Low qualifiers at WCC Invitational shoot 64

With lighning bolts flashing and thunder crashing down, a group of about two dozen golfers could be seen congregated under a small awning outside of the Williamsport Country Club’s pro shop on Thursday evening, waiting for the final qualifying round results to be posted for the 84th annual Williamsport Country Club Invitational.

The invitational, which is a match play better-ball tournament, will have 48 two-man teams divided amongst six flights, championship through fifth. There are 16 teams in the championship flight.

Each of the tournament’s respective flights will begin match play today at 11 and will be played through the weekend, with the final round of play being held on Sunday.

The top two teams following this year’s qualifying round were composed of Sean Duffy and Scott Shellenberger, as well as Barry Eck and Jordan Eck, with both teams shooting 64 on the 18-hole, par 71 course. Those duos will be joined in the championship flight by two teams that were able to shoot 5-under par, with scores of 66: Scott Hanna and his partner Tommy Hanna, along with John Cattoni and Trent Miller.

As for the other 12 teams in the championship flight, there were two teams that made the cut with scores of 67, and two teams with scores of 68.

A playoff was scheduled for Thursday evening to weed out which of the six teams with scores of 69 would remain in the championship flight, but was delayed due to lightning and final results were not available.

Championship flight: Sean Duffy/ Scott Shellenberger, 64; Barry Eck/ Jordan Eck, 64; Scott Hanna/ Tom Hanna, 66; John Cattoni/ Trent Miller, 66; Eric Loudenslager/ Jamie Spencer, 67; Bryant Dunn/ Andrew Hill, 67; Todd Vonderheid/ Tim Rutkowski, 68; Kyle Gordan/ Robbie Seebold, 68; Josh Keener/ Lou Mazzante, 68; Robert Emert/ Mark Spooner, 68; Zach Prowant/ Kyle Deisher, 68; Ed Schneider/ Al McCormick, 68; Mike Duffy/ Randy Jessell, 68; Rob Lytle/ David Myers, 69; John Secor/ Brian Leljedal, 69; Chris Walzer/ Greg Notz, 69; Kyle Krout/ Whitey Krout, 69; John Zurich/ Eric McNulty, 69

First flight: Jim Sargent Sr./ Jim Sargent Jr, 70; Jordan Griggs/ Jordan Isenberg, 70; Larry Allison Jr./ Michael Richardson, 70; Mike Schall/ Dave Schall, 71; Gary Dolan/ Doug Brown, 71; James Furey III/ Kellen Bonnell, 71; Mike Boone/ Rob Kocher, 71; Phil Lipski/ Robert Lipski, 71; Rob Van Etten/ Tom Van Etten, 71; Joe Lewis/ Joey Lewis, 72; John Tortera/ Robert Marx- 72; Steve Reigle/Jake Driscoll, 72; Andy Nicols/ David Stopper, 72; Mike Casale/ Jerry Kimble, 72.

Second flight: Mike Wolf/ Matt Sears, 73; Brett Emery/ Joe Reiley, 73; Thomas Marks/ Robert Yarger, 73; Ron Defeo/ Paul Defeo, 73; Jeff Ranck/ Jim Cotner, 73.

Third flight: Jim Bell/ Marty Bell, 73; Jeff Sampsell/ Scott Farley, 73; Mark Pringle/ Eric Pringle, 74; Jim VanCampen/ Josh VanCampen, 74; Richard Born/ Jeff Shank, 75; Dave Bower/ Joe Maximiak, 75; Tom O’Connor/ Brad O’Connor, 75; Fred Odell/ Donald Sunderland, 75; Todd Dougherty/ Andy Fry, 76; Rob Zagorsky/ Jim Fronzoni, 76; Brent Fish/ Shawn McCowan, 76; Bill Kinley/ Mark Pulizi, 77; Paul Berg/ Chick Hoff, 77; Bob Farley/ Rob Farley, 78; Ted Dougherty Jr./ Kevin Deparlos, 78.

Fourth flight: Dave Roche/ Ed Kosteva, 78; Jim Armstrong/ Bill Tubbs, 78; Mike Smith/ Brandon Smith, 78; Adam Pfleagor/ Dustin Bevard, 78; Tom Peron/ Mark Daskivich, 79; Dave Gundy/ Steve Gundy, 79; Dan Crisman/ Darren Crisman, 79; Harry Wahl/ Larry Wahl, 79; Jeff Deisher/ Don Murray, 79; Mark Molesky/ Steve Keener, 79; Jim Lazarka/ Tom Bogart, 79; John Else/ Bob Else, 80; Mike Grausam/ Steve Reese, 80; Art Ball/ Jim Robertson, 80; Jeff Churba/ Dave Czap, 81; Jim Huffman/ John Young, 81.

Fifth flight: Russ Twigg/ Charles Twigg, 82; Robert Shourds/ Joe Hussey, 82; Robert Marks/ Michael Craig, 82; John Blaschak/ Bob Wenzel, 82; Jeff Dugan/ Dennis Loner, 82; Jim Keefer/ Norm Watkins, 83; Lynn Womer/ John Buehler, 83; Sean Howell/ Mike Bower, 83; Ed Alberts/ Rich Salita, 84; Scott Decker/ Max Farley, 84; Josh Rich/ Eric McGrath, 85; Bill Pagana/ Dan Klingerman, 85; Ernie Larson/ Tom Hart, 83; Keith Armson/ Jon Kendter, 86; Mike Bastian/ Steve Smith, 89