Super Bowl predictions

Staff picks

Ben Brigandi

EAGLES, 24-20

Will there be grease on the light poles around here, too, to prevent meatheads from climbing them? Philly fans are going to be insufferable either way. Might as well let them have this one, painful as it is.

Jon Gerardi

PATS, 34-20

I just can’t see Philadelphia actually beating New England. Nothing against the Eagles — their defense has been playing excellent — but their offense just doesn’t have the ability to go shot-for-shot with Tom Brady and the Patriots. Remember though even if Brady does win, heás still a ring shy of the real G.O.A.T.: Otto Graham

Chris Masse

EAGLES, 24-20

Brady is the G.O.A.T. but the Eagles are better in every other area on the field.

Mitch Rupert

EAGLES, 33-26

Did y’all see the video of that majestic bald eagle floating down the Mississippi River on a sheet of ice somewhere in Minnesota? Itás an omen. Iád pick the Eagles by a million if I could. I’m gonna be blasting some Meek Mill all day Sunday to get fired up for this one #FlyEaglesFly

Devin Bierly

PATS, 20-16

This is a nightmare. As a Steelers fan, it can’t get much worse than this, except for maybe the Cowboys instead of the Eagles, but Tom Brady will struggle the first three quarters and then turn it on late for another win. I just hope when the Patriots win their sixth, it will have an *

Eric Hunt

PATS, 42-38

As much as we all hate the fact that Brady and the Patriots dynasty is back here again, it is tough to root against this team and what it has accomplished in its last few playoff games. The Eagles will be riding high early, but not enough to distance themselves to defeat Brady and another historic Super Bowl…..I am rooting for the Eagles to prove me wrong.

Area coaches picks

Chuck Crews, Williamsport

EAGLES, 31-17

I bleed green through and through. I think we’re going to pressure Brady early and make him uncomfortable and by the time he settles in, the game will be out of reach and I think a late score puts it away.

JC Keefer, Montoursville

EAGLES, 27-24

I just think it’s their year and I’m not even an Eagles fan. I’m a Steelers fan, but when Carson Wentz went down, I thought they were done. I think they rallied around that fact. Tom Brady’s the G.O.A.T but I still like the Eagles in this one.

Tom Gravish, Jersey Shore

EAGLES, 24-23

This is the year of the Eagles. A lot of the times the favored teams are the ones on the wrong side at the end of the game — look at the Panthers a few years, New England most of the time before. I think the Eagles defense can cause a couple turnovers and keep the Patriots in check. The Eagles have the magic this year, so I am going to go with Philly.

Chris Eiswerth, South

EAGLES, 31-28

It’s a competitive game between teams with great success, the Patroits are easily the favorites, but Nick Foles has been great stepping in for the Eagles. Generally it’s the team that comes in and makes fewer mistakes wins. Hopefully it’s the Eagles on a last second field goal.

Justin Van Fleet, Loyalsock

EAGLES, 31-28

I think the Eagles are better at every position but quarterback, and that’s a problem in the NFL. You’re running up against a juggernaut in the Patriots and they know how to win games like this and the Eagles are new to this with the big build up of the game and the week off. But they have the youth and exuberance and a whole city that is backing them. I’m going to be pulling heavily for the Eagles, not just because I’m an Eagles fan but one of my best friends is on riot control in Philadelphia and he’s going to be working and whether they win or lose I’m sure there is going to be a riot but a happy riot is much better than an angry riot.