Montoursville boys still unbeaten

Being a young foreign exchange student from Spain, Montoursville sophomore Pau Gabernet probably didn’t think that he would score two clutch goals in possibly the biggest regular season game of the year for the Warriors.

Entering the game at the 17th minute, Gabernet probably didn’t think that he would score a game tying goal with 20 seconds to go in the 2nd half to push Montoursville to overtime, but he did. He probably also didn’t think that he would score the game-winning goal in the 98th minute of the second overtime to keep the Warriors undefeated, but he did.

Gabernet scored the last two goals in a come-from-behind win to help Montoursville rally past Hughesville 3-2 Tuesday night at Montoursville.

“Wow, it was amazing, only 20 seconds left,” Gabernet said of his first goal. When talking about his second goal Gabernet became even more ecstatic.

“That was better, we won, I don’t know what to even say,” said Gabernet.

But if it wasn’t for Gabernet’s heroics, Montoursville would be very disappointed with all its missed opportunities. Montoursville had 18 shots, 12 of which were on goal and had multiple opportunities to put the game away. The Warriors controlled the ball and kept it in Hughesville’s side of the field most of the night.

Montoursville also would have been disappointed because of a few questionable calls by the officials. Montoursville could have had an additional two goals if it wasn’t for a couple of questionable offside calls and a questionable penalty kick.

Things began to get out of hand as the game went on. The game became very physical and tempers were high with both teams and the fans as some fans at the game became out of control.

Montoursville coach Rich Marriott didn’t let his players get frustrated and didn’t let them give up.

“You know the PK that was a tough call,” said Marriott. “You got to keep your composure and at halftime I told them things happen. I’ve coached long enough where I’ve had plays like that and you just got to try to keep your composure, keep the guys level headed, we’ve got 40 minutes to go, and I told them we were going to have chances to score and it turned out that we just had enough.”

Credit also needs to go to the Montoursville defense and goalie Sawyer Bressler. They constantly gave the Spartans trouble and kept it out of their side for most of the game.

“You know this is what I’m going to miss the most next year is games like this,” said Bressler. “This has always been a friendly rivalry and I love it.”

Hughesville gave Montoursville some problems with its speed and aggressiveness in the midfield. It seemed like Hughesville was getting a head or a foot on almost every goal kick.

The Spartans’ speed was also a major factor in this game, showed by forward Matt Swales who took a ball from mid-field and dribbled through the Montoursville defense to go up 1-0. The Spartans’ second goal came from a penalty kick by James Secules with only seven seconds remaining in the first half to give Hughesville the 2-1 lead.

M- James McMahon (Zach Bair), 29:00, M- Pau Gabernet (Devin Marriott), 79:40, M- Gabernet (Bair), 98:00; H-Matt Swales (unassisted), 19:00, H-James Secules (penalty kick), 39:53.

Shots on goal: H-6; M-12. Corner kicks: H-1; M-9. Saves: H-9; M-4. Goalies: H (Jesse Berger); M (Sawyer Bressler).

Records: Montoursville (6-0) Hughesville (4-2)