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State legislation is proposed to end the payroll reduction for public union employees that is used for lobbying and other political purposes. Are you for or against it.

  1. For the legislation, employees should have the say over whether they want to contribute for such purposes and who they want to contribute to.
  2. Against it, that's part of belonging to a public employee union, to give the organization the power to use the membership numbers as a lobbying force for particular causes and candidates.
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Mar-11-14 7:11 AM

46&2 - You're right, the actual employee is too stupid to think for themselves put decide where political contributions should go. We need to let that up to a higher power. You little people - shut up and go back to work and do what we tell you.

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Mar-09-14 10:09 AM

Employees of a corporation are not a singular homogenous group, nor are the stockholders of a publicly traded one. Yet for instance, GE or Exxon may spend $10 million on lobbying for lax regulations, going against the personal values of numerous employees who helped generate the profits used in such contributions. Same for the various stockholders. Labor organizations lobby to advocate for the plight of working people, it seems to me it's always the conservative elements in that group that are the ones who are cutting off their nose despite their face. absolutely makes no sense. They apparently want a union job for the better life, yet don't want to contribute to maintaining that life. All too typical selfish behavior by the conservative worldview. "I've got mine, to heck with you."

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Mar-09-14 9:17 AM

What the left is forgetting here is that unions are not comprised of a singular homogenous group. Yes, they may work in the same field, but they are all individuals with varying ideas and ideals. To take union dues and commit to any one cause/campaign coerces everyone to support that position.

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Mar-08-14 10:10 AM

When Corporations are not allowed to use money generated by the efforts of all their employees to use for lobbying(and not obtaining their permission to do so), I might be on board with this. Its a 2 way street. Isn't it amazing that small business and even big business can join together to advance their interests via the Chamber of Commerce and other MFG'ers Organizations, yet they seek to deny the collective efforts of their wage slaves.

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Mar-07-14 6:45 PM

Unions are the only way for the working people to stand up to the corporate and govt management, and have negotiating power.

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Mar-06-14 2:08 AM

FortySixand2: Only a voluntary deduction is truly fair for each and every worker. Let them decide how much and who gets it. Particularly when these particular workers ARE PAID WITH TAXPAYERS DOLLARS? What in the world could you have against a voluntary deduction?

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Mar-05-14 12:36 PM

Don't you mean payroll "deduction"? Just another way for the Koch Bros and ALEC to attack the middle class workers in this country. Unions are democracy in the workplace. So who's against democracy? Well, conservatives and Republicans and big business. For them, a workplace is a kingdom, where you are to be ruled. With a union, you have a semblance of democracy by having a voice backed with the power of numbers.

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