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The best way to bring Russian Premier Vladimir Putin under control from his current agressive direction is:

  1. Disqualification of Russia from all alliances it is currently part of.
  2. The use of some pinpointed force should Putin strike regions near Russia.
  3. A world economic boycott and economic sanctions against Russia.
  4. Do nothing. It's not our concern.
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Mar-18-14 7:35 PM

Who gives a rats as s about a spelling error there are hundreds printed daily in the sungazette

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Mar-17-14 5:53 PM

ABC News posted a story today.

MOSCOW – Russia’s deputy prime minister laughed off President Obama’s sanction against him today asking “Comrade @BarackObama” if “some prankster” came up with the list.

It's pretty clear what Russia thinks, and for good reason. Just stay out of this.

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Mar-16-14 9:59 AM

The Russians are not about to give up access to their only warm water naval port in Sevastopol. Imagine the United States in a similar situation. This is also probably about energy resources and the transportation of it through Ukraine.

On energy independence...don't make me laugh! People thinking we'll ever be are deluding themselves. The oligarchs are all about globalizing energy resources of every kind. Our own Marcellus Shale Gas will be liquified and exported. The Keystone XL pipeline is for Canadian resources exportation. Wake up people! It was never about "energy independence", that was only a political marketing slogan.

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Mar-15-14 11:15 PM

Stay out of it, he's like a child throwing a temper tantrum, ignore it.

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Mar-14-14 2:37 PM


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Mar-13-14 1:42 PM

Considering Norway is the worlds largest producer of natural gas, as second in exporting: couldn't Europe rely on them for gas instead of Russia? I know people thinks it's none of our business, but I believe Ukraine has the right to be free of Russia.

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Mar-13-14 5:39 AM

S-G will listen to Obama and advocate the opposite. By the way, aggressive has two g's so maybe focus on spelling errors before discussing ways to punish Putin?

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Mar-12-14 3:39 PM

This is one more reason this nation needs to become energy independent. Russia is using their natural gas to put a stranglehold on weaker nations. Monitor from a distance and commit no resources. This is NOT our fight.

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Mar-12-14 1:19 PM

Why on earth would we want to get into an armed conflict with Russia? For God's sake we are still messing around with 3rd century militia in the Taliban and the rest of the nuts in Afghanistan. Got our butts kicked in Somalia by dancing around and not being 100% committed. Stay out and let them figure it out.

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Mar-12-14 8:24 AM

An economic boycott and economic sanctions wouldn't work since Europe is dependant on Russian natural gas. All Russia would have to do is turn off the supply to Europe.

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