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Which description best fits your experience with the new health care law and, specifically, the website for it?

  1. I have tried but can't get on the website.
  2. I haven't tried because I maintain hope of getting health insurance through my employer.
  3. I have been successful getting on the website but disappointed with what is going to happen to my premium and health care deductible.
  4. I have gotten on the website and am happy with the insurance I have been able to sign up for.
  5. I have been dropped by my health insurer and am anxious about the website, particularly the information I would be giving the government, and the increased cost for the premium and deductible.
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Nov-06-13 7:07 AM

I would be interested to hear details from those that chose 'd' here.

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Nov-06-13 7:59 AM

I just haven't tried. Not for any particular reason other than, at this point, why bother to waste my time on something that is supposedly such a boondoggle? So I choose "F". I just haven't bothered to try the site.

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Nov-06-13 11:30 AM

I for one need more information. I was thinking about checking out the site but with all of the trouble. I will wait.

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Nov-06-13 9:59 PM

I maintain my existing employer plan but my deductibles have increased because of the affordable health care act. Where is that choice?

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Nov-07-13 7:54 AM

Information put into the site is not secure, so i wouldn't even go there. Sebelius said yesterday it was not secure. You would be crazy for putting your personal info out there.

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Nov-07-13 8:14 AM

I got on, registered, got so far, including putting ss # in and then could not complete. That was probably 10 days ago. Now I am checking my bank accts. daily and watching for identity theft. Thanks Obama.

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Nov-07-13 8:49 AM

Thank God I'm not involved in all this "paranoia"! ACA is alive and well! I'm guessing most of you who don't trust the website never had a computer problem and that said, why would the President of the United States try to hurt the American people whether democrat or republican? Social Security wasn't going to work, Medicare was not suppose to work but, here we are 60+ years and both are alive and well!O'right, I keep forgetting about the "paranoia",I hate Obama people. Just think if G.W.Bush would try to get heathcare for all Americans we would call it "Bush-Whacked".

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Nov-07-13 11:57 AM

Mercury2 Really just said social security is alive and well?

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Nov-07-13 1:30 PM

Yes, Mercury said that. It may be alive, but it is far from well and may die while waiting to get on the ACA website to try to get a fix. Mercury, you really need to stop listening to such liberal dribble. You really have a belly full of Obama kool aid dont you? Social security is not okay and neither is medicare, personally i think both need to be stopped. -- rredrose, it was brought out yesterday that the website is not secure, you should not put your info there, weather out this storm for a while and wait.

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Nov-07-13 6:43 PM

I looked at Blue Cross of NEPA's website to see what their plans cost in contrast to what I'm paying at my job.

I cannot understand why everyone has to pay for a plan that includes maternity, pre and post natal care, pediatric services, etc. especially if you're a man, or a female past child bearing years. What sense does this make?

I can understand the other parts of the law, like covering preventative care, prescription drug coverage, that type of thing, but I cannot understand why people should be forced to buy coverage for something they will never use.

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Nov-08-13 10:33 AM

To Leaningright and The Steelman, yes SSI and Medicare are alive and well. I have been on SSI and Medicare for over 8 years and never missed a beat. I agree there are some parts of the program that need to be looked in to because today SSI is used for other purposes like disability claims etc. SSI was for retirement only when put in to place but, people like yourself who have a "paranoia" problem with these programs and want them stopped my suggestion to you is I would find a good shopping cart (one without a bad wheel) and start collecting cans for your retirement! Maybe you can get SSI for your "paranoia" problem! As for the website problem, it's the software that is the problem not the "ACA". President Obama put his trust in to programers but, they failed their obligation to get it right but, you blame the President. Do me and everyone with a sane mind start practicing commonsense, you will be a lot happier in your daily lives! Final thought: GOP get r

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Nov-08-13 10:44 AM

rid of these TEA PARTY NUTS or your party is dead in the water! Their main purpose is to divide the country, period. We live in the "UNITED" States of America and that is why we are the greatest country in the world and if you don't think so, I'd move to another country, like the TEA PARTY NATION, located somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean even better, Mars!

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Nov-08-13 1:30 PM

It's funny that 38% are "maintaining hope of getting health insurance through my employer". This group would be the same ones one here that always say how terrible unions are. Talk about drinking the kool-aid!

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Nov-08-13 3:33 PM

Mercury- I will continue to work for my retirement, that works for me but apparently not for most, and i do not want anything from the gov't other than for them to protect the borders which they do not, and protect us from external threats, thats it. I am not part of or will be part of the tea party either for your info. By the way Mercury, I could not be any happier in my daily life, and i got that way without any help from the gov't. Every part of these programs needs to be re-evaluated and those that do not meet what would be a new criteria should be booted off. I am not paranoid either but it sounds like you are so worried that the "programs" could run out of "some" peoples hard earned tax dollars and then what would you do Mercury? Maybe you deserve it, then again, maybe you don't, thats not my place to say but they need looked at and pared down.

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Nov-08-13 7:03 PM

Leaningright: Sorry if I was thinking you were involved with the TEA PARTY'S thinking process but, you are running a close second place with your reply comments. I just have a quick question and it has nothing to do with healthcare. If you saw a person getting ready to shoot President Obama would you jump in front and take the shot for President Obama? You don't have to answer this question but, it would give me a better idea what your love for our country is about. Again a little far out but,just curious. I know I would. "GOD BLESS THE USA AND PRESIDENT OBAMA!"

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Nov-09-13 10:12 AM

Only an idiot would put private information on this website. This whole thing is going down in flames. As it should...

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Nov-09-13 7:24 PM

To Mercury2: If you were to choose to jump in front of a bullet, I would let you.

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Nov-10-13 11:03 AM

Artfold: I don't want to get off track of what this survey is about,"ACA" but,I just want to let you know if you were in my platoon in Vietnam in "68" we would let you be "point man" all the time! You sound like a TRUE American! The question was about the President not me but, glad you're looking out for me.

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Nov-10-13 11:07 AM

Thinblueline: "Paranoia" is alive and well in the GOP! Thanks for the update. Ever buy anything online and used your credit card? I'm guessing the answer is no.

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Nov-11-13 7:23 AM

Mercury- Even though i cant stand the man (obama) he is our President and i would do aything to protect him as he represents the free world and what it stands for, so yes Mercury i would, I hope it is a small caliber bullet and it doesnt hurt too much!

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Nov-11-13 7:24 AM

Merc... I'm talking about the joke called the aca site...Moron...

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Nov-11-13 11:41 AM

The thing that bothers me the most about this whole evolution was the outright lies that were told in attempt to get the support of the American people. It was my understanding that insurance company executives were involved in the drafting of this legislation since they would be playing a major role. Did they not tell the administration that it would result in many policies being cancelled as a result of these regulations? Was Obama so blind and naive that he actually believed the words he continuously told the American people? I don't think so. Then the administration would not budge on the date for rollout of this database. I have worked government contracts on both sides of the process and I can say without exception, the government is aware at every stage as to the status of the contract. To knowingly go live with a poorly tested unsecured database for political purposes is extremely irresponsible.

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Nov-11-13 12:03 PM

Thinblueline: I'm not a Moron, I'm a Catholic! So, You think healthcare is a joke (aka) "ACA"? Tell me what the GOP (aka) Tea Party's healthcare plan is about? I haven't seen anything (a plan)at all?

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Nov-11-13 12:25 PM

I'm not a Moron, I'm a Catholic! -Mercury


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Nov-11-13 12:26 PM

Capricorn1: I read your comment and just a few question to clear up my misunderstanding I'm getting from it. What I've been hearing on most news shows is the policies being cancelled are policies that are considered "junk policies", high premiums, which most won't cover for example "pre-exisiting" conditions. People are paying high premiums but,get little for their money. The "ACA" mandates new rules to cover many items that are not being offered by insurance carriers. Another example is a child is covered till they are 28 not 18 or 23 if the child becomes a college student. And what "political purpose" is in it for President Obama, he is not running again and why doesn't he just throw his hands in the air and say, ok forget about healthcare for the American people? If the Tea Party would work with the President the "ACA" might just work or we can try the "TP"'s plan? I forgot, they don't have one!

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