Loyalsock christens new track by beating South in dual

Loyalsock's Allie Dowell clears the final hurdle for the win in the 100-meter hurdles during a meet against South Williamsport at Schick Elementary on Wednesday. (MARK NANCE/Sun-Gazette)

Charlotte Neylon stood with her arms crossed at the finish line and waited. The sun was setting behind the Donald E. Schick School and a beautiful spring afternoon was turning into a chilly spring night.

For the first time Wednesday, as the Loyalsock sophomore stood at the finish line waiting to be dismissed so she could find her sweats, the dual between the Lancers and South Williamsport seemed like an early-season aff

air. Prior to that moment, the times and effort Neylon and her teammates were putting together looked like the mid-season variety. Neylon couldn’t help but be excited after she finally warmed up.

Loyalsock swept yesterday’s season-opening dual with the girls winning 101-40 and the boys winning 92-58. It was quite the christening of a new track the Lancers’ program has wanted for so long. It’s a track the school can finally call its own, and it ran, jumped and threw like it was their own yesterday.

“Having a meet at our own track is definitely nice,” Neylon said after winning three events. “We have a lot of home meets and our practices are right here. It’s really nice to only have to come right here.”

Neylon and Maddie Fox teamed up to do most of the damage for the Lancers. The two combined for 28 individual points and were also on the 400 relay team with Erin Machmer and Hailey Zurich which won with a strong early-season time of 52.10.

Loyalsock and South Williamsport runners finish the final turn of the first lap of the 3,200 during a meet at Schick Elementary on Wednesday. (MARK NANCE/Sun-Gazette)

Neylon’s day started strong, posting a 12.98 to win the 100 quite comfortably. It was a mark she didn’t hit until late in her freshman season last spring. It was a time which shocked even her.

The conditions weren’t exactly prime for a sprinter. Even on a gorgeous, sun-drenched day, it wasn’t exactly warm. But it was clearly warm enough.

“The weather makes your muscles tight. You have to make sure you keep warm and have extra clothes on in between events,” Neylon said. “But I think I ran pretty well. I was only two-tenths from my PR, so I was really happy with that. Going under 13 in the beginning of the season is really exciting.”

She and her 400 relay teammates ran a nearly perfect race to add another sprint win for the Lancers. Their baton passes were crisp and there wasn’t a hint of the members running up each others’ backs. It was as if they had been practicing those handoffs for months.

In actuality, they worked on those baton passes over the weekend with the three members of the relay who could make the workout. But as Neylon said, it just kind of all came together yesterday.

Loyalsock’s Maddie Fox clears 5 feet, 2 inches in the high jump during a meet against South Williamsport at Schick Elementary on Wednesday. (MARK NANCE/Sun-Gazette)

While the 52-second run may not turn heads come the end of May, it’s an eyebrow-raising kind of effort at the end of March.

“We had a couple mistakes, but that’s to be expected,” Neylon said. “We weren’t really sure what was going to happen, and our coach wasn’t sure. But she sad to try your best and just don’t drop the baton. The first handoff went really well. The second went really well. And then Maddie to myself went really well. So that was really exciting.”

Fox, the sophomore who is the returning District 4 silver medalist in the high jump, cleared 5 feet, 2 inches yesterday in the event, just two inches under what she cleared to win the district title last year. She also hit a jump of 15-10 1/2 in the long jump and 30-3 1/2 in the triple jump in a very strong first showing.

“I think we all have a lot to look forward to,” Neylon said.

A matchup in the pole vault between South Williamsport state champion Katie Jones and Loyalsock state fourth-place finisher Zurich never materialized as Jones didn’t compete and Zurich failed on all three of her attempts in the meet.

But a matchup of cross country state qualifiers in the distance and mid-distance boys races was quite a compelling matchup. South Williamsport’s Hunter Crawley defeated Loyalsock’s Quinn Serfass in the 800 and 1,600. Crawley also anchored the Mounties’ 3,200 relay team to a win and was the third leg on the winning 1,600 relay team.

It was an impressive opening for Crawley, who overcame a 25-meter deficit in the final leg of the 3,200 relay, and ran a brilliant final 800 meters in the mile for that win.

“Usually I like an easier first meet, just something to get into it,” Crawley said. “But it’s nice to be tested on the very first day and have to dig deep and try to win my races. Honestly, it worked out a lot better than I thought it would. But I’m pretty tired, I’m not going to lie.”

Crawley said a year ago at this time he wasn’t participating in the relay races and just focused on the 800 and 1,600. He ended up being a district champ in the 1,600 and went on to finish fourth in the state. But he ran yesterday like the state medal-winning runner. He held off the challenges Serfass threw at him, and the two put up some impressive numbers.

Crawley recorded a 4:43.18 in the 1,600 with Serfass five meters behind in 4:44.28. Crawley won the 800 in 2:06.40 with Serfass the runner-up at 2:08.21.

“I’m actually really satisfied with my first day. I didn’t reallt expect it to go this well, especially after that first 800,” Crawley said. “It’s just a really good confidence booster.”


Loyalsock 92,

South Williamsport 58

3,200 relay: 1, South Williamsport (Hunter Crawley, Michael Gonzalez, Ethan Laudenslager, Tayge Molino), 8:46.03; 2, Loyalsock (Ilan Quintana, Quinn Serfass, Ryan Sullivan, Brooks Durand), 8:48.80. 110 hurdles: 1, Shyler Kreitz, SW, 17.86; 2, Simeon Krizan, L, 20.15; 3, Matthew Loeh, L, 20.85. 100: 1, Sam Newton, L, 11.31; 2, Marcus Williams, L, 11.46; 3, Zach Stopper, L, 11.95. 400 relay: 1, Loyalsock (Matt Nickolaus, Sam Newton, Zach Stopper, Marcus Williams), 45.75; 2, South Williamsport (Aaron Bird, A.J. Flick, Dalton Gough, Gideon Green), 50.62. 400: 1, Matt Nickolaus, L, 53.56; 2, Michael Gonzalez, SW, 54.98; 3, Ilan Quintana, L, 55.63. 1,600: 1, Hunter Crawley, SW, 4:43.18; 2, Quinn Serfass, L, 4:44.28; 3, Ryan Sullivan, L, 5:01.12. 300 hurdles: 1, Shyler Kreitz, SW, 45.80; 2, Peyton Salvatori, L, 49.66; 3, Simeon Krizan, L, 51.10. 800: 1, Hunter Crawley, SW, 2:06.40; 2, Quinn Serfass, L, 2:08.21; 3, Ilan Quintana, L, 2:17.15. 200: 1, Sam Newton, L, 24.57; 2, Zach Stopper, L, 26.31; 3, Jay Richards, L, 27.13. 3,200: 1, Ryan Sullivan, L, 10:46.57; 2, Alex Reed, L, 11:12.09; 3, Ethan Laudenslager, SW, 11:17.19. 1,600 relay: 1, Loyalsock (Brooks Durand, Ilan Quintana, Darius Williams, Matt Nickolaus), 3:47.37; 2, South Williamsport (Hunter Crawley, A.J. Flick, Michael Gonzalez, Shyler Kreitz), 3:55.35.

Shot put: 1, Connor Rutan, SW, 40-8 3/4; 2, Elijah Oliver, L, 33-4; 3, Jake Lusk, SW, 32-3. Discus: 1, Matthew Loeh, L, 133-7; 2, Connor Rutan, SW, 98-7; 3, Jake Lusk, SW, 86-4. Javelin: 1, Sam Newton, L, 147-3; 2, Curtis Anthony, SW, 128-7; 3, Chevy Bolay, SW, 127-9. Long jump: 1, Marcus Williams, L, 18-8 3/4; 2, Shyler Kreitz, SW, 17-7; 3, Dalton Gough, SW, 17-7. Triple jump: 1, Matthew Loeh, L, 36-10; 2, Logan Franquet, L, 36-7; 3, Simeon Krizan, L, 35-6. High jump: 1, A.J. Flick, SW, 5-6; 2, Logan Franquet, L, 5-4; 3, Dalton Gough, SW, 5-4. Pole vault: 1, Dylan Garbrick, SW, 12-0; 2, Nicholas Salvatori, L, 7-0; 3, James Hammond, L, 6-6.


Loyalsock 101,

South Williamsport 40

3,200 relay: 1, Loyalsock (Alexa Daniels, Elisa DiNicola, Elizabeth Schranghamer, Mackenzie Rodarmel), 11:44.06; 2, South Williamsport (Adali Matz, Amilee Miller, Cheyenne Mitchell, Sarah Persun), 11:46.59. 100 hurdles: 1, Allie Dowell, L, 18.14; 2, Jaime Ellis, L, 19.26; 3, Monica Boone, SW, 20.85. 100: 1, Charlotte Neylon, L, 12.98; 2, Lela Warner, SW, 13.47; 3, Hailey Zurich, L, 13.74. 400 relay: 1, Loyalsock (Erin Machmer, Maddie Fox, Hailey Zurich, Charlotte Neylon), 52.10; 2. South Williamsport (Shahara Flanders, Alyssa Johnson, Mikayla Plocinski, Lela Warner), 53.16. 400: 1, Mikayla Plocinski, SW, 1:04.16; 2, Hannah Knecht, L, 1:10.81; 3, Anna Burdett, L, 1:11.33. 1,600: 1, Isabel Sagar, L, 11:50.48; 2, Jaela House, SW, 5:53.66; 3, Kelly O’Malley, L 6:27.85. 300 hurdles: 1, Allie Dowell, L, 52.84; 2, Monica Boone, SW, 56.34; 3, Melina Vuocolo, L, 1:02.59. 800: 1, Cheyenne Mitchell, SW, 3:02.96; 2, Alexa Daniels, L, 3:03.91; 3, Sarah Persun, SW, 3:03.99. 200: 1, Charlotte Neylon, L, 27.31; 2, Lela Warner, SW, 28.22; 3, Shahara Flanders, SW, 28.24. 3,200: 1, Isabel Sagar, L, 11:50.48; 2, Jaela House, SW, 13:01.65; 3, Kelly O’Malley, L, 14:31.87. 1,600 relay: 1, South Williamsport (Shahara Flanders, Jaela House, Mikayla Plocinski, Sarah Persun), 4:52.29; 2, Loyalsock (Anna Burdett, Melina Vuocolo, Kathryn Shangraw, Kylah Tillotson), 5:19.82.

Shot put: 1, Sienna Tolomay, L, 24-0 1/2; 2, Chloe Dodge, SW, 23-3 1/2; 3, Neve Durrwachter, L, 23-3 1/2. Discus: 1, Breanna Free, L, 67-7; 2, Grace Schreckengast, L, 63-9; 3, Jessi Burdett, L, 59-10. Javelin: 1, Makensi Doebler, L, 83-7 1/2; 2, Neve Durrwachter, L, 78-0 1/2; 3, Grace Schreckengast, L, 74-0. Long jump: 1, Maddie Fox, L, 15-10 1/2; 2, Charlotte Neylon, L, 15-8 1/4; 3, Alyssa Johnson, SW, 14-5. Triple jump: 1, Maddie Fox, L, 30-3 1/2; 2, Allie Dowell, L, 28-1; 3, Hannah Knecht, L, 27-6. High jump: 1, Maddie Fox, L, 5-2; 2, Alyssa Johnson, SW, 4-6; Sarah Waltz, L, 4-6. Pole vault: No heights cleared.