Top Montgomery, Loyalsock athletes eager for big month

MONTGOMERY?- Montgomery’s Dominick Galanti and Kiana Gough and Loyalsock’s Lexi Henninger know what is coming and they can’t wait. The trio wrapped up their teams’ portion of the dual meet schedule on Thursday and now the PIAA Championship veterans turn their sights to the postseason.

“The weather is so nice, everyone is in a good mood and you get so pumped for districts,” said Henninger.

Galanti, Gough and Henninger were three of five returning state qualifiers in yesterday’s meet hoping to fine tune their chosen skills before the District 4 Championships on May 18.

All five, including Loyalsock’s Kati Piger and Montgomery’s Allyssa Hitesman, were clearly head and shoulders above their opposition, but understand tougher competition awaits beginning on May 11 at the PHAC Coaches Invitational.

Hitesman, the defending District 4 shot put champion, won the shot put (34 feet) and discus (86-8) against the Lancers as Montgomery won, 85-65, while Loyalsock’s Aaron Hepburn pulled the shot put and discus double in the boys meet and the Lancers won, 95-55.

Henninger dominated the 1,600, but was fortunate to share the track with the boys during the event. The senior kept pace with the frontrunners in the boys race and finished in 2:42.0, 25 seconds behind boys winner Bailey Sims of Loyalsock, who ran away from Henninger and the remaining boys field over the final 200 meters.

Henninger, who finished second at the District 4 meet in the 1,600 behind Wyalusing’s Erika Huffman, is hoping for similar success this year which would help her return to the PIAA Championships where she placed eighth a year ago. She has been frustrated with some of her times this year and she tweaked her hamstring a few dual meets ago and had it wrapped Thursday. She’ll have some time to rest until the May 11 invitational, but in between she’ll also be working to improve.

“I’ll definitely be working on my sprinting and my last kick for the last 200 to 400 because that is where I start to die over there,” Henninger said.

Galanti and Gough aren’t satisfied, either.

Both are already school record holders for the Red Raiders in the pole vault, but both are prepared to stretch their records a little higher.

Gough, who finished third in the district last year but hit the state qualifying mark, didn’t reach the 11 feet she cleared on Tuesday at Hughesville that improved her own school record, but attacked the four heights leading up to her three attempts at 11 feet with the a tempo of someone ready to return to the PIAA Championships.

Loyalsock didn’t have any pole vaulters and Gough’s teammates were done with their attempts before she entered at 9 feet. She needed just one attempt each at 9-6, 10-0 and 10-6 before failing to match her school record.

“I’m a lot further along (than last year at this time) and I understand the form a lot more,” Gough said. “I’m getting the grasp of bending the pole and working with the bend.”

Gough struggled to hit 9 feet a year ago, but once she did she took off and reached 10-6. She hopes history repeats itself after she finally hit the 11-foot mark on Tuesday.

“Hitting eleven feet was a big step,” said Gough, who hopes to reach 11-6 or 12-0 in the postseason. “I struggled hitting nine last year and after I did I progressed a lot and I think 11 is the mark that I needed to get before I start going.”

Galanti, who finished tied for second at districts in 2012, struggled a little yesterday after he snapped a pole during Tuesday’s meet at Hughesville. The senior was attempting to use a new pole he just received on Wednesday and reached 11 feet, 2 1/2 feet short of his school record of 13-6.

Galanti, who spent the track offseason getting leaner while playing football and wrestling, took several run throughs and on one occasion was replicating a few vaults while running across the middle of the Montgomery football stadium. He has another week to adjust before the sprint of the postseason.

“I will be able to practice and get my technique down and transfer that to the new pole I got,” Galanti said.

Girls:?Montgomery 85, Loyalsock 65

3200 relay – 1. Loyalsock (Salvatori, Fox, McKenzie, Springer), 11:59.0; 100 hurdles – 1. Keri Dreese, M, 16.8; 2. Umpstead, M; 3. Dougherty, L; 100 – 1. Kati Piger, L, 12.9; 2. Bellot, L; 3. Jones, M; 1600 – 1. Lexi Henninger, L, 5:43.0; 2. Springer, L; 3. Barnhart, M; 400 -1. Hannah Umpstead, M, 1:06.0; 2. Fox, L; 3. O’Conner, L; 400 relay – 1. Loyalsock (Raemore, Dougherty, Bellot, Piger), 53.17; 300 hurdles – 1. Keri Dreese, M, 51.49; 2. Umpstead, M; 3. Dougherty, L; 800 – 1. Lexi Henninger, L, 2:42.0; 2. Devour, M; 3. Daskivich, L; 200 – 1. Nickolette Jones M, 28.65; 2. Raemore, L; 3. Bellott, L; 3200 – 1. Taylor Daskivich, L, n/a; 2. McKenzie, L; 3. Barnhart, M; 1600 relay – 1. Montgomery (Dreese, Jones, Wright, Umpstead), 4:39.0; Javelin – 1. Sam Wise, M, 92-7; 2. Scampone, M; 3. Hitesman, M; Shot put -1. Allyssa Hitesman, M, 34-0; 2. Scampone, M,; 3. Hitesman, M; Discus – 1. Allyssa Hitesman, M, 86-8; 2. Wise, M; 3. Hitesman, M; Long jump -1. Angela Cardillo, L, 14-3; 2. Werner, M; 3. Piger, L; High jump – 1. Lexy Forrestal, M, 4-8; 2. Manthey, M; 3. Cardillo, L; Triple jump – 1. Kati Piger, L, 33-5; 2. Cardillo, L; 3. Forrestal, M; Pole vault – 1. Kiana Gough, M, 10-6; 2. Vandine, M; 3. Dgien, M.

Records: Montgomery 3-3, 3-2 HAC-III; Loyalsock 0-5, 0-5.

Boys:?Loyalsock 95, Montgomery 55

3200 relay – 1. Loyalsock (Rohrer, Adams, Mitchell, Sims), 9:08.0; 110 hurdles – 1. Andrew Heilman, L, 18.98; 2. Titman, M; 3. Vogel, L; 100 – 1. Dylan Boore, M, 11.3; 2. Quigley, L; 3. Quigley, L; 1600 – 1. Bailey Rohrer, L, 5:18.0; 2. Dietrick, M; 3. Adams, L; 400 – 1. Jahsir Mitchell, L, 56.43; 2. Sims, L; 3. DiNicola, L; 300 hurdles – 1. Joe Titman, M, 47.5; 2. Heilman, L; 3. Loeh, L; 800 – 1. Bailey Sims, L, 2:17.0; 2. Dietrick, M; 3. Mitchell, L; 200 – 1. Dylan Boore, M, 24.72; 2. Quigley, L; 3. Ramos, M; 3200 – 1. Micah Beiter, L, 12:21.21; 2. Malek, L; 3. Wilk, M; 1600 relay – 1. Loyalsock (DiNicola, Adams, Loeh, Heilman), 4:11.0; Javelin -1. Colton Harer, M, 162-10; 2. Dougherty, L; 3. Fink, L; Shot put – 1. Aaron Hepburn, L, 40-8; 2. Betz, M; 3. Green, L; Discus -1. Aaron Hepburn, L, 120-2; 2. Green, L; 3. Betz, M; Long jump – 1. Dylan Boore, M, 20-4; 2. LaPoint, L; 3. DiNicola, L; High jump – 1. Colton Harer, M, 6-0; 2. LaPoint, L; 3. Loeh, L; Triple jump -1. Wes LaPoint, L, 38-10; 2. Loeh, L; 3. Harer, M; Pole vault – 1. Dominick Galanti, M, 11-0; 2. Goetz, M; 3. Dgien, M.

Records: Loyalsock 3-3, 3-2 HAC-III; Montgomery 1-6, 1-4. Next: Montgomery at John Childs Invitational, Sayre, today. Loyalsock at freshman/sophomore meet, Sat