Lycoming changing athletic look

Lycoming College unveiled on Tuesday a new set of athletic logos and word marks, along with a new customized font package, as part of a rebranding for it’s 17-sport intercollegiate athletics program.

“Throughout the design process, the college was committed to identifying an image that promotes the core concepts of strength, honor, excellence and tradition,” director of athletics and head football coach Mike Clark said. “We feel the new logo reflects the dynamic direction of Lycoming athletics. We are very excited to wear it into competition.”

The new set of marks includes the following:

A primary mark that features both a logo (the sword and shield logo) and word mark.

Sport-specific word marks that incorporate both Lycoming and Lyco.

Secondary marks.

A customized font package.

A style manual on proper logo and word mark usage by internal and external constituencies.

The athletics department will continue to use blue and gold as its official colors, while utilizing gray as an accent color in the primary logo.

The new set of marks will replace the block L logo, which has been in use since 2005. Prior to that, the college used an Indian head mark for nearly 50 years, but changed the logo due to NCAA legislation that banned the use of American Indian imagery by sports teams during its postseason tournaments.

Lycoming had been considering changes since 2011. The look will be phased in through normal purchasing cycles on its athletic uniforms. Merchandise will be available Aug. 26.