Troy’s Wright too much to handle

One play doesn’t win a football game, but when your quarterback takes your first play from scrimmage 94 yards untouched for a touchdown it definitely sets a tone.

Guess that makes Troy Trojan quarterback Jed Wright quite a tone-setter.

On the surface there was nothing special about the play.

He didn’t break any tackles. He didn’t need to. There was no weaving in and out of a gauntlet of defenders because there were none. The play required none of the exceptional athleticsm the senior displayed throughout the season. It was simply a 14-second, straight-line gallop from one end of the field to the other.

Okay, so maybe during the 282-foot sprint Wright got a little winded, but as the senior put it, “I didn’t have time to rest until I scored. It’s win or go home at this point.”

Win or go home. Those four words are precisely what made the play so special. This wasn’t just any game. It was the biggest game of his football life.

And it wasn’t just any play. It was the play that set that ever-important tone. A tone that helped propel his team into the District 4 AA title game next Friday at Danville.

The play goes by the name of “mid-line option.” It’s a play he’s run countless times before. After all, Troy’s offense only runs about four or five plays according to head coach Jim Smith.

But never has the play looked so effortless. Never has it been executed so flawlessly. And never has it come at a more opportune time.

It’s funny how things come full circle.

During last year’s district playoff defeat against Athens, Wright broke his hand. It’s an injury Smith says played a pivotal role in his team’s elimination from districts last season.

But there was no break for Wright this time around. There was, however, the breaking of Montoursville players’ and fans’ hearts as his opening run turned their jubilation into frustration. And frustration eventually into dejection. All by setting that ever important tone.

“Football is a game of momentum,” Smith said. “All it takes is one play and you can go from in the game to out of it real fast.”

And that’s exactly what happened.

“I wasn’t really expecting that [score] on the first play,” Smith added.

And niether was Montoursville. The Warriors went three and out on the team’s next possession and with momentum in hand Troy scored on both of its next two drives, extending the lead to 17-0 barely 12 minutes into the game.

Sure the Montoursville players gave their all, but the Warriors never really had a chance.

“It was important that we started fast,” Wright said. “We just want to keep on going for as long as we can.”

And that’s what he and his team are doing. They’re going straight to the title game.

Not because of that one play, but because of the tone that one play set for the rest of the game.

“[Wright’s] the best athlete in district four,” Smith said. “This is an every game thing for him.”