Montoursville settles for second-place finish at Towanda Duals

BRIAN FEES/For The Sun-Gazette Gavin Hoffman wrestlers for Montoursville Saturday at the Towanda Duals.


TOWANDA — Jamie Yonkin didn’t want it to get lost in the disappointment of one loss that the Montoursville wrestling had a pretty good day Saturday at the Flynn Propane Duals in Towanda. But there was something about that loss to Southern Columbia, a 63-8 setback which seemed to catch the entire crowd by surprise, that stuck in the craw of the Warriors.

In the big picture, Montoursville went 4-1 Saturday, finishing second to a Southern Columbia team which went undefeated and won the tournament title. The Warriors wrestled the five best teams at the tournament and picked up wins over West Scranton (48-25), Port Allegany (56-15), Towanda (36-33) and Western Wayne (54-27). Wrestlers up and down the lineup went through tough matchups all afternoon, and Montoursville bounced back from the loss to Southern to win two consecutive bouts in the championship pool.

“I think most of us feel pretty good,” said Montours­ville’s Wyatt Lutz. “I know our coach is happy.”

There was every reason for Montoursville to feel good walking out of the gym, and it did. But that one loss still had the team shaking its head.

It wasn’t that Southern Columbia won the match­up which puzzled the crowd and participants alike. The Tigers have established themselves quite well as the best team in the district, even in just the few weeks they’ve been competing. Saturday Southern beat its five opponents by a combined 303-56. The 13 points Port Allegany scored against the Tigers in the first round were the most anybody scored against them all day.

But no team was equipped to compete against that strong Southern lineup like Montoursville was. The only other state qualifiers in the tournament not from Southern Columbia were Lutz and Gavin Hoffman from Montoursville. Not to mention the Warriors had a crop of returning veterans who might be able to put a challenge into Southern.

But the Tigers won three bouts by two points or less within the dual’s first six bouts, and it seemed to suck the air out of the Warriors. Mike Martin’s upset bid of Andrew Bell at 220 fell just short, 4-2, thanks to two stalling calls. State runner-up Jaret Lane scored three points in the third period to come from behind and beat Lutz, 5-4 at 113 pounds. And Jake Renn made a first-period takedown stand up in a 2-0 win over Morgan Comini at 126. On top of that, Mike Miner picked up a fall in a 2-2 match at 132.

After Hoffman opened the dual with a 2-minute technical fall, the Warriors didn’t win another bout until Kyle Bennett beat Cal Haladay, 6-1, at 170 pounds. In between those wins Southern Columbia won 11 consecutive bouts, eight of which were six-point wins.

This result was a stark contrast to the three times Montoursville and South­ern Columbia wrestled a year ago. Of course, the teams are also vastly different. Last year’s three matchups – including one at District 4 Duals and one at state duals – were decided by less than 30 points total.

“That was hard. We got smacked pretty good,” Mont­oursville’s Gable Crebs said. “They were just ready to wrestle.”

“That was the worst butt-kicking I think we’ve taken since I’ve been coaching,” Yonkin said. “We were in some matches there. We had some good scraps. We had some guys who were wrestling their guys tough.”

Lutz was in prime position to upset Lane, a returning state runner-up who was 5-0 in his career against Lutz prior to yesterday’s matchup. The Montoursville junior took a 1-0 lead in the second period with an escape before getting to a merkle for a takedown less than a minute later to take a 3-0 lead.

Lane, who won all four meetings with Lutz by a combined 21 points last year, got back into the bout with a reversal late in the second period. Lane trailed just 4-3 in the third period when he took a shot on Lutz’s left leg, getting in deep. Lane lifted Lutz over his head inverted and worked his way to the side to record a takedown with 30 seconds to go, taking a 5-4 lead. He then rode out Lutz for the win.

“I just think he needs to stay aggressive and be a little more offensive on his feet,” Yonkin said. “He’s doing a lot better this year at getting out on bottom. He’s doing a better job turning kids. We just have to work on that aggressiveness on his feet.”

It was the third loss in the last 10 days for Lutz. But two of them have come to the top two ranked 113-pounders in Class AA in Lane and Reynolds’ Beau Bayless. And the third was to Wyoming Seminary’s Mosha Schwartz, who was nationally ranked when he wrestled Lutz at the Powerade last week.

“It sucks to lose close matches like that,” Lutz said. “I need to find another gear, and I know there’s still another gear I can go to beat them.”

“He gets it. He gets that those matches are the ones he needs to prepare him for the postseason,” Yonkin said. “We want to win as many matches as we can, but the bottom line is making sure these guys are prepared for when we get to sectionals, districts, regionals, and hopefully states.”

Montoursville bounced back from the loss to beat Towanda in the championship pool, 36-33. Hoff­man won the final bout by fall to get the win, but it was Bennett’s 10-1 win over a tough Mike Johnson at 170 which put the Warriors in position to win the dual.

And against Western Wayne, the Warriors got great performances from some unexpected places to win comfortably. Wyatt DeWald picked up his first win in a contested bout with a third-period fall. Jacob Reeder led just 2-0 when he got a fall. Isaiah Gingerich and Martin also added falls in the victory.

“It was pretty important to win those two because the bus ride home would have been pretty bad if we didn’t,” Crebs said. “I think we bounced back pretty well.”

“The first and second-year kids are working their butt off in practice. It’s good to see,” Lutz said. “It’s hard to lose to Southern by that much, but we know we can learn from it.”


1, Southern Columbia, 5-0; 2, Montoursville, 4-1; 3, Towanda, 3-2; 4, Western Wayne, 2-3; 5, West Scranton, 3-2; 6, Port Allegany, 2-3; 7, Central Columbia, 1-4; 8, North Penn-Liberty, 0-5


Pool A

Towanda 62, North Penn-Liberty 12

Western Wayne 58, Central Columbia 21

Pool B

Montoursville 48, West Scranton 25

Southern Columbia 64, Port Allegany 13


Pool A

Towanda 51, Central Columbia 20

Western Wayne 54, North Penn-Liberty 18

Pool B

Montoursville 56, Port Allegany 15

Southern Columbia 56, West Scranton 11


Pool A

Towanda 40, Western Wayne 33

Central Columbia 42, North Penn-Liberty 36

Pool B

Southern Columbia 63, Montoursville 8

West Scranton 58, Port Allegany 18


Championship Pool

Montoursville 36, Towanda 33

Southern Columbia 63, Western Wayne 12

Consolaltion Pool

Port Allegany 42, Central Columbia 29

West Scranton 54, North Penn-Liberty 21


Championship Pool

Southern Columbia 57, Towanda 12

Montoursville 54, Western Wayne 27

Consolation Pool

West Scranton 51, Central Columbia 25

Port Allegany 42, North Penn-Liberty 36


Montoursville 48,

West Scranton 25

170: Kyle Bennett, M, won by forfeit; 182: Jeremy Seymour, WS, maj. dec. Cameron Wood, 10-2; 195: Gavin Hoffman, M, pinned Carl Fisher, 1:04; 220: Mike Martin, M, dec. Noah Worsnick, 6-0; 285: Dalton Tubbs, M, pinned Anthony Giordano, 2:51; 106: Randy Bonitz, WS, won by forfeit; 113: Wyatt Lutz, M, pinned Tony Caramanno, 2:42; 120: Yahnzy Ortiz, W, pinned Isaiah Gingerich, 1:22; 126: Morgan Comini, M, pinned Garrett Walsh, 5:13; 132: Jacob Reeder, M, pinned Devon Curyk, 1:11; 138: Nathan Trotta, WS, pinned Wyatt DeWald, 1:35; 145: Jared Slack, WS, dec. Charlie Steinbacher, 6-1; 152: Nolan Ott, M, pinned Tyler Connor, 2:48; 160: Gable Crebs, M, dec. Buddy Novak, 4-0

Montoursville 56,

Port Allegany 15

182: Robert Arnett, PA, dec. Cameron Wood, 14-7; 195: Gavin Hoffman, M, pinned Tyler Bliss, :38; 220: Mike Martin, M, won by forfeit; 285: Dalton Tubbs, M, pinned Brock Veilleux, 1:48; 106: Reese Vollmer, PA, won by forfeit; 113: Wyatt Lutz, M, tech. fall Payton Caden, 16-1, 3:24; 120: Montgomery Tanner, PA, dec. Isaiah Gingerich, 8-6, sv; 126: Morgan Comini, M, pinned Elijah Petruzzi, 2:48; 132: Jacob Reeder, M, won by forfeit; 138: Wyatt DeWald, M, won by forfeit; 145: Charlie Steinbacher, M, dec. Joshua Rees, 3-2; 152: Nolan Ott, M, pinned Devon Smoker, 5:51; 160: Jacob Kallenborn, PA, dec. Gable Crebs, 4-0; 170: Kyle Bennett, M, won by forfeit

Southern Columbia 63, Montoursville 8

195: Gavin Hoffman, M, tech. fall Cam Haladay, 16-0, 2:00; 220: Andrew Bell, SC, dec. Mike Martin, 4-2; 285: John Fulmer, SC, pinned Dalton Tubbs, 2:58; 106: Nick Kuzo, SC, won by forfeit; 113: Jaret Lane, SC, dec. Wyatt Lutz, 5-4; 120: Shane Casey, SC, pinned Isaiah Gingerich, 1:57; 126: Jake Renn, SC, dec. Morgan Comini, 2-0; 132: Mike Miner, SC, pinned Jacob Reeder, 4:57; 138: Shane Miller, SC, pinned Wyatt DeWald, 2:10; 145: Todd Lane, SC, pinned Charlie Steinbacher, 3:39; 152: Cade Linn, SC, inj. def. Nolan Ott, 3:18; 160: Preston Zachman, SC, pinned Gable Crebs, :49; 170: Kyle Bennett, M, dec. Cal Haladay, 6-1; 182: Anthony Scicchitano, SC, pinned Cameron Wood, 2:28

Montoursville 36,

Towanda 33

220: Seth Johnson, T, dec. Mike Martin, 3-2; 285: Dalton Tubbs, M, pinned Jared Schoonover, 3:12; 106: Tyler Hawley, T, won by forfeit; 113: Double forfeit; 120: Wyatt Lutz, M, maj. dec. Nate Secules, 12-4; 126: Morgan Comini, M, pinned Noah Shafer, 3:55; 132: David Knolles, T, pinned Jacob Reeder, 3:55; 138: Cooper Mosier, T, pinned Wyatt DeWald, 4:16; 145: Charlie Steinbacher, M, pinned Kadyn DeMoss, 1:26; 152: Keegan Kisner, T, pinned Ben Page, :50; 160: Gable Crebs, M, maj. dec. Clay Green, 11-3; 170: Kyle Bennett, M, maj. dec. Mike Johnson, 10-1; 182: Joe Koss, T, pinned Cameron Wood, 4:52; 195: Gavin Hoffman, M, pinned Dawson Manning, :41

Montoursville 54,

Western Wayne 27

285: Cole Fuller, WW, pinned Dalton Tubbs, :57; 106: Dimitri Reggie, WW, won by forfeit; 113: Wyatt Lutz, M, pinned Ryan Dunn, :34; 120: Isaiah Gingerich, M, pinned Mike Tomasetti, 3:16; 126: Morgan Comini, M, pinned Mitchell Herzog, 4:56; 132: Jacob Reeder, M, pinned Brad Carey, 3:26; 138: Wyatt DeWald, M, pinned Jacob Karnick, 5:18; 145: Braden McIntosh, WW, dec. Charlie Steinbacher, 8-2; 152: Harrison Clookey, WW, pinned Ben Page, :36; 160: Gable Crebs, M, pinned Alex Hollister, 3:06; 170: Kyle Bennett, M, pinned Joseph Tufano, 2:56; 182: Derek Swoyer, WW, pinned Cameron Wood, 2:27; 195: Gavin Hoffman, M, pinned Matthew Trygar, :13; 220: Mike Martin, M, pinned Austin Weaver, :41


Towanda 62,

North Penn-Liberty 12

170: Mike Johnson, T, pinned Hunter May, 2:31; 182: Joe Koss, T, tech. fall Gee Mason, 19-2, 3:53; 195: Seth Johnson, T, won by forfeit; 220: Jared Schoonover, T, won by forfeit; 285: Justin Kriner, NP, won by forfeit; 106: Tyler Hawley, T, pinned Roger Learn, 3:47; 113: Double forfeit; 120: Nate Secules, T, pinned Grant Gee, :30; 126: Noah Shafer, T, pinned George Kyle, 3:10; 132: David Knolles, T, pinned Carl Dinger, 2:45; 138: Cooper Mosier, T, dec. Riley Walker, 8-6; 145: Cameron Andrews, NP, pinned Kadyn DeMoss, 1:09; 152: Keegan Kisner, T, pinned Judson Wise, 1:59; 160: Clay Green, T, pinned Caleb Heater, 3:19

Western Wayne 54,

North Penn-Liberty 18

182: Derek Swoyer, WW, pinned Hunter May, 2:15; 195: Matthew Trygar, WW, won by forfeit; 220: Austin Weaver, WW, won by forfeit; 285: Cole Fuller, WW, dec. Justin Kriner, 1-0; 106: Dimitri Reggie, WW, pinned Roger Learn, :42; 113: Ryan Dunn, WW, won by forfeit; 120: Mike Tomasetti, WW, dec. Grant Gee, 13-12 126: Mitchell Herzog, WW, pinned George Kyle, 1:02; 132: Carl Dinger, NP, pinned Brad Carey, 1:04; 138: Riley Walker, NP, pinned Jacob Karnick, 2:46; 145: Braden McIntosh, WW, dec. Riley Walker, 7-4; 152: Harrison Clookey, WW, dec. Judson Wise, 2-1; 160: Alex Hollister, WW, pinned Caleb Heater, 1:33; 170: Mason Gee, NP, pinned Joseph Tufano, 3:20

Central Columbia 42,

North Penn-Liberty 36

195: Ally Yerkes, CC, won by forfeit; 220: Nick Oman, CC, won by forfeit; 285: Justin Kriner, NP, pinned Carson Farr, 1:38; 106: Roger Learn, NP, won by forfeit; 113: Dejanee Karns, CC, won by forfeit; 120: Avery Eveland, CC, won by forfeit; 126: Jake Mashack, CC, won by DQ George Kyle, no time given; 132: Gabe Waltman, CC, dec. Carl Dinger, 2-0; 138: Evan Williams, CC, dec. Riley Walker, 12-9; 145: Cameron Andrews, NP, pinned Jacob Busch, 5:35; 152: Judson Wise, NP, pinned Owen Yorty, 1:07; 160: Jack Schecterly, CC, pinned Caleb Heater, 2:38; 170: Hunter May, NP, Isaac Gensemer, 2:27; 182: Mason Gee, NP, won by DQ Dylan Walters, no time given

West Scranton 54,

North Penn-Liberty 21

220: Noah Worsnick, WS, won by forfeit; 285: Justin Kriner, NP, pinned Anthony Giordano, 3:18; 106: Randy Bonitz, WS, pinned Roger Learn, :28; 113: Anthony Caramanno, WS, won by forfeit; 120: Yahnzy Ortiz, WS, won by forfeit; 126: Garrett Walsh, WS, pinned George Kyle, 2:28; 132: Carl Dinger, NP, dec. Devon Curyk, 9-7; 138: Riley Walker, NP, dec. Jared Slack, 16-14; 145: Cameron Andrews, NP, dec. Nathan Trotta, 6-2; 152: Judson Wise, NP, pinned Tyler Connor, :58; 160: Bubba Novak, WS, pinned Caleb Heater, 1:04; 170: Jeremy Seymour, WS, pinned Hunter May, 3:16; 182: Bobby Walls, WS, won by forfeit; 195: Carl Fisher, WS, won by forfeit

Port Allegany 42,

North Penn-Liberty 36

285: Justin Kriner, NP, pinned Brock Veilleux, 1:11; 106: Reese Vollmer, PA, pinned Roger Learn, :24; 113: Payton Caden, PA, won by forfeit; 120: Montgomery Tanner, PA, won by forfeit; 126: Elijah Petruzzi, PA, pinned George Kyle, :30; 132: Carl Dinger, NP, won by forfeit; 138: Riley Walker, NP, won by forfeit; 145: Cameron Andrews, NP, pinned Joshua Rees, 3:53; 152: Judson Wise, NP, pinned Devon Smoker, 5:59; 160: Jacob Kallenborn, PA, pinned Caleb Heater, :50; 170: Hunter May, NP, won by forfeit; 182: Robert Arnett, PA, won by forfeit; 195: Tyler Bliss, PA, won by forfeit; 220: Double forfeit