Milton’s Porter among those who advance in District 4 AA wrestling

Taylor Porter leaves no indication he’s hurting. He’s not moving slower, he hasn’t lost any of his explosiveness.

In fact, the only way you’d know the Milton senior is just a few weeks removed from knee surgery is by the cloth brace on his knee. Other than that, Porter looks like a wrestler who is poised to make his first run to Hershey.

Porter won his first-round match by technical fall, then beat Montoursville’s Garrett Hoffman, 9-3, in the quarterfinals to earn a spot in the 145-pound semifinals of the District 4 Class AA tournament. Porter was one of 29 local wrestlers to advance to this morning’s semifinals.

The first round of consolations are set for 8:30, with semifinals to start at 10 at Williamsport High School.

“I’m feeling all right,” Porter said after his dominant win over Hoffman. “My knee gets sore a little bit sometimes, but I have to keep working through it and just wrestle hard and take it one match at a time.”

Porter was poised to have a huge senior season, especially when in the season-opening tournament at Cumberland Valley he lost an overtime decision to Burrell’s Philip Marra, a returning state qualifier who is currently ranked fifth in the state. He’s always had the athleticism and quickness to be a threat whenever he wrestled, but his early-season results made it look like he had taken that next step to be a threat to get to Hershey.

He was 14-6 when his knee finally became too bothersome to bear. Those six losses all came in the three tournaments the Cumberland Valley tournament, the Beast of the East and the Bethlehem Holiday Tournament head coach Mike Snyder had added to the Black Panthers’ schedule to prepare the team’s best individuals for the postseason.

Porter said the knee injury, which turned out to be a torn meniscus, wasn’t something which happened in particular instance. He said it was likely the result of years of playing football, wrestling and baseball.

But the final blow occurred in the semifinals of the Bethlehem tournament, he said, and he knew he needed to have it checked out.

“It actually started hurting right after our district game in football,” Porter said. “But in the semis at Bethlehem, I lost by a point and it was really getting to me. That’s when I further injured it just leaning all the way back on it.”

Porter wrestled his final match before surgery on Jan. 10. He didn’t wrestle again until Feb. 5 in a dual meet against Central Columbia where he lost 4-3 to Austin Miknich.

He wrestled five times in a tournament on Feb. 9 winning all five, the first two by fall and the third by technical fall. His last two matches were both decision victories by two points each.

He said he tried to dominate his opponents as much as he could that day, especially since he knew his conditioning wasn’t going to be quite where it was before the surgery.

But that head start transferred into a second-place finish at last week’s South Sectional, and last night he looked as solid as he has all year. He was slick on his feet and punishing on the mat.

“It’s not all there yet, but I feel pretty good,” Porter said. “Now I get to go home (Friday night) and take it easy and hopefully I can get a win (Saturday) and go to the finals.”

Porter faces defending district champion Billy Barnes in the semifinals this morning with the winner facing either Benton’s Colt Cotten or Midd-West’s Zach Heeter, who beat Porter in the South final last week, in the final.

He was also one of four Milton wrestlers to get into the semifinals last night, putting the Black Panthers in third place in the team race with 35.5 points. Only Benton (48) and Central Columbia (44) have more points.

Defending state champion Ryan Solomon (195 pounds) and returning state qualifier Ryan Preisch (152) both recorded first-period falls to move into the semifinals. Zack Bennet won a pair of matches, including a 4-0 upset of South Williamsport’s Nate Jones to reach the semifinals at 132 pounds.

District 4 class aa wrestling

Friday at Williamsport

Team standings and key: 1, Benton, Be, 48; 2, Central Columbia, CC, 44; 3, Milton, Mi, 35.5; 4, Warrior Run, WR, 34; 5, Williamson, Wi, 33; 6, Southern Columbia, SC, 32.5; 7, Muncy, Mu, 31.5; 8, Wyalusing, Wy, 29; t-9, Hughesville, Hu, 26; t-9, Midd-West, 26; t-9, Mifflinburg, Mif, 26; 12, Montoursville, Mo, 24; 13, North Penn, NP, 22; 14, Lewisburg, Le, 21.5; 15, Troy, Tr, 21; 16, Montgomery, Mg, 20; 17, Canton, Ca, 15.5; t-18, Bloomsburg, Bl, 13; t-18, Wellsboro, We, 13; t-20, Line Mountain, LM, 12; t-20, South Williamsport, SW, 12; 22, Towanda, To, 9; t-23, Bucktail, Bu, 7; t-23, Sayre, Sa, 7; 25, Loyalsock, Lo, 6; 26, Shamokin, Sh, 4; 27, Mount Carmel, MC, 3; t-28, Danville, Da, 2; t-28, Northeast Bradford, NEB, 2; 30, Sullivan County, Su, 0.

First round

106: Cameron Newman, LM, bye; Brian Friery, Le, tech. fall Hunter Cohick, Tr, 17-0, 5:50; Angelo Barberio, Mu, pinned James Lee, Sa, 2:48; Kyle Drick, Mg, bye; Kyle Blascak, To, bye; Corey Stauffer, MW, pinned Trystan Johnson, CC, 1:38; Jacob Strassner, Mo, dec. Aaron Cohick, Bu, 6-2; Zack LeBarron, WR, bye.

113: Taylor Johnson, CC, bye; Trevor Sones, Hu, pinned Jared Lines, To, :53; Brett Shepard, SC, pinned Gavin McCutcheon, Sa, 3:00; Dennis Route, Ca, bye; Cooper Wagner, Mif, bye; Eric Hunt, WR, pinned Tyler Webb-Verbeski, SW, 2:46; Jordan Gessner, Le, pinned Adam Malek, Lo, :59; Ethan Calkins, Tr, bye.

120: Matt Welliver, Be, bye; Carl Gorg, Wi, dec. Dante Taylor, Le, 8-7; Kobe Galentine, Mg, dec. Nick Secules, To, 9-3; Christian Cioffi, SW, bye; Collin Edsell, Wy, bye; Zach Fry, Hu, pinned Brett Long, Sh, 1:12; Lewis Williams, CC, dec. Jake Myers, NP, 18-12; Noah Kuba, Mif, bye.

126: Logan Everett, Wi, bye; Tanner Ebright, MW, dec. Terrick Vargason, To, 2-1; Charlie Andrews, NP, pinned Andy Aguilar, Mu, 1:29; Andrew Gipe, SW, bye; Brian LeBarron, WR, bye; Keith Barkowski, Mo, pinned Blake Carl, LM, 1:25; Steve Shannon, CC, dec. Brandon Kelley, Wy, 4-2; Kent Lane, SC, bye.

132: Cole Walter, Mif, bye; Brad Pequignot, NP, pinned Lucas Murphy, Sa, 2:41; Cody Klinger, Bl, dec. Diego Otero, SC, 8-1; Trevor McWhorter, Wi, bye; Nate Jones, SW, bye; Zack Bennett, Mi, pinned Mario Henriquez, Lo, 3:17; Justin Haley, Wy, dec. Brandon Giannantonio, WR, 12-11; Jesse Shannon, CC, bye.

138: Seth Lansberry, LM, bye; Tyler Eubanks, Lo, pinned Darren Killian, Ca, 5:40; Sam Miller, Bl, dec. Matt Bartholomew, To, 5-1; Nick Bruce, Tr, bye; Demetri Probst, Bu, bye; Blake Panko, MC, pinned Dylan Hain, MW, 4:40; Dave Brown, Wy, dec. Doug McCarty, WR, 6-4, sv; Zain Retherford, Be, bye.

145: Colt Cotten, Be, bye; Aaron Johnson, CC, maj. dec. Giacomo DiNicola, Lo, 13-2; Brandon Owlett, We, maj. dec. Trey Murray, Tr, 13-0; Zach Heeter, MW, bye; Garrett Hoffman, Mo, bye; Taylor Porter, Mi, tech. fall Brooks Gleckner, Ca, 16-1, 4:23; Dakota Nixon, Hu, dec. Logan Aikey, Le, 2-1; Billy Barnes, Wi, bye.

152: Kyle Barnes, Hu, bye; Brandon Conrad, Bl, dec. Dayton Wickwire, To, 4-2; Blake Marks, SC, tech. fall CJ Sargent, NP, 15-0, 3:36; Jacob Butcher, Ca, bye; Nick Stephani, Tr, bye; Dominic Vitale, Be, dec. Tyler Wariki, MC, 9-4; Tyler Fenton, Wy, dec. Matthew Horton, Bu, 6-1; Ryan Preisch, Mi, bye.

160: Jeric Kasunic, Be, bye; David Burke, Da, dec. Tristan Choate, Mo, 6-2; Mike Presto, Wi, dec. Max Reed, Le, 9-8; Kyle Post, Sa, bye; Isaiah Bobotas, Mg, bye; Matt Herr, Hu, pinned Josiah Bardo, Ca, 1:57; Justin Hunsinger, To, dec. Nicholas Fester, CC, 3-1; Ty Walter, Mif, bye.

170: Ben Minnich, NP, bye; Robert White, Hu, pinned Nick Bernstein, Le, 4:43; Erik Smeltz, LM, tech. fall Cole Sexton, To, 15-0, 5:39; R.C. Hunter, Wi, bye; Brandon Lontz, Be, bye; Aaron Hepburn, Lo, dec. Justin Knee, SW, 2-1; Landis Zimmerman, Tr, dec. Dan Breech, WR, 3-2; Alex Lieberman, MW, bye.

182: Troy Hembury, Mu, bye; Tyler Betz, Mg, pinned Cody Ercolino, Tr, 5:32; Ethan Jones, Mo, dec. Allan Yabcoskie, MC, 9-7; Anthony Anonia, Sh, bye; Dakotah Manning, To, bye; Garrett Moser, WR, dec. Justin Griffith, Wy, 5-0; Logan Womelsdorf, Be, pinned Gage Heller, Mi, 4:43; Garrett Wesneski, Ca, bye.

195: Ryan Solomon, Mi, bye; Tyler Jenkins, SW, pinned Matt Hackenberg, CC, 1:00; Logan Terry, To, maj. dec. Brendan Renn, LM, 15-2; Skylar Ebner, Mu, bye; Connor Route, Ca, bye; Briar Jenkins, Tr, pinned Gunnar Feldmann, Da, 2:33; Lucas Shaheen, Mo, dec. Hunter Stroup, WR, 2-1; Chad Daugherty, We, bye.

220: Brandon Smith, Le, bye; Nick Roberts, Mu, pinned Chris Thomas, Mg, 1:50; Eli Kennedy, We, dec. Marcus Welliver, Be, 7-2; Connor Bassett, Mo, bye; Dylan Otis, Wy, bye; Zach Biddiscombe, Sh, pinned Robert Cook, LM, 3:26; Richard Forbes, NEB, dec. Zach Kriner, NP, 3-2; Eric McCracken, CC, bye.

285: Nazar Mironenko, Mif, bye; Ben Cerney, Mo, dec. Marco Estrella, SW, 3-1, RO; Jordan Troup, Bl, dec. Seth Stablewski, MC, 1-0, RO*; Dalton Chilson, Wy, bye; Alex Shiber, CC, bye; Jake Becker, SC, pinned Nate Ritinski, Su, 1:09; Talon Curry, To, pinned Dylan Brennan, Tr, 3:00.

*Mount Carmel deducted one team point for unsportsmanlike conduct


106: Brian Friery, Le, dec. Cameron Newman, LM, 7-4; Angelo Barberio, Mu, maj. dec. Kyle Drick, Mg, 11-3; Corey Stauffer, MW, maj. dec. Kyle Blascak, To, 14-5; Zack LeBarron, WR, pinned Jacob Strassner, Mo, 5:01.

113: Taylor Johnson, CC, dec. Trevor Sones, Hu, 10-5; Brett Shepard, SC, pinned Dennis Route, Ca, 2:10; Eric Hunt, WR, dec. Cooper Wagner, Mif, 3-0; Ethan Calkins, Tr, maj. dec. Jordan Gessner, Le, 9-1.

120: Matt Welliver, Be, pinned Carl Gorg, Wi, 1:14; Kobe Galentine, Mg, maj. dec. Christian Cioffi, SW, 8-0; Collin Edsell, Wy, dec. Zach Fry, Hu, 7-2; Lewis Williams, CC, dec. Noah Kuba, Mif, 9-2.

126: Logan Everett, Wi, dec. Tanner Ebright, MW, 11-4; Andrew Gipe, SW, maj. dec. Charlie Andrews, NP, 14-6; Brian LeBarron, WR, dec. Keith Batkowski, Mo, 9-7, tb; Kent Lane, SC, pinned Steve Shannon, CC, 3:35.

132: Cole Walter, Mif, pinned Brad Pequignot, NP, :59; Trevor McWhorter, Wi, maj. dec. Cody Klinger, Bl, 9-1; Zack Bennett, Mi, dec. Nate Jones, SW, 4-0; Jesse Shannon, CC, pinned Justin Haley, Wy, 4:30.

138: Seth Lansberry, LM, tech. fall Tyler Eubanks, Lo, 19-3, 2:50; Sam Miller, Bl, dec. Nick Bruce, Tr, 3-2; Demetri Probst, Bu, dec. Blake Panko, MC, 5-0; Zain Retherford, Be, pinned Dave Brown, Wy, 2:44.

145: Colt Cotten, Be, maj. dec. Aaron Johnson, CC, 10-1; Zach Heeter, MW, dec. Brandon Owlett, We, 9-5; Taylor Porter, Mi, dec. Garrett Hoffman, Mo, 9-3; Billy Barnes, Wi, dec. Dakota Nixon, Hu, 1-0.

152: Kyle Barnes, Hu, maj. dec. Brandon Conrad, 10-1; Blake Marks, SC, dec. Jacob Butcher, Ca, 10-3; Nick Stephani, Tr, dec. Dominic Vitale, Be, 2-0; Ryan Preisch, Mi, pinned Tyler Fenton, Wy, 1:27.

160: Jeric Kasunic, Be, pinned David Burke, Da, 1:33; Kyle Post, Sa, dec. Mike Presto, Wi, 1-0; Isaiah Bobotas, Mg, dec. Matt Herr, Hu, 5-4; Ty Walter, Mif, maj. dec. Justin Hunsinger, To, 12-1.

170: Ben Minnich, NP, dec. Robert White, Hu, 7-3; RC Hunter, Wi, dec. Erik Smeltz, LM, 11-5; Brandon Lontz, Be, dec. Aaron Hepburn, 3-1, sv; Alex Lieberman, MW, dec. Landis Zimmerman, Tr, 5-0.

182: Troy Hembury, Mu, tech. fall Tyler Betz, Mg, 19-4, 4:16; Ethan Jones, Mo, dec. Anthony Anonia, Sh, 6-0; Garrett Moser, WR, pinned Dakotah Manning, To, 1:35; Garrett Wesneski, Ca, dec. Logan Womelsdorf, Be, 5-3.

195: Ryan Solomon, Mi, pinned Tyler Jenkins, SW, :59; Skylar Ebner, Mu, pinned Logan Terry, To, 1:21; Connor Route, Ca, tech. fall Briar Jenkins, Tr, 18-3, 4:47; Chad Daugherty, We, maj. dec. Lucas Shaheen, Mo, 9-0.

220: Brandon Smith, Le, pinned Nick Roberts, Mu, :50; Connor Bassett, Mo, dec. Eli Kennedy, We, 1-0; Dylan Otis, Wy, pinned Zach Biddiscombe, Sh, 5:30; Eric McCracken, CC, pinned Richard Forbes, NEB, 1:25.

285: Nazar Mironenko, Mif, pinned Ben Cerney, Mo, 1:16; Dalton Chilson, Wy, dec. Jordan Troup, Bl, 4-1; Alex Shiber, CC, dec. Jake Becker, SC, 3-1; Nate Kriner, NP, dec. Talon Curry, To, 3-0