New Lock Haven coach receives look at team

LOCK HAVEN – It was Crimson versus White night at Thomas Field House on Wednesday as first-year Lock Haven coach Scott Moore unveiled a lot of talent.

The Crimson won the match, 23-18.

“I think for the most part the guys came out confident and ready to wrestle,” said Moore. “You could just tell the experience of some of these guys who have won a lot of matches in the past like Freddy Garcia who scored a lot of points against one of our better guys. They just happen to be at the same weight. Some of the younger guys who had a lot of success in high school like Brad Emerick winning that match at heavyweight and Adam Mackie pinning Buckwalter, those guys were real successful in high school and they brought that same confidence out here today. That (confidence) is something we can’t teach, but we have to recruit the best guys who are confident in themselves.”

As you might expect, some of the matches were bigger than others.

“Bobby Rehm stepped up at 133 and had a good match against (Matt) Bryer,” said Moore. “They are both young wrestlers, but they also have had a lot of matches in the past. We also had a real good local matchup between Elias Biddle (Warrior Run) and Dillon Gavlock (Central Mountain) and that was one of the hardest fought matches and Biddle was able to come out on top.

“With Billy Randt sitting out tonight, we are deep at that weight class (157). I think the one thing we get from this is that we have a lot of depth on the team which provided for a lot of internal competition and essentially it is up to the guys to bring that energy and confidence to the mat. We want the guys to bring a lot of energy to the mat and push the pace and it might take some time for some of the younger guys to wrestle like we want them to.”

So did any of the matches determine starters for dual meets with Shippensburg and Bucknell?

“Some of these matches might have determined the early starters, but we have the two matches and two tournaments so there is still a lot of wrestling to go,” Moore said. “At 125, I think Kaleb LeMaire got the starting nod for this weekend with that win and then looking at heavyweight, that is a tough one because you have a true freshman versus a redshirt junior but you have to give the nod to the guy who found a way to win.

“At 174 is a situation with (Travis) Moyer and (Dylan) Caprio and both guys worked hard. I thought that was one of the better matches. At one point it appeared as though Caprio had Moyer stacked up for the pin, but he didn’t get the takedown and Moyer was able to hang on for the win so he is probably going to get the nod this weekend. We base our lineup on attitude and effort and the guys who go out there and score points so this means something, but in the long run it will be who can show up and be consistent.”

Starting times for Saturday’s dual meets will be 4 p.m. for the battle with Shippensburg and 7 p.m. for Bucknell.

Here is a weight-by-weight rundown of how the matches unfolded:


Kaleb LeMaire (Crimson) vs.

Ronnie Perry (White)

LeMaire took a 2-0 lead with a takedown late in the first period. Perry cut LeMaire’s lead to 2-1 with an escape in the first 20 seconds of the second period. LeMaire kept the pressure on following Perry’s escape and scored his second takedown with 50 seconds to go in the middle period. Perry cut LeMaire’s lead to 4-2 with an escape in the final 10 seconds of the middle period. Perry rode LeMaire for more than a minute into the third period before LeMaire escaped for a 5-2 lead. Perry scored a takedown with 15 seconds left, but LeMaire held him off for a 5-4 win.


Jake Field (Crimson) vs.

Dillon Sulkosky (White)

Field went up 2-0 with a takedown in the first period, but Sulkosky quickly escaped for a 2-1 first period. Sulkosky tied the bout with an escape to start the second period, but Field worked a solid single for takedown and a 4-2 lead after two periods. Field added a point to his lead with an escape to begin the third period. Sulkosky closed the gap with a takedown, but Perry held on for a 5-4 win.


Bobby Rehm (Crimson) vs.

Matt Bryer (White)

Rehm began with a takedown one minute into the bout, but Bryer quickly escaped. Rehm scored a counter takedown to go up 4-1, but Bryer escaped for a 4-2 Rehm lead after one period. Rehm went up 5-2 with an escape 30 seconds into the middle period. Rehm scored his third takedown of the bout with a body lock, Bryer escaped in the final 10 seconds of the period for a 7-3 Rehm lead heading home. Bryer escaped in the first 20 seconds of the final period, but Rehm continued his dominance on his feet with his fourth takedown and a 9-4 lead. Bryer escaped and took Rehm down, Bryer giving the intentional escape. With 1:11 riding time, Rehm was the winner by 11-7.


Mac Maldarelli (Crimson) vs.

R.J. Brydon (White)

Maldarelli scored the initial takedown. Brydon escaped midway through the opening period for a 2-1 Maldarelli lead. Maldarelli scored his second takedown when he countered a Brydon shot for a 4-1 lead. Maldarelli escaped and took Brydon down for a 7-1 lead. Brydon escaped, Maldarelli scored his fourth takedown, Brydon reversed and Maldarelli escaped. Maldarelli scored his fifth takedown with 20 seconds left in the bout and eventually went on to win 16-4.


Elias Biddle (Crimson) vs.

Dillon Gavlock (White)

The two were tied at 2-all after one period on a Biddle takedown and a Gavlock reversal. Gavlock went up 3-2 with an escape to begin the middle period and the two finished the second period on their feet. Biddle tied the bout at 3-3 with an escape 30 seconds into the final period before Biddle went back on top with a take down in the final minute of the bout. Gavlock escaped to narrow the Biddle lead to 5-4 before Biddle scored a late takedown to win 7-4.


Mike Ortiz (Crimson) vs.

Aaron McKinney (White)

Ortiz went on top 2-0 with a takedown 40 seconds into the bout before McKinney escaped to cut the Ortiz lead to 2-1. McKinney scored his initial takedown of the bout for a 3-2 lead before Ortiz deadlocked the bout with a late escape. McKinney went on top 4-3 with an escape to begin the third period. McKinney was awarded a stalling point and another takedown for a 7-3 win.


Chris Nagle (Crimson) vs.

Aaron Hepburn (White)

Nagle scored first with a takedown for a 2-0 lead after one period. Nagle picked up two back points with a tilt midway through the middle period for a 4-0 lead after two periods. Nagle escaped to begin the third period and took Hepburn down for a 7-0 lead. Hepburn scored a takedown with 20 seconds left in the bout, but with 1:54 time, Nagle was a 8-2 winner.


Travis Moyer (Crimson) vs.

Dylan Caprio (White)

Moyer scored first with a takedown in the first and escaped in the second for a 3-0 lead. Caprio picked up a late escape, but Moyer recorded a late takedown for a 5-1 win.


Blaze Buckwalter (Crimson) vs.

Adam Mackie (White)

Mackie countered a Buckwalter underarm shot for a takedown, but Buckwalter escaped for a 2-1 Mackie lead two minutes in. Mackie lateral dropped Buckwalter to his back for the fall at 2:27.


Fred Garcia (Crimson) vs.

Tyler Wood (White)

Garcia put on a takedown clinic with seven takedowns and time for a 17-7 win.


Matt Moore (Crimson) vs.

Phil Sprenkle (White)

Sprenkle scored a takedown and Moore escaped in the first period. After riding for the entire second period, Sprenkle reversed for a 4-1 lead in the third period. Moore was called for stalling and with 3:37 time advantage, Sprenkle walked off with a 6-1 win.


Cody Mason (Crimson) vs.

Brad Emerick (White)

After a scoreless first period, Emerick escaped in 22 seconds for a 1-0 lead and later went up 3-0 with a takedown at the edge of the mat off a low single. Mason escaped near the end of the second period to cut Emerick’s lead to 3-1.

Mason escaped to cut Emerick’s lead to 3-2, but the two wrestlers ended the bout on their feet with Emerick claiming a 3-2 win

Final score: Crimson 23, White 18.