Millionaires suffer another home shutout

When Abington Heights’ JC Show heaved a 76-yard pass to Nick Ksiazek to set up the Comets’ second touchdown of Friday night’s game at Williamsport, what most spectators saw was a nice pass delivered to a wide-open receiver. What most people didn’t notice was the nearly flawless blocking that gave Show almost a full 10 seconds in the pocket, and allowed his receiver to get behind Williamsport’s secondary.

Abington Heights’ offensive line dominated early and often, dictating the tempo of the game, as the Comets romped Williamsport, 33-0 Friday night at Millionaire Stadium.

“I think we have been improving each and every week with our blocking,” Abington Heights’ head coach Joe Repshis said. “I thought we did a lot of things well up front.”

“With the athletes we have, we feel like when we have the ball we have the ability to make plays, and that all starts up front. I think our linemen play as a cohesive unit, and throughout the course of the week at practice those guys are pushing each other to work hard and get better.”

Williamsport head coach Kevin Choate expected that the Millionaires would have their hands full creating pressure against such a tough group of kids.

“They did exactly what we thought they were going to do; they blocked and they came off the ball,” said Choate. “They had real tight splits and they are a well-coached and well-disciplined offensive line.”

The Comets’ most impressive performance in the front five came from left tackle Chase Wickenheiser, whose crisp technique and bone-rattling hits helped keep the Williamsport defense from pressuring Show on his blind side, and also created rushing lanes for the Comet backfield.

Nobody benefited from the Comets’ offensive line performance more than Show. The time they provided not only kept the quarterback’s jersey clean, but also gave his receivers plenty of time to break free of coverage, which allowed him to go 9-15 for 166 yards.

The Comet offensive line also ushered Show to the end zone for a couple rushing scores, driving the Millionaires off the ball at the goal line for touchdowns on two quarterback sneaks from the one-yard line, which gave Abington Heights a 27-0 lead at halftime.

With a dominating lead, the Comets toned things down in the second half, leaning more on their run game to wind down the clock, and scoring just once in the game’s last 24 minutes.

Even with the loss, Williamsport’s Choate believed that there were positive aspects of Friday’s contest. But he feels that his team has to make play-execution a top priority.

“We moved the ball well at times, but we have take care of that turnover bug,” he said.

“I think the blocking aspect of the game we have to clean up. We are missing some assignments, and we have to execute.

“The execution part of our offense is abysmal right now, it’s not moving the ball and we aren’t doing what we need to do,” Choate said.