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A man was recently killed when his car was struck by a city police cruiser during a high-speed chase. Should the city police have immediately released the department's high-speed chase policy in the aftermath of the tragedy?

  1. No. Police procedures are no one else's business and releasing them could further endanger public safety.
  2. Yes. An innocent motorist was killed, so an explanation from police about their chase policy and whether it was followed was appropriate to prevent the perception of a cover-up.
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Jan-29-14 5:02 AM

I can't get over the irresponsible over reaction of this officer. Take away the 3 vehicles this guy as attempting to pass.....and while traveling at speeds up to 101 mph...this cop was going to be sent airborne when he reached the big dip before the Senate Grill. And what about the woman interviewed by wnep or wbre claiming this same officer recently drew his gun on her husband or boyfriend during a traffic stop? Seems to me this guy has been out of control and needed to be removed from his position asap.

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Jan-29-14 4:47 AM

101 mph on a city street at 7 pm....? Nothing but tragedy will result from that. And according to the investigation, the dispatchers cancelled the backup request a minute before the officer began his actions.

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Jan-28-14 4:21 PM

The speed was 101 MPH until Mr. Robinson decided to turn left! The officer de-accelerated and impact was at 88 MPH. Speed+poor judgement=tragic accident

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Jan-28-14 1:37 PM

After reading back through the thread, I found no instance where anyone was disparaging this officer specifically, or law enforcement as a group. Not sure where your indignation is coming from. People are rightfully outraged at the situation and circumstances involved. 88 mph on a city street at 7 pm when autos and pedestrians are likely present? That speed is very dangerous on the beltway just a few yards away, let alone a city street! Where are you coming up with the idea me or the others on this thread have disparaged the commitment and sacrifice of law enforcement?

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Jan-28-14 1:10 PM

Interesting thoughts all around. When I received a speeding ticket and went before the JP, I was informed that no vehicle (including ER, police, Fire,) could go over the speed limit. I don't know whether this is accurate or not, but ir certainly was info the JP was willing to pass along in justifying why he couldn't excuse my breaking the law.

I don't know how I feel.

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Jan-28-14 1:10 PM

Smid72, you seem to be arguing with a fictitious character whom only exists in your head. You're attributing a whole bunch of things to me that I've not posited on this situation. I've not been on this forum for the past month. And look around, I see a whole bunch of people spewing their political opinions. Somehow in your mind, I'm not allowed to.

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Jan-28-14 12:57 PM

I don’t want an authoritarian nation, I want one where the people and the courts decide ones fate.

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Jan-28-14 12:56 PM

@Fortysixand2 – leave it to you to pull a race card with bigotry here. My statement never defended the officer for speeding and as we all now know he will have his day in court. You on the other hand choose to constantly rationalize your political views on these forums. Maybe we should just fire all police and leave the united states free of law. Maybe we should let people like yourself run this country since you seem to know everything. It’s good to know that in this society we are judged by people like you instead of god. As simple as this is, the officer made a mistake and someone died. I feel so much sympathy for the family of the victim yet I’m compelled as a human being to understand we all make mistakes that we have to live with for the rest of our lives, as this officer will. He is the embodiment of someone who woke up every day, risking their lives, so that people like you can tear them down every chance you get. I don’t want an authoritarian nation, I want one where the peop

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Jan-28-14 12:43 PM

Smid72, what kind of world would you like to live in? Apparently an authoritarian one in which the deadly actions of a law officer can only be questioned by others in power. Yeah that worked out really swell in the old south, didn't it? I'll probably regret going here, but thank God James Robinson was gainfully employed. If he was unemployed or on food stamps or if he were some kid with a hoodie and had the right wing seeking rationalizations for his murder, ie "he was known to skip school" this cop's deadly choices/actions would not have been questioned by quite a few people around this region. No one here is saying the officer had criminal intent. But his actions indeed warrant scrutiny(judgement) by the public.

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Jan-28-14 10:45 AM

I find it funny that the town of Williamsport suddenly is overflowing with experts. Very judgmental. Everyone is guilty of bad judgement. Bashing to Williamsport Police force doesn't fix anything? A life was lost, an officer will not only get his punishment, but live with the punishment of taking a life that was not meant to take. He didn't wake up plotting "oh I feel like killing someone today." Bad judgement call, and he will forever live with that. You shouldn't judge someone, unless you've walked a day in their shoes, and experience what they go through on a daily basis. Do you actually think Boomer, as nice as a person he was, would be satisfied with your disrespect? I think not. I'm ashamed of Williamsport. We have so many other things to be concerned about in this town, but yet you want to "hang" the officer. It was 1 officer with HIS mistake, not the forces.

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Jan-27-14 4:26 PM

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: If this officer is charged, the public should ask if the officer was properly educated on policy and training. Sometimes the ranks need to be questioned along side of the file.

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Jan-27-14 3:30 PM

Smid1972- I support your post from the side of judging someone without walking a mile in their shoes, however, speed and poor judgement caused this tragedy. I wouldn't want any of their jobs, the risk is to high!

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Jan-27-14 1:06 PM

The accident was regrettable and I’m not siding with the officer, he was speeding. But I’m so glad all of you know the law and what’s it’s like to be sitting there and passing judgement.

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Jan-27-14 1:06 PM

You people are so stupid, first @leaningright – yup get the license number of the stolen car so they can go to the actual owners house and arrest him. @sideliner – it is not up to you, the civilian, to know or decide whether or not the officer was following policy, it is up to the court system and the DA. It’s none of your business. But hey lets tell the criminals that officers aren’t allowed to pursue if you go 10mph over the speed limit and see how many run and get away then. @fortysixand2 – as always you’re the biggest idiot. Yes he only ran a stop sign but the officer had no idea why he was running. Maybe the person did kidnap or murder someone. Then later when the person kills someone because the police called off the chase due to speed you will be the first moron that would say why didn’t the police do more the first time. This is all laughable. How about all you people sign up for the police academy and see how many of you don’t make it. how about you step into their shoes. The

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Jan-26-14 7:55 PM

Hey Annoyingkidfromloyalsock, try sticking to the facts here. This was someone running a stop sign. Someone whom had apparently 3 officers already on the scene. There was no child abduction. Epic failure of skewed logic on your part.

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Jan-24-14 1:01 PM

If police procedures dictate going 88mph in a 35mph zone to get to a chase already having 3 cop cars involved Id like to see them and believe I have that right so I can make sure Im not on the road when the police are. A man died for no good reason!

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Jan-24-14 12:09 PM

I believe SG has an autobot app that censors certain words. This is not uncommon with highly read websites. The word H E R O I N must be on that list. I am sure it is not humans censoring words. Happens all the time on large websites.

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Jan-24-14 9:03 AM

"city solicitor Norman Lubin said the code could not be amended by individual municipalities. Emergency vehicles, according to the state code, may exceed the speed limits "so long as the driver does not endanger life or property."

This is very misleading. While the department cannot make a less strict policy than the state code, they could easily make their policy more strict. Let's see how else this gets spun before some decision is made.

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Jan-24-14 8:18 AM

Not at this point. No one knows whether or not legal proceedings will occur. There is a time, a place and parties who should receive this information before the general public. I think we should wait for the investigation by PaSP and the review by the Office of the District Attorney. This is an uncommon occurrence, a first in our county. Let the appropriate law enforcement bodies have an opportunity to gather all information.

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Jan-24-14 1:00 AM

Sad day all around. Families, friends, residents of the region. Who is in charge ..... Remember "the buck stops here" ....

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Jan-23-14 2:45 PM

"I'm sorry Mrs John Q. Public, your childs abductor got away because he was driving 15 miles per hour faster than I am allowed to go. Maybe we'll catch him at a traffic light..."

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Jan-23-14 10:06 AM

"city solicitor Norman Lubin said the code could not be amended by individual municipalities. Emergency vehicles, according to the state code, may exceed the speed limits "so long as the driver does not endanger life or property."-from the SG article.

Both Life and Property have been endangered and worse, now a man is dead. Change the policy before more needless accidents happen in the future.

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Jan-23-14 10:02 AM

This is absolutely ridiculous. 88 MPH?? That poor man had no chance...who can react that quickly to a speeding officer? I just can't get over this. This cop should be FIRED, released WITHOUT pay, no ands ifs or buts...he's sorry? Big deal..sorry doesn't cut it. A life has been lost

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Jan-22-14 4:30 PM

Come on, SG... we can't talk about he roin here???? I can walk down the street and buy some but I can't spell out the word. Gimme a break...

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Jan-22-14 4:29 PM

Exactly, leaningright. And now information is released that the officer was going 88 miles an hour during this pursuit. At this point, since the high speed chase policy has not been released, we have no idea if the officer was even following procedure. If speeds of just under 100 mph is SOP, then it definitely needs to change.

From my understanding, the reason the guy was being chased to begin with was because he failed to stop at a stop sign. It was a traffic stop. Later it was discovered that the driver was in possession of ******. Was it worth the life of Mr Robinson to capture this ****** dealer?

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