Nine wrestlers from CM in District 6 AAA semifinals

ALTOONA Once there were 14 and now there are nine. That was the picture painted by the Central Mountain Wildcats as the opening day of the 2013 District 6 Class AAA wrestling championships Friday night.

Advancing to the championship semifinal round for the Wildcats with wins in the quarterfinals were Keanan Bottorf (113), Chase Andrus (120), Cole Hanley (126), Jacob Watt (132), Chad Reese (152), Gavin Caprio (160), Devin Stacey (170), Blaze Buckwalter (182) and Cameron Porter (220).

Five of the nine Wildcat wins came via falls in less than 60 seconds. Leading the CM attackers was Porter who decked Aaron-Forrer Levis in just 16 seconds.

Also recording quick deck jobs for the Wildcats were Watt (:33), Caprio (:43), Stacey (:33) and Buckwalter (:47).

“We had a couple more matches we could have won, but those guys have to come back strong in the consolations,” said CM head coach Doug Buckwalter. “Overall we weren’t focused enough here today just as a whole and what we need to do is come back tomorrow and have a great day.”

All in all, Buckwalter felt his wrestlers won in most of the places where they were favored.

“I think we won most of the matches where I thought we were supposed to,” Buckwalter said. “I knew that 120 and 126 were going to be key matches and they (Chase Andrus and Cole Hanley) pulled out some close wins. That puts them in a pretty good spot as far as making it through so hopefully they’ll come back strong.”

Wrestling will continue this morning with the championship semifinals and first round of consolations to be contested simultaneously on three mats at 11 a.m.

Central Mountain is second in the team race behind Mifflin County with Bellefonte and Bald Eagle also in the thick of things in third and fourth place respectively.

With no consolation bouts contested in the opening night, all fourteen CM wrestlers are still alive in the tournament for a possible place and the right to advance to next week’s regional tournament, also at the Altoona Field House.

District 6 AAA

Friday at Altoona HS

Team Scores: 1. Mifflin County, 68, 2. Central Mountain 61, 3. Bellefonte 48.5, 4. Bald Eagle Area 47, 5. Altoona 43.5, 6. Philipsburg-Osceola 40, 7. Hollidaysburg 29, 8. State College 23, 9. Johnstown 9.

Championship Quarterfinals

106 Damian Huff, Holl, pinned Ryan Moore, CM, 2:46; Cobey Bainey, BEA, pinned Kyle Catral, SC, 5:00; Daulton Wilson, MC, pinned Jeff Bryan, Alt, 2:57; Luke Leathers, Bel, pinned Nathan Quick, PO, :41.

112 Travis Giedroc, BEA, bye; Aaron Witherite, Bel, maj. Dec. Darren Bowser, Holl, 9-0; Keanan Bottorf, CM, pinned Chris Barnhart, PO, 1:34; Hayden Hidlay, MC, pinned Daniel Querry, Alt, :44.

120 Trevor Corl, Bel, bye; Chase Andrus, CM, dec. Bryan Descavish, PO, 8-7; Daniel Sills, SC pinned Michael Kachik, BEA, 1:42; Isaac Underhill, MC, pinned Mark Kociola, Holl, 3:28.

126 Noah Stewart, MC, bye; Cole Hanley, CM, dec. Anthony Myers, 4-3; Nate Rosenberger, Bel, tech. Fall Nathan Hagg, Holl, 17-2, 5:13; Brian Evans, PO, pinned Cody Stine, BEA, 1:06;

132 D. J. Hollingshead, Alt, pinned Rodney Hall, John, 1:09; Clint McCaslin, BEA, dec. Dallas Kephart, PO, 6-5; Jacob Watt, CM, pinned Colton Walls, Holl, :33; Lucas Besch, MC, maj. Dec. Zach Musser, Bel, 12-2.

138 T. J. Brandt, Alt, pinned Luciano Toscano, Holl, :07; Kevin Bair, MC, pinned J. B. Holden SC, 3:36; Joseph Powers, BEA, pinned Zach Knepp, CM, :27; Caleb Shively, PO, maj. Dec. Dillon Ault, Bel, 14-5.

145 Brandon Wilson, MC, bye; Scott Yarger, PO, dec. Kyler Bender, Alt, 12-5; Dillon Kepahrt, Bel, dec. Darrin Masorti, CM, 7-3; Derek Horner, SC, bye.

152 Chad Reese, CM, pinned Nathan Scheinberg, Alt, 1:43; Austin Cable, Bel, pinned Jake Haun, SC, 4:23; Calob Walls, Holl, dec. Richard White, John, 6-1; Joe Knarr, MC, pinned Kaleb Guy, PO, 3:11.

160 Gavin Caprio CM, pinned Dustin Shuey, PO, :43; Alexander Stover, SC, pinned Jesaiah Wilson, John, 4:46; Mitchell Taylor, BEA, dec. Jacob Wolk, Holl, 3-2; Markief Knode, Alt, dec. Darion Pierce, MC, 5-1.

170 Nicholas Shawley, Bel, pinned Phil Dillen, Alt, 1:07; Benjamin Verbitsky, BEA, pinned Ian Bilofsky, Holl, 4:53; Devin Stacey, CM, pinned Bailey Piscatello, John, :33; John Prentice, PO, dec. Keith Corson, MC, 8-7.

182 Jacob Taylor, BEA, pinned Nick Servello, Holl, :09; Trenton Kephart, Alt, pinned Nate Litvin, John, :54; Dennis Lumadue, PO, pinned Toby Cain, Bel, :43; Blaze Buckwalter, CM, pinned Jack Vandervort, SC, :47.

195 Aaron Varner, BEA, bye; Tevin Pulcine, Holl pinned Joaquin, SC, 3:43; Drew Hannon, MC, pinned Loc Long, CM, 1:29; Mante Barnes, Alt, tech. Fall Tim Benford, 16-0, 2:00.

220 Nathan Sharkey, BEA, bye’; Nick Gray, PO, pinned Jacob Scheinberg, Alt, 3:41; Kyle Kahley, MC, pinned Benjamin Pitnam, Bel, :34; Cameron Porter, CM, pinned Aaron Forrer-Levis, SC, :16.

285 Garrett Poorman, Bel, Joseph Kusmierz-Mobley, SC, 1:25; Caleb Rhodes, MC, pinned David Gawryla, BEA, 5:10; Austin Rosenberry, Alt, dec. Bryce Hanley, CM, 7-2; Matthew Barton, Holl, pinned Noah Eckenrode, John, :19.