Lewisburg rallies past Shik

LEWISBURG – It was a tale of two halves for the Lewisburg Green Dragons Friday night. In the first half Lewisburg only amassed 23 yards on the ground, 64 yards through the air and ended the half with only five first downs. Their first three drives were 3 and out, the fourth drive amounted only 31 yards and the fourth drive was a turnover on downs. Luckily the score at the half was only 7-0 deficit.

That all changed in the second half as Lewisburg executed its offense and the defense forced two turnovers in the second half in route to a 14-7 win over Shikellamy.

The score doesn’t show it but Lewisburg dominated the second half. The offense gained 94 yards on the ground in the second-half and held the ball for most of the half and kept the hard running Shikellamy offense off the field. Lewisburg scored on its first possesion of the second half and it looked like a different team. The player leading the charge was senior quarterback Nick Costagliola. On the first drive of the second half Costagliola was 1-1 for 14 yards in the air and on the ground he rushed six times for 36 yards and a touchdown. Costagliola accounted for three first downs on the nine play 70 yard drive.

Brian Anderson recovered a fumble on Shikellamy’s second drive of the half and Lewisburg scored on a two yard quarterback sneak to make it 14-7.

Lewisburg coach Jeremy Winn gave credit to his coaches on getting the players ready for the second half.

“Our coaching staff, offensively and defensively you know made great adjustments at half time,” Winn said. “We saw what they were doing defensively, we knew that they had some weaknesses and what they were doing and we were able to capitalize off that.”

Possibly the biggest drive of the game for Lewisburg was one that amounted to no points. Andrew Newcomb had just come up with a big interception off a trick play and Lewisburg got the ball back at their own 35 yard line and with 8:30 to go in the game. Lewisburg had a fourth and two at midfield and the offense came back on the field much to the crowd’s dismay. But Costagliola gave a hard snap count and the Shikellamy defensive line jumped offsides to give Lewisburg another chance to run off some more time. Then Lewisburg had another fourth and one at the Shikellamy 30, and Costagliola snuck up the middle for a huge first down. The whole drive amassed over five minutes of clock.

“We come out the second half and they only have five, six guys in the box at most,” said Costagliola. “So we knew that if we pushed them out we had some room for the running lanes.”

But Shikellamy still had about 2:30 to try for a game-tying touchdown. Garrett Kemberling drove the offense all the way down to the 10 yard line with enough time to have two shots at the end zone. His first pass was a dropped interception and the final pass was thrown high and sailed out of the back, right corner of the end zone.