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This Christmas season, your spending will be . .

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Dec-17-13 11:46 AM

My Christmas wish is for everyone to have "HEALTHCARE"! "God Bless America"!

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Dec-17-13 10:49 AM

Capricorn1: And a "Merry Christmas to you also my fellow American! Take a break, you don't have to be a dick everyday of your life.Mercury2

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Dec-17-13 10:45 AM

hopeforfuture: "Merry Christmas to you too"! Mercury2

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Dec-17-13 10:42 AM

johnnyad3: I fully agree and it's great to know there are still people out there like yourself who put Christmas or what other holiday you celebrate this time of year first. I'm Mercury2 and as see in the comment list I have made a lot of comments that has nothing to do with Christmas,etc. on this poll but, I need to defend my President from "crazies" out there who think the President is taking money away from people down on their luck and blamed the "ACA" for that problem, which is "bunk". Sorry you have to read these types of comments and reply but,some people don't believe in taking a "time out" during the holidays. "Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy your family at this time of year!" Mercury2

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Dec-17-13 8:55 AM

I will be spending more this Christmas. I remember going out into the woods to get a Christmas tree and making things for gifts because we were that poor. I still make a lot of the gifts I give out. I guess it seems a little more personal and it does save some money.

I am grateful for my employer provided health insurance (since for some reason this thread went from Christmas to ACA), which I have not lost and like Spike, I don't know anyone who have lost theirs.

It seems people are so angry lately for one reason or another. My hope is that you can put politics aside next week and enjoy your family and other get togethers.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a 2014 filled with peace.

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Dec-17-13 5:03 AM

Just think in three years you will be taking shots at HILLARY.-MECURY2

Hillary, get real. Just remember her pretty in pink interview where she kept says "I don't recall" and has now turned into "at this point what difference does it make". She has only asked for anything that comes her way.

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Dec-17-13 3:07 AM

The reason the world is laughing is because we have a Congress with a 10% approval rating and a President who can't get anything done because of this "nut group" of Tea Party members! -Mercury

You do know that 10% approval rating includes the democratic controlled senate right? When will people learn that our Congress is comprised of both the House and the Senate? And in regards to everyone now having insurance, many of those are now enrolled in taxpayer funded Medicaid and the ones that will have individual policies still have to pay for those premiums and meet the deductibles. Getting the insurance is only the first step. How many will be canceled because they can't or won't pay the premiums. How will the lack of young healthy participants effect premiums past 2014 because they are choosing not to sign on and the program was designed relying on them? The real effects are yet to be seen.

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Dec-16-13 7:06 PM

LEANINGRIGHT: That's all you got? I'm thinking about sending money to the Koch Bros or maybe Freedomworks. The more money they give the GOP the better President Obama looks!God bless the Koch Bros.! All I'm doing is taking your comments and replacing them with "COMMONSENSE". It's hard to believe this poll is about now much money people are going to spend this Christmas and look where were at! Hey, SUN how about a new poll?

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Dec-16-13 3:06 PM

MERCURY- It has got to be getting harder and harder every day to stick up for Obama isn't it? Why not just stop while you are ahead ?

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Dec-16-13 10:45 AM

LaughIn: WHAT??? "Merry Christmas"!By the way, did you know "Zippie" has three nuts? The Redcoats are coming, the Redcoats are coming!! Did you know President Obama is a liar and G.W. Bush isn't? I love EARTH!

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Dec-16-13 10:39 AM

Zippe: What does it matter? I'm sure the GOVERNMENT wants to know you have "three nuts"! This information I don't think anyone wants to know!

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Dec-16-13 10:36 AM

nobud74:Yes, I will call G.W.Bush a lair (Weapons of Mass Destruction)not because I want to, I respect all presidents this great country has had, I just wanted to compare your definition of "liar" as you call OUR President! The way I understand your comment is that only democrats "lie",ie:President Obama.You "Redcoats" believe what you want to and throw the rest away,ie: G.W.Bush. As far as the rest of your comment, I'm not wasting my time. I'm done!

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Dec-16-13 7:17 AM

Mercury, if you want to call GW a liar, that is fine with me. I believe the facts are that the intelligence agencies from many countries made the same claims. But, that is another matter. You are entitled to your opinion. (BTW, I don't believe we should have gone, stayed nor given up our rights/privacy via the Patriot Act.) But, where I am able to see past the rhetoric with respect to "my" official, you are blinded and in lock step with "your" official. That, my friend, is the problem. And, the world is laughing at O. I believe you would be hard pressed to find someone in another country who could name any members of our legislature, let alone describe why they are so inept. They have their own problems with inept and corrupt pols and the target always falls on the guy at the top--just like sports.

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Dec-15-13 11:42 PM

What is it with the thermometer? I thought the new ones used alcohol not a poisonous liquid medal. Out with the old and welcome to Earth, Mercury. Merry CHRISTmas ?

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Dec-15-13 1:39 PM

Spending about 90% less this year.

When does the Affordable part of the ACA kick in? And, what right does the government have under the law to have my medical records and Dr's visit sent to them? If I want the government to know I have 3 nuts I'd tell them.

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Dec-15-13 11:26 AM

nobud74: The reason the world is laughing is because we have a Congress with a 10% approval rating and a President who can't get anything done because of this "nut group" of Tea Party members! If someone used the bathroom in the White House and it was out of toliet paper, IT'S THE PRESIDENT WHO SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THIS AND DIDN'T REFILL THE T.P.! Stupid comment needs a stupid reply! Please come join us in the world of "commonsense", you'll sleep better. Stop thinking the American people are blind to what the Tea Party is doing to this great country we live in! Just think in three years you will be taking shots at HILLARY.

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Dec-15-13 11:09 AM

nobud74: Hey, I tried to be fair and not mention your old bud G.W.but, facts are facts so I guess I'll call Bush a liar too so now we're even. If I told you something that wasn't true and you told all your friend and they found out it wasn't true, would you be a liar? The President depends on people in his administration to give him correct information, so let's say your the President and you told everyone that everything was correct in what you told the people but, later we find out it wasn't correct then you as the President is a liar or you were given the wrong information. So, this is your point,right? Why would the President get in front of all America and lie? Need a reason "nobud74"? I live in a world of "commonsense",sorry!

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Dec-14-13 7:38 PM

Mercury, so if we have liar in office we should all just pipe down until they leave lest the rest of the world laugh at us. Is that the best ya got? They are laughing at us because O is such a dud not because we call him the liar he is. What flavor is the Kool-Ade today? As for the question, kids are all but gone and have other needs than gifts under a tree and the Mrs. and I took a nice trip this summer to cover all gifts for all events for a year. The memories are better than wrapping paper.

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Dec-13-13 7:43 PM

rmiller: Your comment, "stupid response" why not send this to all the people of this great country who don't have healthcare, it will put a smile on their face. I guess you just want to kill the messenger. Next time you go into a McD's or Pappy John's ask them how they like their healthcare plan making 7-8 bucks an hour! Let me know how you make out and by the way tell them you are trying your hardest to stop them from getting it. Thanks for being a fellow American!

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Dec-13-13 7:30 PM

rmiller: leaningright statement was that people won't have money to buy gift because they are being FORCED to buy healthcare. This statement was made on a previous poll I believe the Sun had before. And your other lamea** comment let me put it into something simple to understand, "if people don't have healthcare they will now but, if everyone already had healthcare there wouldn't be an "ACA".Now what is your party's plan for healthcare if the "ACA" is bad?

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Dec-13-13 12:04 PM

Why did you not plan for the future? Spike 2

Really this is what you came up with? So the people that are making a living and barely getting by are irresponsible because other people do not have health care and now it is their responsibility to pay for it. You are right they should have planned ahead

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Dec-13-13 7:53 AM

First, leaningright complains."The ACA hurts everybody and the economy, Period." Next leaningright says " I have healthcare and prefer that the govt stay out of my healthcare". This is apparently supported by " I have had to get new health insurance with almost twice the current cost, $5000 per year higher deductibles, less prescription coverage...". This is apparently a private policy. I personally do not know 1 person who lost their insurance. I do know insurance premiums increased annually before the AHCA and continue to do so. Too many posts rely on politically oriented "information". I need to hear first-hand from someone who has lost a viable policy. I am also unsure as to why the conservatives complain about their financial state. The conservatives claim to have knowledge re: money management. Why did you not plan for the future? Why did you think the employer provided healthcare and Cobra plans would continue forever? I am a moderate who

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Dec-13-13 7:36 AM

Where in the world did leaningright say he/she wanted more presents? Talk about a twist/spin...

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Dec-13-13 7:34 AM

"We wouldn't be having this conversation if everyone had healthcare "

And......everyone won't have it now...even more don' your next proposal is?

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Dec-13-13 7:33 AM


Stupid response?

"leaningright: So,you would rather have a great gift for Christmas, like a "Bobblehead" of Ted Cruz or Rand Paul instead of health insurance? I guess we all have different priorities in life"

That's a stupid response. You, nor I or anyone else knows anything about this passed law outside of the realities that are surfacing. People, millions have lost their insurances, millions more can't log onto a site without further confusion, lies upon lies from this administration (that's nothing new) companies laying off full time employees in lieu of paying insurance, and hello? Did you take note the results of this poll? And, this is from a local perspective? Stupidity is not facing reality, that's what stupidity is.

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