Improve chipping throughout winter

Chipping requires very little wrist action if any; the club should not pass the hands. The triangle the arms and shoulders formed at address, must remain intact throughout the chipping motion.

To get the proper feel for chipping; try placing piece of dowel wood or an old shaft in the end of an old wedge or whatever club you use for chipping. The idea is to chip without the shaft extension hitting you in the side; as shown in the photo. This requires the hands and grip remaining ahead of the club head, the club just simply swishes through the grass, with the extension remaining away from the body.

The club should travel approximately twice the distance past the hitting area as it does on the backswing, for a short chip, take the club back less distance, this will create an accelerated motion.

Caution: This exercise should not be utilized for anything more than a chip, (not a pitch which requires the setting of the hands).

Don’t forget to enjoy this great game called golf.

Rick Musselman, a golf author and professional, teaches golf year round in his golf studio and golf shop in Williamsport.