Lewisburg D4 AA boys tennis team champs

BLOOMSBURG – Lewisburg survived the District 4 tennis team finals without dropping a single set.

All told, after breezing through the quarterfinals, No. 2 Lewisburg made quick work of the No. 6 Hughesville in the semifinals and finally defeated No. 1 Galeton, 3-0, to claim the District 4 Class AA championship.

The win advanced Lewisburg to the PIAA tournament where it will take on the District 2 winner at the Williamsport Tennis Club. Galeton advances to play the District 3 winner at a time and place to be named.

“These guys are great,” Lewisburg coach Matt Barr said. “I love them. They work hard and listen to the little things we ask of them.”

An upset-minded Galeton squad, which knocked off Loyalsock in the semifinals, opened with a punch, leading two of the three singles matches after the first point. After that, though, it was all Lewisburg.

Ben Koch, who already made his mark by winning the district singles title Monday, dominated Jordan Dugan, 6-3, 6-0. Koch initially fell behind 3-2 in the first set, but rebounded to claim every set after that point.

Russ Nash, who faced Galeton’s Tyler Dugan, blew through his match, 6-2, 6-0.

“They definitely had a longer match. It was nice to get to see our opponents before we played,” said Nash, who won his semifinal match 7-5, 4-1. “The guy I played had a long match. He was a little worn out, which helped me.”

Dugan, who defeated Loyalsock’s Tommy Criswell in the semifinals, appeared depleted after his marathon three-set match.

Despite only being a freshman, the Galeton product overcame deficits and returned nearly everything Criswell threw at him in the final set of the semifinals. Dugan survived the match to win, 6-2, 5-7, 6-3. It was an extremely gutty performance from the freshman, who advanced his team to the finals with the win.

“We’ve worked really hard. Our goal was to make it far in districts,” Dugan said. “About halfway through that third set he really started to play well.”

Despite the momentum Dugan created through his long match, Lewisburg maintained the focus that earned it the No. 2 slot in the tournament.

“Once that last match went into a third set we told the guys to just relax and take it easy,” Barr said. “We went through that a few years ago and felt rushed to get into the next match. We just wanted the team to be relaxed.”

Jordan Massoud and Bryan Speake won their second doubles match, 6-1 6-1, to make the first doubles and second singles matches moot.


No. 1 Galeton 3,

No. 4 Loyalsock 2

Singles: 1. Caleb Vuocolo (L) def. Jordan Dugan, 6-0 6-2. 2. Dakota Shadle (G) def. Mark Odorizzi, 6-4 7-5. 3. Tyler Dugan (G) def. Tommy Criswell, 6-2 5-7 6-3.

Doubles: 1. Nic Nardi and Ryan Bogaczyk (L) def. Dan Hatch and Mitchell Smith, 6-0 4-6 6-2. 2. John Parsell and Jacob Batterson (G) def. Bryan Patel and Ryan Hartzell, 6-4 6-4.

No. 2 Lewisburg 3,

No. 6 Hughesville 0

Singles: 1. Ben Koch (L) def. Josh Fry, 6-0 6-0. 2. Kerry Shutt (L) def. Mitchel Thomas, 6-1 6-2. 3. Russ Nash (L) def. Ian Hufnagel, 7-5 4-1.

Doubles: 1. Michael McCormack and Glen Gallik (L) def. Rilan Galicic and Ty Stugart, 6-4 5-1. 2. Jordan Massoud and Bryan Speake (L) def. Steven Saladino and Trey Smith, 6-3 6-4.


Lewisburg 3, Galeton 0

Singles: 1. Koch (L) def. Jordan Dugan, 6-3 6-0. 2. Shutt (L) def. Shadle, 6-2 5-4. 3. Nash (L) def. T. Dugan, 6-2 6-0.

Doubles: 1. McCormack and Gallik (L) def. Hatch and Smith, 8-6 1-0. 2. Massoud and Speake (L) def. Parsell and Batterson, 6-1 6-1.