is not as bad as everyone is making it out to be. The 10 shootings that have taken place have not been random acts. 8 were drug related and 2 were domestic related. We haven’t had a random shooting in this town for at least 3 years that I can recall. If you want to stop what is happening to this city then you need to start in your own backyard/neighborhood. You can’t expect the police to be everywhere all the time, it’s not like there is only one bad neighborhood in the city. It is up to us to report to the police so they can do their job. I am so sick of people blaming the mayor, city council and the police department for all the crime. My family has a business with cameras outside and we aide the police with any suspicious activity going on. maybe it’s time we ALL do the same.

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Aug-03-13 7:13 AM

A while ago we were told by a very high ranking federal law enforcement official, off the record in a social situation, that anyone who believes this city doesn't have a very serious drug and gang problem is very much misinformed.

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Aug-03-13 9:49 AM

It's way past the time to crack down hard on these terrorists. They should be declared urban terrorists and denied ALL civil rights. They should be sent to work at hard labor camps. The people living in fear in this city deserve to be save and secure. After all we are the ones paying taxes... WE HAVE THE RIGHTS!

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Aug-03-13 2:05 PM

The violence in this city has become all to ordinary. It's time we take our city back from these criminals. The law abiding good people far outnumber them. We all have a part to play as individuals in our community, if we see something that is not right we have to report it. Many like to complain about the problem but do not want to help. If we all come together the judges, police, mayor and law abiding citizens of this town and let these thugs and addicts know that we are not going to put up with it anymore they will not want to stay. Enough is enough!!

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Aug-04-13 6:34 AM

Agree with most comments. However, don't think the addicts are imported in total. Far more than most seem to assume are local kids from families you would least suspect. It's time to stop dealers and get help for local residents.

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Aug-04-13 12:49 PM

the drug problem and gun violence would not have increased to this level if Jesse bloom wouldn't t have paved a golden path from Williamsport to Philadelphia and back . This all started when she brought the addicts from down there to up here for halfway houses and a so called better life. The police need to escort anyone with a Philly address to the city limits and watch them walk back to their drug ridden , pedophile filled city. Stop letting them come here to do their business.

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Aug-04-13 4:57 PM

You're absolutely right staver6! We all can thank Jesse Bloom and the democrats for the trash in this area now. She started this whole mess. Many years ago I was on a plane traveling from Detroit to Williamsport and the person next to me asked where I was from. I said Williamsport and he said "Oh the rehab unit for Pa." that just about sums it up don't you think???

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Aug-05-13 9:56 AM

I have lived here, grown up here, raised my family here.....

I find that more than 50% of the population will complain about 'things' but never put an effort to help resolve the problem BUT leave it to the few that are active to do the work.

No different than a club or any group of people. A few that will get out and do the labor and the rest will sit and go for the ride.

I say to the complainers (that sit on the side lines) to get involved and make the difference or just shut up.

You can not change ANYTHING by not being involved! (This applies to our political system also!)

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Aug-05-13 2:29 PM

I keep seeing posts saying we have this crime and drug problem because of the drug rehab and Jesse Bloom. I hate to tell you that drugs would of found there way to Williamsport regardless. I work in the drug and alcohol rehab field and the people that come in to see me, come from all walks of life. Doctors, lawyers, fireman, and police officers, construction workers, janitors. Using the logic that williamsports problems are all because of the drugs seems a little funny when maybe your doctor has an addiction to pain killers that came from him having a surgery done and then got hooked.

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Aug-05-13 2:32 PM

A lot of the problems come from unemployment and people stealing to get by, parents not caring what there kids are doing, or can't surpervise because they work three jobs. Do drugs have something to do with Williamsports problems? Yes it part, however thats all the people seem to be focused on. How about the girl who shot her boyfriend. Was that over drugs?

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Aug-06-13 2:28 PM

Mjwolf, while I appreciate the fact that you work in the drug and alcohol rehab field, however, to state that drugs and alcohol do not play a major role in criminal behavior is just not true. According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence:

Most inmates are in prison, at least in large part, because of alcohol and drugs.

80% of offenders abuse drugs or alcohol.

Nearly 50% of jail and prison inmates are clinically addicted.

Imprisonment has little effect on alcohol and drug abuse.

Approximately 95% of inmates return to alcohol and drug use after release from prison.

I don't know the statistics but I'm sure if you speak with the authorities, they would tell you that probably 90% of the crime in this city is result of drugs and/or alcohol.

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Aug-06-13 9:48 PM

If you read my post again I didn't say drugs don't play a part in crime. What I was stating was there is other factors as well. Do I think drugs are a problem? Of course I do. What i was trying to get across, is the fact that people are constantly blaming the drug rehab that we have in the area for all the areas crime problems. Sorry if I wasn't clear in my original post. And before someone says it no I do not work for that drug rehab an I'm not defending it.

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Aug-07-13 3:55 AM

Mjwolf I agree with you 100% regarding blaming these facilities. In fact I think this area needs more space available to treat this disease.

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