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Have you signed up for the Affordable Care Act?

  1. Yes, it's a big improvement in my health care coverage.
  2. No, the website is difficult, the coverage is not as affordable as promised, and the concept is faulty.
  3. I haven't signed up yet but intend to.
  4. I haven't signed up yet and am praying it will be repealed.
  5. And don't need to sign up because I get my health care through my employer, but I am worried about what is going to happen when the employer mandate kicks in.
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Apr-20-14 9:44 PM

DCEagle611, meet the SunGazette...where striving to be FauxNews of the news print world is their utmost goal! Roger Ailes look out! Greg50, "keep your government hands off my medicare"!!!!

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Apr-20-14 9:40 PM

Capricorn1, did anyone mention you get ALL your info from the ring wing conservative media bubble? Yeah, you know...where they "create their own reality" and then try and force it upon society writ large. Recently, conservatives who sometimes venture beyond the bubble wondered what the plan would look like if the GOP ever cared enough to solve the lack of healthcare problem....and they would be remarkably similar to the ACA (Obamacare)!

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Apr-18-14 10:54 AM

This paper should be called the gop gazette. Its always biased

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Apr-17-14 4:37 PM

The earth is flat.

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Apr-17-14 4:37 PM

If I said the earth was flat, I guarantee I'd get some disagrees.

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Apr-17-14 4:35 PM

Yeah Cap now you know what it feels like. Watching Fox News, despite all its flaws and bias, I learned that Obama does change the narrative of the ACA. Truth is, we really don't know how it will work out in the long run. It could be good or bad. If you're open minded enough, and not convinced it's wrong, it becomes apparent that Obamacare has good intentions just like Bush Jr. did when he invaded Iraq.

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Apr-09-14 4:37 PM

Cap, you got four disagrees. Looks like some can't handle the truth. Hence, many do not seek it.

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Apr-07-14 5:41 PM

While this poll may be slanted, is it any more slanted than the information that is fed to us by the administration regarding this legislation? When boasting about the 7.1 million enrollments, was the adminstration honest regarding the percentage of those that were previously insured and lost their insurance? Were they forthcoming regarding the 18-20% of enrollments that are scheduled to be dropped for failure to pay their premiums? Did they mention that premiums are scheduled to skyrocket next year because they were unable to get the young and healthy to enroll in order to make this program affordable? Did they mention the millions of currently insured that will lose their coverage once all the arbitrary extensions expire? Did they explain why these extensions were needed until after the elections? And you're actually upset about a slanted poll from a small town newspaper?

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Apr-07-14 3:44 PM

Why are the questions mostly designed to make the ACA look like a bad thing? Recently, S-G editor wrote that only the editorial page shows their bias. Not true.

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Apr-07-14 1:35 AM

That a poll this subjective and unscientific exists online is unsurprising...that it is on an actual newspaper's website, however, is alarming.

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Apr-06-14 4:20 PM

Questions slanted to get results Sun Gazette Editorial writers want. Also negative responses - my guess is respondents are currently on Medicare (a government run insurance program).

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Apr-04-14 8:20 PM

Agree very much. Some of the voting choices are odd.

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Apr-03-14 5:21 AM

Well it should be cause to worry as the employee is going to pay the cost

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Apr-02-14 11:52 AM

Agreed with Spike. Loaded poll, as usual.

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Apr-02-14 10:17 AM

Shouldn't there simply be an option re: employer provided and not worried.

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