Meet the PSU staff: Josh Gattis and Brent Pry

Meet the PSU?staff:?Josh Gattis

Hometown: Durham, N.C.

Family: wife, Tesa

Education: Bachelors in sociology, Wake Forest

Playing experience: three-year starting safety for Wake Forest and two-time All-ACC selection; 2007 Senior Bowl and East-West Shrine Game

Coaching experience: 2010: North Carolina, offensive graduate assistant; 2011: Western Michigan, receivers; 2012-2013: Vanderbilt, offensive recruiting coordinator/receivers; 2014: Penn State, offensive recruiting coordinator/receivers

Why did you get into coaching?: “I got into coaching to really impact kids’ lives. I had the greatest impact on my life with my college coach. I really want to impact their lives not only on the field, but off the field. I want to make them the best man they can be and the best student-athlete they can be. My last two years of college, I student taught. Teaching is a passion of mine. The relationships and building these young men up is truly important to me. I judge my job not on how well they do now, but several years from now and how good of men they can be.”

What is your primary coaching philosophy?: “First and foremost, coach them up, raise them up and love them up. Those three things are very important to me. In fact, loving them up is the most important thing. I want those guys to truly know I care about each and every one of them. I don’t care about how they got here or who you are, I’m going to care about you the same. I will always tell those guys that I’m the big brother in that room. I’m that brother that’s going to have fun with you, that’s going to be tough on you, that’s going to love you, that’s going to care for you. “

What do you enjoy most about being at Penn State?: “The community in itself. Obviously this is an unbelievable school blessed with a tremendous amount of history. This is one of the, if not the most, premier programs in all of college football. But the community, the fans are unbelievable. This community has been so great to my family since I’ve moved here. The school, the administration and the opportunity here is unbelievable. I’m so proud to be at Penn State, and I know we all are as a staff and we’re excited about what we’re able to do here.”

What is your best memory or story about James Franklin?: “When he’s been saying he’s been sleeping in his office for the past seven months, he has. I would have literally moved out. I think every coach on his staff has tried to give him his keys to their house and move out just to let him sleep for a night. But he’s so passionate about Penn State. He’s passionate about being here. Throughout that transition, it was truly about the players and the program that meant the most to him.”

— Compiled by Kristen Nelson

Meet the PSU staff: Assistant head coach/co-defensive coordinator Brent Pry

Hometown: Altoona

Family: wife, Amy; son, Colby; daughters, Madeline and Catherine

Education: Bachelors in history, University of Buffalo

Playing experience: lettered as defensive back at for University of Buffalo

Coaching experience: 1992: University of Buffalo, undergraduate assistant; 1994-94: East Stroudsburg, outside linebackers/defensive backs; 1995-97: Virginia Tech, graduate assistant/defensive line; 1998-99: Western Carolina, defensive line; 2000-01: Western Carolina, defensive backs/special teams; 2002-03: Louisiana-Lafayette, defensive coordinator/linebackers; 2004-06: Louisiana-Lafayette, assistant head coach/defensive coordinator/linebackers; 2007-09: Memphis, defensive line; 2010: Georgia Southern, defensive coordinator/safeties; 2011-12: Vanderbilt, co-defensive coordinator/linebackers; 2013: Vanderbilt, assistant head coach/co-defensive coordinator/linebackers; 2014: Penn State, assistant head coach/co-defensive coordinator/linebackers

Why did you get into coaching?: “My father played college football. He played quarterback at Altoona High School and went on to play at Marshall University. He got into college coaching himself, so I was raised around it. I saw my dad’s passion for it and just followed suit.”

What is your primary coaching philosophy?: “My philosophy is to bring about and grow maturity in the guys I coach. Maturity on the field and maturity off the field is important to develop these guys socially and athletically to their full potential.”

What do you enjoy most about being at Penn State?: “The pride and the tradition here is unmatched. In my opinion, it’s the greatest program in college football. I grew up with so much admiration for it. I think throughout my coaching career, I’ve always carried some of what Penn State is about with me. So a chance to come here has been a real blessing.”

What is your best memory or story about James Franklin?: “I was with him at East Stroudsburg when he was our quarterback and I was a young graduate assistant. He ran the offense there just like he runs the football program here. There’s so much drive and determination. There’s no fear in him. Those qualities that made him a great college quarterback have really been important in him being what I would consider a successful head coach of a major program.”