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What is your wish for our country in 2014?

  1. Political bipartisanship that leads to problem solving in Washington.
  2. A more robust economy that creates more and better job opportunities.
  3. Foreign policy success that reduces threats to our country's security.
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Jan-14-14 7:24 PM

Woolrich: Have you ever heard of the "TEA PARTY"? That's all I got, and I think that's all I need to say. Smart people with commonsense will understand! I'm guessing by your reply on my comment,you won't. "Stay healthy and employed"!

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Jan-14-14 12:42 PM

Mercuy2 writes.."the democrats want to give low and middle class a chance to get a head."

Obama has only robbed from the middle class and the stats are black and white. Never has the middle class been shrunk more than under the current Obama administration. Thats the facts and the sad thing is Obama has even a worst record than Jimmy Carter and that speaks volumes. Obama really wants to help the working class by Extending Federal Unemployment beyond 99 weeks because he believes it increases jobs????? You cant make this kind of stupidity up. I might as well quite now so I can create even more jobs.... Or better yet lets all stop working so we can collect unemployment so we can create even more jobs...Ha,Ha,Ha

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Jan-14-14 11:16 AM

leaningright: Here is a little information for you. The top 1% made most of the income this pass year. Now the saying was when Romney was running for president, "if you let the "top level" income makers alone then the trickle down affect will creat jobs. My question to you is,"where are all these jobs"? I have a guess, "in their wallets"! The republican party wants to keep the rich as rich as possible and the democrats want to give low and middle class a chance to get a head. Keeping the poor making $7.25 an hour ain't going to cut it! No increase in the minimum wage at $7.25, take away unemployment benefits, cut food stamps to the 99% that work but, don't make enough to pay their rent and then have no money for food and let's not forget no healthcare. When the day comes when they have no money in their pocket and no food on the shelve, things are going to get ugly and fast!

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Jan-13-14 5:09 PM

I hope the political parties will learn to work together and then work in the best interests of the "PEOPLE" not their pocketbooks. Let the people have a say in our future, don't just think of the rich guy!

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Jan-13-14 6:59 AM

52% Want to see a more robust economy and better job opportunities. I don't think we are going to see that under this administration but don't worry about it, the Liberals will supply you with everything you need on someone elses dime (hard work).

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Jan-08-14 12:46 PM

That Elvis comes back to life caring a unicorn on a flying pig. I think we all have the same chance of our wish coming true.

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Jan-08-14 8:27 AM

All of the above

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