Lyco men win season opener over Penn College

Being bigger, faster and stronger than an opponent doesn’t necessarily guarantee that a team will win. But its a nice place to start.

On Friday night, physical prowess played a big role in helping Lycoming defeat cross-town rival Penn College, as the Warriors topped the Wildcats 94-77 in the first round of play at their 16th annual Tip-Off Tournament.

“We drank our milk,” Lycoming head coach Guy Rancourt said. “I think we were just too much bigger than them physically. They did a good job rotating and helping defensively, but I think just the overall size of our team gave them a lot of issues.”

The Warriors will face John Jay at 3:30 today., as John Jay won the other first round matchup against Penn State Brandywine, 80-62. Penn College will face Penn State Brandywine in the consolation game at 1. Lycoming will dedicate Dutch Burch Court in a special ceremony at 3.

Lycoming’s size and speed proved to be the difference maker for the Warriors early, as it took just three seconds to score. They went on a 13-0 scoring run, building a lead that they held onto for the rest of the contest.

Kevin Anthony gave the Warriors a boost of energy out of the gate, by throwing down two vicious slam dunks in the early going that set the tone for Lycoming throughout the rest of the first half.

One of those dunks was an alley-oop set up by junior guard Malcolm Covinton, who led Lycoming with 8 assists.

Covington’s pinpoint passing also set up an alley-oop to William Wingate. It ended the first half in a big way for Lycoming, as it helped revitalize the Warrior home crowd.

“In practice me, Will and Kevin practice that a lot,” Covington said. “So we are really comfortable doing it in the game.”

Michael Rudy led Lycoming with 23 points and set a school record with 7 blocks.

Looking overwhelmed, Penn College was unable to establish any inside presence through the game’s first 20 minutes, and entered halftime in a 53-39 hole. That deficit would have been much worse, however, had it not been for the decent perimeter shooting of the Wildcats, whose 9 first-half three-pointers kept them hanging on by a thread.

Most of those three-pointers were hit by Penn College’s Vincent Mauck, who went 5-5 from the arc, scoring 15 first-half points.

“A lot of our guys come from high schools and conferences where the centers were 6-foot-3 and ground-bound, and not tall and athletic,” Penn College first-year head coach Chris Lemasters said. “So they weren’t used to that, and that did force us to go outside.”

“Although we did have to go a little bit more outside than I would like to, you have to take advantage of the match-ups you have.”

As the second half played on, though, Lycoming applied pressure to Mauck and the other Penn College guards, and held them to just four scores from three-point range in the game’s last 20 minutes, which ended any chance of a comeback that the Wildcats might have had, as their post game remained abysmal in the second half.

“This was a good game for chemistry and trying to get the team together,” said Lycoming center Justin Miller, who led the Warriors in points with 18. “We just played together, the passes were great, and everything was clicking for a while. It was a team effort.”

After the game, Lycoming’s Rancort said that he was impressed with the play of the Wildcats. Understanding that his team was at a great advantage physically, Rancort said that Penn College played a great game to keep the score as close as it was.

“I think the Penn College program is doing a great job,” he said. “I think Chris [Lemasters] has taken great strides with his program, and I am happy for him. I think they are a much better program than they were in the past, and I hope they have a great year this year.”

“For us to be able to come across the street against a really amazing program, come into their house and give them a game, I feel extremely confident about that,” Lemasters said.

“I think moving forward, when we get into our conference, where teams are a little bit more our size, I look forward to seeing what we can bring to the table.”


MAUCK, Vincent 5-8 0-0 15; LONSWAY, Bryce 5-9 0-0 13; JOHNSON, Christopher 4-16 2-2 11; DELGADO, Marquis 4-9 2-5 10; BECKETT, Robert 2-3 2-2 7; BROWN, Nathaniel 3-8 0-0 7; ROSS, Thomas 2-10 0-0 6; FALK, Roberto 1-1 2-2 5; BOYLAN, James 1-3 0-0 2; ALEXANDER, Dwight 0-0 1-2 1; SPENCE, Nafice 0-0 0-0 0; IRICK, Patrick 0-0 0-0 0; GRIFFIN-BETTERSON, A 0-1 0-0 0; THOMPSON, Laquinn 0-2 0-0 0; ADAMS, Ezra 0-1 0-0 0. Totals 27-71 9-13 77.


Michael Rudy 10-15 2-3 23; Justin Miller 7-11 4-6 18; Kevin Anthony 7-14 3-3 17; Malcolm Covington 2-5 5-6 10; William Wingate 2-4 2-3 6; Patrick Dougher 2-8 0-0 4; Rob Pillow 1-3 0-0 3; Eric Ishman 1-3 0-0 3; Jourdan Wilson 1-2 1-2 3; Andy Abreu 1-2 1-2 3; John Wilburn 1-1 0-0 2; Alex Irvin 1-1 0-0 2; John Monkam 0-2 0-0 0; Armani Taylor 0-1 0-0 0; Baba Waples 0-0 0-0 0. Totals 36-72 18-25 94.

Halftime:?Lycoming, 53-39. 3-point goals–Penn College 14-34 (MAUCK, 5-7; LONSWAY, 3-6; ROSS, 2-7; JOHNSON, 1-7; BECKETT, 1-1; BROWN, 1-2; FALK, 1-1; DELGADO, 0-3), Lycoming 4-10 (Ishman 1-1; Pillow 1-1; Rudy 1-4; Covington 1-1; Dougher 0-2; Wingate 0-1). Fouled out–None. Rebounds–Penn College 40 (LONSWAY, 5; DELGADO, 5; JOHNSON, 5), Lycoming 46 (Anthony 8). Assists–Penn College 11 (DELGADO, 5), Lycoming 21 (Covington 8). Total fouls–Penn College 19, Lycoming 14. Technical fouls–None. A-789