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Do you think the state transportation bill, which amounts to higher motorist fees and gasoline taxes in return for necessary state road and bridge upgrades, is a good idea?

  1. Yes.
  2. No.
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Nov-27-13 6:55 AM

I think it is time that our politicians are paid by their performance and hourly; therefore, saving about a gazillion dollars a year we can build and pay for anything we want..Power to the Taxpayer!

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Nov-27-13 7:06 AM

when the time comes vote them out more and people are starting to realize what voting means remeber you dont have to just vote for the one running for office

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Nov-27-13 8:21 AM

I do not have enough information regarding the pros and cons of the bill to form an well-thought opinion.

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Nov-27-13 8:51 AM

Yet another gov money grab... When will the voting public wise up???

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Nov-28-13 7:46 AM

Wiser use of public money should have come first.

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Nov-28-13 9:45 AM

Tax the gas companies.

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Nov-28-13 12:32 PM

America has become a nation of GREED! Just another example of it, "screw the bridges" I'll just make sure I know how to swim! The infrastructure of our nation is overdue for an upgrade but,no one wants to fix it but, this is a start. Truckers are just "far*ing rainbows" now that they have to take long detours to get to point B. since the state lowered the weight limits. We also need to upgrade water, sewer and gas lines, most are over a 100 years old along with the bridges. It's hel* living in America? I want a new car,a bigger house and I want my $400 phone that I can carry in my pocket,screw everything else!

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Nov-29-13 8:34 AM

Mercury, I have no problem with upgrading and maintaining infrastructure. My question is what accountability is there of the billions of dollars that have been collected in the past? Why have our roads and bridges been neglected when they have had billions of dollars to maintain them. What happened to the billions of dollars from stimulus money? You don't fix financial mismanagement and waste by throwing more money at it. You wouldn't continue to hand your kids more money if they are wasting the money you already give them.

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Nov-29-13 12:37 PM

Capricorn1: Yep, You're right about the billions of dollars that are "floating" around Harrisburg. As far as cost goes on the reconstuction of roads and bridges it's pretty expensive, just to do 2 miles on the "pike" I'm thinking the cost was 13 million,I repeat,TWO miles. If you think Harrisburg is wasting money, I would get in touch with your Republican governor or maybe your Tea Party representatives Toomey or Marino and ask them. I'm not saying this couldn't happen under a democrat governor but,the republican are in charge right now so I would give them a call, I'm sure you will get a good "honest" answer!

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Nov-29-13 3:22 PM

Mercury, you're kidding right? This has been a problem dating back years. The bridges and roads didn't suddenly deteriorate. If I recall they just caught the turnpike commission wasting millions of dollars. Not to mention the role that prevailing wage is playing. And btw, I'm an Independent and not a member of the tea party. Government as a whole does a lousy job at financial management and controlling waste. I worked in and around it for three decades and saw it first hand. Until we the tax payers start holding government responsible for wasting our tax dollars, nothing will change. Pointing fingers left and right solves nothing. We get enough of that in Washington.

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Nov-29-13 3:52 PM

I am flabbergasted to read the comments here. Did any of you think that the taxpayers, and users of gasolines, and registerers of vehicles, and drivers of the same would get away with NOT paying for the repairs to the roads and bridges??

We, the users of the abov e are going to pay one way or another. Who did you think was going to foot the bill? The Federal Government? Maybe Santa Claus? Taxpayers ALWAYS pay either in fares, tolls, increased fees, or gas taxes. Wake up and smell the coffee. We the taxpayers and users are going to pay!! No way around it.

For future reference.... My father once told me"There isn't any such thing as a free lunch. Someone has to pay for it." Those words are very true. Just think about them.

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Nov-30-13 8:49 AM

The biggest issue I have with this would be what have they actually done with the gasoline taxes to date? I see on the news that they will be using this for new road construction when they should be actually repairing what should have been done in the past. We have been paying taxes and fees all of our lives and the state has mismanaged it the same amount of time. I'm sure that money has been used for anything other than roads such as our representatives salaries and all of the "management" employees as well. There should be a maybe option on this survey for those who believe the state will squander or use this money for other purposes.

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Nov-30-13 11:18 AM

Xeo920:Not sure what you're saying in your comment. I don't think the money will go to building NEW roads and bridges but, to rebuild the OLD roads and bridges. Why build new roads when the OLD roads need major repair? You're right, when a lot of money is "floating" around there will always be a thief in the mix just ask companies or VFWs that have had money stolen from a member.

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Nov-30-13 11:41 AM

Capricorn: No, I'm not kidding as you put it but, my question to you is ,"why didn't you tell someone years ago about this problem before as you say is why we have this problem today"? I'm guessing you have a way of getting information from some source that is informing you about this corruption? You seem to have a problem with anything the GOVERNMENT is doing for us. If you are not in the Tea Party you should be because that is their way of looking at the GOVERNMENT, we don't need it! You may think this is a stupid reply but, I don't know how any other way to reply to a dumb comment especially since you have seen it "first hand".

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Nov-30-13 4:25 PM

Mercury, you just sit back and let big brother take good care of you my friend. You're right, there is absolutely no waste in government and all government programs are beyond reproach. We as Americans have absolutely no right to question our government and how they spend our tax dollars. Thank God this country has folks like me that don't think like you. I choose to hold our government accountable.

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Nov-30-13 4:34 PM

Oh and btw Mercury, I can leave my house and in less than a minute I can point out PennDOT waste. Grampian Blvd is paved every few years when there is absolutely NOTHING wrong before they pave it again. I know because I drive it a couple of times daily. You think maybe it's because of the homes along that road? That's just one example within a couple blocks of my home. Google PennDOT waste and you can find plenty more.

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Dec-01-13 1:49 AM

Anyone remember when Govenor Rendell stated " I will see to it personally that price gouging by retailers is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law ? Like that ever happened, no one retailer was arrested. Now we have yet another promise and I say, hahaha.

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Dec-01-13 11:16 AM

Capricorn1: I guess we are "beating" this poll to death again. I didn't know Grampian Blvd was a "state" road. If I were you I would tell PennDot that you want to see the "books" on their spending habits and get ahold of the Supreme Court and have them, PennDot investigated. This way PennDot won't get any more additional funding and soon we will all be driving on "smooth" roads with no additional taxes on the tax payers.Let us know how you make out! If you want to keep it real simple, lets blame Obama, he's an easy target.

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Dec-01-13 11:34 AM

Capricorn1: Did you know "Big Brother" and "Paranoia" have the same meaning?Life is short so enjoy it and when you dead the GOVERNMENT will know everything about you, scary,right?

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Dec-01-13 2:29 PM

Capricorn1: Where in my comment did you come up with me saying,"absolutely no waste",all government programs are beyond reproach" and "no right to question our government"? Again, I say, you should get involved with the Tea Party, this is exactly how they operate,twist information so it sounds bad! I had a lot of questions when G.W. was in office but, as you say that's bring up the past which I'm like you, I want to forget about that time!

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Dec-02-13 7:32 AM

For those of you who believe we need to throw more money at an inefficient state agency here are some figures to ponder. According to the Federal Highway Administration 2010 figures which are the latest I could locate, PA spends nearly $71k per road mile, nearly $700 per person, for about 120k miles of roads, making PA 11th highest spender in the nation. We rank 42nd in road quality and 47th in bridge quality according to the US Chamber of Commerce. When you take the time to compare the states and the numbers can only come to the conclusion that their is an untold amount of wasted tax dollars in the PADOT.

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Dec-02-13 7:35 AM

We spend monies on things that are nice to see at the expense of vital road and bridge maintenance and construction. Streetscaping, beautification projects, bike trails, parking garages, and new maintenance buildings, sports arenas, the list is nearly endless these wasteful projects eat up funding that could be used for vital repairs and construction. The money is there its proper utilization is not.

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Dec-02-13 11:43 AM

Thank you Carl, I'm glad somebody gets it.

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Dec-02-13 3:32 PM

Carlhiller: For what you mentioned in you comment about streetscaping etc. has nothing to do with PennDot as far as fixing our roads and bridges. Also in your second comment as far as Pennsylvania's ranking of the most money spent on our roads, we have a climate problem here in Pa., it's called snow,ice and cold weather which plays a big part of why our roads need more attention. I'm sure in Fla.,Calif.,Arizona and a few more that have a climate suited for less maintenance with lower cost involved.We also have five major interstates that run through Penna. plus a turnpike with heavy truck traffic. We have departments in place in Harrisburg that oversee PennDots spending and I'm sure one of them would pick up on any wrong doing that goes on but, I'm sure your reply back will be,"we can't trust them either". If more vehicle owners would "carpool" that would cut down on the cost but, no one wants to give up their ride. I see Capricorn1 agrees with you which doesn't sh

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Dec-03-13 6:46 AM

Yo Merc, Learn to read the whole, not just pick little bits and pieces to complain about. In my statement I posted " WHEN YOU TAKE THE TIME to compare the states and the numbers can only come to the conclusion that their is an untold amount of wasted tax dollars in the PADOT." Read that again and again till you can finally comprehend that I want you to take the time to research and come to a conclusion that you can support with actual figures. I compared the numerous state that have not only similar, but dissimilar weather patterns and road mileages, taking into account what they spend and what we spend. When you do this you can only come to 1 conclusion, unless you forgot how to use your gray matter, that tax dollars specifically for road and bridge maintenance and construction are grossly mismanaged.

The bottom line: Funds are available, they're not being utilized efficiently or properly.

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