Hughesville advances out of Duals with third-place finish

MILTON Steve Budman leaned against the black padding covering the wall near the entrance to Milton High School’s gymnasium. He was expressionless.

He said goodbye to his wife and children as his Hughesville wrestling team said their pleasantries with friends, family and fans of the program. It’s a joyous day in Hughesville today because of what the wrestling team did Saturday night. The Spartans avenged a loss to Muncy from earlier this season by beating the Indians, 40-31, to finish third in the District 4 Class AA Duals yesterday.

Hughesville lost earlier in the day in the semifinals to Central Columbia who went on to beat Benton, 45-24, to win its first District 4 Duals title. Central Columbia and Benton both advance to the PIAA Duals tournament in Hershey beginning Thursday.

Hughesville’s third-place finish moves it to the PIAA Dual pigtail round. They’ll wrestle District 11 runner-up Saucon Valley on Monday at 6 p.m. at Whitehall High School.

Budman’s expression-less stance against the wall was built off a day of brilliant wrestling for the Spartans, the 12th seed in the tournament. They battled through a tough test to beat Lewisburg, 40-30, in the quarterfinals. They bounced back from a lop-sided 48-21 loss to Central Columbia to wrestle its best match of the day to beat Muncy, the 11th seed.

This is the first time Hughesville has advanced to the PIAA Duals tournament.

“You use the word stoic, but it’s my look of satisfaction,” Budman said with a smile. “Certainly at the beginning of the season, dual-meet wise, I did not have as bright an outlook. Then we kept winning. They kept beating guys they shouldn’t have beaten, like at the Zephyr Duals. It’s pretty neat to be in this situation.

“You say stoic, I’d say pretty satisfied with how the season has gone so far.”

Starting at 106 pounds, Hughesville won eight of the first 10 bouts against Muncy last night seven of those wins coming with bonus points. It was vastly different from the two teams’ first meeting when Hughesville won seven of the 10 bouts from 106 to 170 pounds. But that one difference was a seven-point swing.

The Spartans also added a pair of extra bonus points from the previous match at 113 and 120 pounds. Trevor Sones’ technical fall win at 113 pounds seemed to put a little spark in the Hughesville lineup. Hughesville’s only loss from 113 to 170 pounds came when Muncy’s Andy Aguilar picked up a decision victory at 132 pounds.

“Momentum is big in a lot of sports, it really is,” Budman said. “My 13-pounder, who struggled (Saturday), I told him I don’t care if you get a three-pointer, four-pointer, five-pointer or six-pointer, I just want to see you wrestle well. I wanted to see a well-wrestled match from him and that’s what he did.”

“That helped get the train rolling and then we just kept the momentum going,” Hughesville senior Kyle Barnes said.

The Spartans’ lighter weights performed so well yesterday falls from Matt Heinreich (120 pounds), Zach Fry (126) and major decisions from Eric Hiller and Nick Gorg that by the time they got to the heart of their lineup with Barnes, Dakota Nixon, Matt Herr and Robert White, Hughesville already had a 25-9 lead.

Nixon added to it with a fall at 152. Barnes got a forfeit at 160 pounds for his 117th career win, passing Budman and Jason Smith for the school career record, and Herr added a gutty 4-2 win over Jake Colburn to seal the victory with a 40-9 lead with just four bouts left.

“Once we get a lead, everyone gets that fire inside them and says, ‘We got this one,'” Heinreich said.

“Our heavyweights were relieved to not have it come down to them for once,” Barnes said. “That was big, (the lightweights) wrestled tough and scored a ton of points. It was good to see that.”

Muncy didn’t do the bulk of its damage until after the outcome had already been decided. Troy Hembury beat Robert White by major decision, Skylar Ebner received a forfeit, and Nick Roberts and Jeff White recorded falls to end the dual meet.

Muncy advanced to the third-place match after beat No. 3 seed Montgomery, 46-24, in the quarterfinals before losing to Benton, 42-39, in the semifinals. Muncy and Hughesville were the two lowest seeds in the tournament to advance to the semifinals.

Warrior Run, the tournament’s No. 2 seed, was beaten in the morning quarterfinals, 39-30, by Benton. Warrior Run led by as much as 25 points after Brandon Giannantonio won by decision at 132, but Benton won the final seven bouts to win. The Tigers’ biggest wins came at 170 pounds where Brandon Lontz bumped up two weights and pinned regional qualifier Dan Breech, and at 182 pounds when Jeric Kasunic bumped up two weights and beat Garrett Moser, 5-0.

The state tournament begins Thursday at the Giant Center in Hershey.


Jersey Shore 33,

Shikellamy 25

106: Noah Ulmer, JS, dec. Nick Gittens, 10-5. 113: Allen Saar, JS, pinned Dylan Kremer, 3:06. 120: Dylan Houseknecht, S, pinned Coy Killion, 1:58. 126: Colton Killion, JS, dec. Tyler Hepler, 8-3. 132: Tristan Paul, S, maj. dec. Chris Bashaw, 13-3. 138: Hayden Swartwood, JS, dec. Nick Cashdollar, 11-5. 145: Austin White, JS, dec. Anthony Best, 1-0. 152: Zach Herman, JS, pinned Joe Snyder, 1:14. 160: John Rohrbach, S, dec. Curtis Welch, 3-0. 170: Daryl Englehart, S, dec. Utoa Agae-Naipo, 10-9. 182: Jesse Shambach, S, dec. Dominic Loffredo, 14-7. 195: Dwayne Pepper, S, pinned Nate Lose, 2:47. 220: Jacob Huling, JS, dec. Dan Karpinski, 6-2. 285: Nate Caputo, JS, pinned Jeremy Bacon, :53.

CLass AA


(Matches started at 220 pounds)

No. 1 Central Columbia 52,

No, 8 Towanda 6

106: Trystan Johnson, CC, dec. Kyle Blascak, 5-3; 113: Taylor Johnson, CC, pinned Jared Lines, :39; 120: Lewis Williams, CC, dec. Nick Secules, 3-0; 126: Steve Shannon ,CC, pinned Nick Sutton, :36; 132: Jesse Shannon, CC, maj. dec. Steven Yates, 9-1; 138: Tyler Johnson, CC, dec. Matt Bartholomew, 4-2, sv; 145: Aaron Johnson, CC, pinned Justin Sheets, 2:36; 152: Dayton Wickwire, T, dec. Austin Miknich, 7-2; 160: Nick Fester, CC, dec. Justin Hunsinger, 4-1; 170: Jacob Coombe, CC, pinned Cole Sexton, 1:47; 182: Dakota Manning, T, dec. Cyler Wedge, 10-3; 195: Matt Hackenberg, CC, dec. Logan Terry, 4-3; 220: Eric McCracken, CC, pinned Jeremy Sheets, 1:30; 285: Alex Shiber, CC, dec. Talon Curry, 3-2

No. 12 Hughesville 40,

No. 4 Lewisburg 30

106: Brian Friery, L, pinned Jacob Snyder, :53; 113: Jordan Gessner, L, pinned Trevor Sones, 3:45; 120: Zach Fry, H, pinned Dante Taylor, :54; 126: Matt Heinreich, H, won by forfeit; 132: Ethan Swartz, H, maj. dec. Michael Fox, 10-1; 138: Eric Hiller, H, pinned Andrew Fritchman, 2:30; 145: Aaron VanSickle, L, dec. Nick Gorg, 3-0; 152: Dakota Nixon, H, dec. Logan Aikey, 2-1; 160: Kyle Barnes, H, pinned Rupert, :34; 170: Max Reed, L, dec. Matt Herr, 6-4; 182: Robert White, H, dec. Nick Bernstein, 3-0; 195: Dakota Gee, H, pinned Jamison Bond, 5:30; 220: Brandon Smith, L, pinned Jacoby Foresman, 1:12; 285: Kyle Santorine, L, won by forfeit

No. 11 Muncy 46,

No. 3 Montgomery 24

106: Angelo Barberio, Mu, dec. Kyle Drick, 2-0; 113: Jacob Dgien, Mu, pinned Bryant Johnson, 4:50; 120: Zach Shadle, Mo, dec. Abien Berry, 7-0; 126: Kobe Galentine, Mo, pinned Alex Krah, 1:14; 132: Andy Aguilar, Mu, dec. Nick Buckle, 6-2; 138: Thomas Goetz, Mo, dec. Cam Good, 4-1; 145: Matt Goetz, Mo, pinned Jaimee Moyle, 1:04; 152: Junior Ramos, Mu, maj. dec. Dominic Galanti, 11-3; 160: Isaiah Bobotas, Mo, won by forfeit; 170: T.J. Moyle, Mu, won by forfeit; 182: Jake Colburn, Mu, pinned Boyde, 1:12; 195: Troy Hembury, Mu, pinned Chris Thomas, :24; 220: Skylar Ebner, Mu, pinned Tyler Betz, 1:20; 285: Nick Roberts, Mu, pinned Dylan Smith, 2:56

No. 7 Benton 39,

No. 2 Warrior Run 30

106: Zack LeBarron, W, pinned Alan Diltz, 2:51; 113: Eric Hunt, W, won by forfeit; 120: Matt Welliver, B, tech. fall Tyler Hornberger, 17-0, 4:35; 126: Brian LeBarron, W, won by forfeit; 132: Brandon Giannantonio, W, dec. Ronald Flick, 6-1; 138: Zain Retherford, B, pinned Doug McCarty, 1:09; 145: Russell Ramsey, B, maj. dec. Masen Wagner, 15-5; 152: Colt Cotten, B, pinned Elias George, 1:00; 160: Dominic Vitale, B, dec. Nick Rohm, 7-3; 170: Brandon Lontz, B, pinned Dan Breech, 3:53; 182: Jeric Kasunic, B, dec. Garrett Moser, 5-0; 195: Logan Womelsdorf, W, pinned Hunter Stroup, 1:56; 220: Matt Kilgus, W, dec. Marcus Welliver, 6-1; 285: Austin Fiedler, W, won by forfeit


(Matches started at 285 pounds)

No. 1 Central Columbia 48,

No. 12 Hughesville 21

106: Trystan Johnson, CC, pinned Jacob Snyder, 2:47; 113: Taylor Johnson, CC, tech, fall Trevor Sones, 4:22; 120: Zach Fry, H, dec. Lewis Williams, 9-2; 126: Steve Shannon, CC, tech. fall Matt Heinreich, 3:45; 132: Jesse Shannon, CC, tech. fall Houston Bryant, 3:45; 138: Tyler Johnson, CC, dec. Eric Hiller, 5-3; 145: Aaron Johnson, CC, pinned Nick Gorg, 3:45; 152: Dakota Nixon, H, dec. Austin Miknich, 4-3; 160: Kyle Barnes, H, pinned Nick Fester, 1:13; 170: Matt Herr, H, dec. Jake Coombe, 5-2; 182: Robert White, H, pinned Cyler Wedge, 1:03; 195: Matt Hackenberg, H, pinned Dakota Gee, 3:20; 220: Eric McCracken, CC, pinned Jacoby Foresman, 2:27; 285: Alex Shiber, CC, won by forfeit

No. 7 Benton 42,

No. 11 Muncy 39

106: Angelo Barberio, M, pinned Alan Diltz, :23; 113: Jacob Dgien, M, won by forfeit; 120: Matt Welliver, B, pinned Abien Berry, 4:30; 126: Andy Aguilar, M, pinned Ronald Flick, N/A; 132: Cam good, M, pinned Joseph Smith, 1:01; 138: Zain Retherford, B, won by forfeit; 145: Russell Ramsey, B, pinned Jaimee Moyle, 1:08; 152: Colt Cotten, B, pinned Junior Ramos, 1:15; 160: Brandon Lontz, B, pinned T.J. Moyle, 3:16; 170: Jeric Kasunic, B, pinned Jake Colburn, 2:55; 182: Troy Hembury, M, pinned Brad Miccio, :50; 195: Skylar Ebner, M, dec. Logan Womelsdorf, 8-3; 220: Nick Roberts, M, pinned Luke Bogert, :35; 285: Marcus Welliver, B, pinned Jeff White, 1:48


Central Columbia 45,

Benton 24

106: Trystan Johnson, CC, p. Alan Diltz, :48; 113: Taylor Johnson, CC, won by forfeit; 120: Matt Welliver, B, d. Lewis Williams, 3-1, 3 OT; 126: Steve Shannon, CC, d. Ronald Flick 5-3; 132: Jesse Shannon, CC, p. Joseph Smith, 1:12; 138: Zain Retherford, B, p. Tyler Johnson, :58; 145: Aaron Johnson, CC, d. Russell Ramsey, 3-2; 152: Colt Cotten, B, p. Cameron Farr, 1:26; 160: Austin Miknich, CC, d. Dominic Vitale, 4-1; 170: Brandon Lontz, B, d. Jacob Coombe, 5-3; 182: Jeric Kasunic, B, p. Cyler Wedge, 2:33; 195: Matthew Hackenberg, CC, inj, def. Logan Womelsdorf; 220: Eric McCracken, CC, p. Luke Bogart, :31; 285: Alex Shiber, CC, p. Marcus Welliver, 4:29


Hughesville 40, Muncy 31

106: Angelo Barberio, M, pinned Jacob Snyder, 1:39; 113: Trevor Sones, H, tech. fall Jacob Dgien, 16-0, 4:25; 120: Matt Heinreich, H, pinned Abien Berry, 3:26; 126: Zach Fry, H, pinned Alex Krah, :46; 132: Andy Aguilar, M, dec. Houston Bryant, 8-4; 138: Eric Hiller, H, maj. dec. Cam Good, 14-2; 145: Nick Gorg, H, maj. dec. Jaimee Moyle, 17-9; 152: Dakota Nixon, H, pinned Junior Ramos, 3:42; 160: Kyle Barnes, H, won by forfeit; 170: Matt Herr, H, dec. Jake Colburn, 4-2; 182: Troy Hembury, M, maj. dec. Robert White, 12-3; 195: Skylar Ebner, M, won by forfeit; 220: Nick Roberts, M, pinned Dakota Gee, 2:34; 285: Jeff White, M, pinned Jacoby Foresman.