Warrior Run boys win tight 3,200 relay

SELINSGROVE — With each handoff during the boys 3,200-meter relay at the Selinsgrove Classic on Saturday, no team was pulling away from the pack.

The eight-lap race was going to come down to a close finish. But even being tight, the Warrior Run runners had to feel just a little bit confident knowing they had a three to four second lead at each handoff.

It wasn’t a huge gap, but it was enough to help Addison Magyar crossed the finish line 0.62 seconds ahead of Mifflinburg’s Chris Day and give the Defenders the 3,200 relay title at Harold Bolig Stadium.

The Warrior Run relay team was one of seven area first-place finishers in the boys meet. Williamsport had the most success in the area Saturday with three individuals and a relay team earning first-place finishes. The Millionaires’ 400 relay team of Latrelle Jackson, Caden Fisher, Thomas Robinson and Maxwell Good won, and Allen Taylor (110 hurdles), Jared Thompson (400) and Keith Jason (triple jump) all won individual events. Hughesville’s Devon Bushor claimed a win in the high jump, and Milton’s Tanner Walter won the 3,200.

“The gameplan was we’re going to throw our relay out, I was going to lead off and we have our two bookends here that no matter what, my goal is to handoff first and let our younger two try and figure it out. Out the gate it got a little jumbled, but that’s always going to happen,” Warrior Run lead leg Cassidy Hoffman said. “I was able to work through and I think handed off with a good three- or four-second lead. Then the two young guys, they did their job to get Addison the baton in contention and from there on out, it’s pretty easy when you have that kind of closing speed.”

Mifflinburg’s foursome was right on Warrior Run’s heels the entire race, making sure that it would be an interesting finish during the final lap. The Wildcats finished in 8:26.82, just 0.62 seconds behind Warrior Run. Danille took third in 8:28.53.

“Our goal coming in was see how close to 8:20 we could get and I’d say everybody performed,” Hoffman said.

Warrior Run, Mifflinburg and Danville were all medalists last year at districts, and the Defenders competed at the state meet. So Hoffman and his relay partners all knew what to expect when the Wildcats and Ironmen were on the track with them.

“We’ve been battling for years now, this is what track season’s all about. Coming out here and battling against those two schools,” Hoffman said. “We’ve run against each other for years. We know each other and we tell ourselves, ‘Hey, we aren’t always the best team out there, but were always going to be one of the toughest.’

“We’ve been to states past few years and we get state competition pretty good here. You don’t even need to go down and out of area. All three of these teams medaled last year and it’s great competition and we always make each other better through that.”

The tighest event of the day by far was the 400 relay in which Williamsport’s Maxwell Good crossed the finish line in just .02 in front of Milton’s Hoyt Bower to narrowly secure the win. The Millionaires won in 45.62.

Taylor helped make his mark at the Selinsgrove Classic for Williamsport, winning the 110 hurdles event with a time of 15.49, roughly a half-second better than Shikellamy’s Gabe Tilford, last year’s third-place district finisher. Taylor also earned a second-place finish in the triple jump with a jump of 42 feet, 3 1/2 inches. The two ran in the same heat in the 110 hurdles in adjacent lanes and were also the only two runners who ran under 16 seconds.

Taylor also placed in the high jump, finishing in a tie for sixth with Danville’s Marvin James with a height of 5-6.

Williamsport had another top finisher in Jared Thompson, who won the 400 with a time of 52.73, beating Lewisburg’s James Koconis, who finished in 53.41. Keith Jason also won for Williamsport in the triple jump with a leap of 43 feet, 8 1/2 inches as he was the only jumper to go longer than 43 feet. He also finished second in the 200 in a time of 23.59, just .01 second behind winner Gavin Colescott of Shikellamy.

Coming into Saturday’s meet, Hughesville’s Devon Bushor wanted to hit a new PR to improve upon his mark of 5 feet, 6 inches and the Spartan high jumper did just that.

Bushor won a jump off against Selinsgrove’s Thor Britton to secure first place in the high jump and won by clearing 5-10. Williamsports Al-Tamar Jason and Taylor finished fifth and sixth, respectively, clearing 5-6.

“I’m pretty happy with the results. I wanted to get 20 feet in the long jump, but we had to do jump off for the first place in the high jump and it kind of hurt my legs a little bit and I didn’t do as well as I wanted to in the triple jump,” Bushor said. “I felt I did good. I feel like I can do better because my form’s not good yet, I’ve only been doing it for a year. … Early PR was a 5-6, so 5-10 was definitely a good mark for the beginning of the year. Hopefully I get 6 later on in the year.”

Milton’s Tanner Walter won the 3,200 in 10:23.29, beating out Williamsport’s Tyler Holcomb, who finished second in 10:24.05.

Selinsgrove Classic Results


3,200 relay: 1. Warrior Run (Cassidy Hoffman, Damein Moser, Addison Magyar, Tyrese Hazzoum), 8:26.16; 2. Mifflinburg, 8:26.82; 3. Danville, 8:28.53; 4. Shamokin, 8:44.63; 5. Shikellamy, 8:47.42; 6. Lewisburg, 8:48.19. 110 hurdles: 1. Allen Taylor, Williamsport, 15.49; 2. Gabe Tilford, Shikellamy, 15.92; 3. Adin Geist, Selinsgrove, 16.37; 4. Marshall Buggy, Shamokin, 16.86; 5. Duncan Bedford, Southern, 16.89; 6. Travis Keyser, Bloomsburg, 16.91. 100: 1. Gavin Colescott, Shikellamy, 11.31; 2. Lucas Tilford, Shikellamy, 11.34; 3. Payton Persing, Danville 11.35; 4. Gaige Garcia, Southern, 11.61; 5. Alex Zielecki, Bloomsburg, 11.64; 6. Hunter Coulter, Bloomsburg, 11.70. 1,600; 1. Ethan Knoebel, Southern, 4:35.84; 2. Logan Strouse, Shikellamy, 4:36.97; 3. Jacob Foster, Danville, 4:38.63; 4. Tanner Walter, Milton, 4:45.94; 5. Andrew Loy, Greenwood, 4:46.72; 6. Peyton Jones, Elk Lake, 4:48.65. 400 relay: 1. Williamsport (Latrelle Jackson, Caden Fisher, Thomas Robinson, Maxwell Goode), 45.62; 2. Milton, 45.64; 3. Danville, 45.76; 4. Shamokin, 46.07; 5. Southern Columbia, 46.50; 6. Selinsgrove, 47.03. 400: 1. Jared Thompson, Williamsport, 52.73; 2. James Kaconis, Lewisbug, 53.41; 3. Thomas Bhangdia, Lewisbug, 53.50; 4. Addison Magyar, Warrior Run, 53.70; 5. Cody Oswald, Elk Lake, 53.78; 6. Austin Long, Hughesville, 54.65. 300 hurdles: 1. Justin Kline, Shikellamy, 43.35; 2. Thomas Manley, Southern, 44.04; 3. Gray Catherman, Selinsgrove, 44.46; 4. Brody Heller, Hughesville, 44.49; 5. Caleb Reimer, Mifflinbug, 44.77; 6. Austin Soltesz, Warrior Run, 44.97. 800: 1. Ethan Knoebel, Southern, 2:04.39; 2. Cassidy Hoffman, Warrior Run, 2:06.56; 3. Tyrese Hazzoum, Warrior Run, 2:07.44; 4. Peyton Riley, Danville, 2:08.77; 5. Dennis Cole, Shamokin, 2:08.78; 6. Jey Olah, Shamokin, 2:10.69. 200: 1. Gavin Colescott, Shikellamy, 23.58; 2. Keith Jason, Williamsport, 23.59; 3. Thomas Bhangdia, Lewisburg, 23.71; 4. Gaige Garcia, Southern, 23.84; 5. Owen Keister, Milton, 24.06; 6. Max Moyers, Lewisburg, 24.10. 3,200: 1. Tanner Walter, Milton, 10:23.29; 2. Tyler Holcomb, Williamsport, 10:24.05; 3. Damein Moser, Warrior Run, 10:26.91; 4. Peyton Jones, Elk Lake, 10:32.20; 5. Calvin Bailey, Lewisburg, 10:37.25; 6. Doug Hallman, Shikellamy, 10:39.91. 1,600 relay: 1. Danville (n/a), 3:37.94; 2. Warrior Run, 3:40.84; 3. Williamsport, 3:41.66; 4. Milton, 3:48.13; 5. Selinsgrove, 3:50.37; 6. Elk Lake, 3:54.45.

Shot put: 1. Keith Dreese, Selinsgrove, 54-0,75; 2. Darien Yeager, Danville, 53-1; 3. Josh Gose, Lewisburg, 49-5; 4. Brennen Wolf, Selinsgrove, 48-7; 5. Brandon Blose, Susquenita, 48-5.5; 6. Troy Donlan, Southern, 47-5.5. Discus: 1. Keith Dreese, Selinsgrove, 155-7; 2. Brennan Wolf, Selinsgrove, 154-10; 3. Ken Cooper, Danville, 134-11; 4. Darien Yeager, Danville, 134-2; 5. Jared Mowery, Danville, 124-0; 6. Michael Tiffin, Lewisburg, 118-0. Javelin: 1. Jared Mowery, Danville, 171-5; 2. Aaron Keeler, Shikellamy, 168-9; 3. Tate Krankoskie, Shikellamy, 168-3; 4. Sam Penman, WIlliamsport, 167-0; 5. Damian Fisher, Greenwood, 157-3; 6. Colton Aikey, MIlton, 156-10. Long jump: 1. Matt Schiccatano, Shamokin, 20-6; 2. Joey Masser, Shamokin, 20-4; 3. Jarrett Inch, Selinsgrove, 19-11.5; 4. Devon Bushor, Hughesville, 19-11; 5. Jermez Herring, Shikellamy, 19-4.5; 6. Darren Baidoo, Lewisbug, 19-3.5. Triple jump: 1. Keith Jason, Williamsport, 43-8.5; 2. Allen Taylor, Williamsport, 42-3.5; 3. Joey Masser, Shamokin, 39-8; 4. Gray Catherman, Selinsgrove, 39-0.5; 5. Thor Britton, Selinsgrove, 38-10; 6. Ayden Bradley, WIlliamsport, 38-5.5. High jump: 1. Devon Bushor, Hughesville, 5-10; 2. Thor Britton, Selinsgrove, 5-10; 3. Jason Boyer, Elk Lake, 5-8; 4. Jordan Hollenbach, Shikellamy, 5-8; 5. AL-Tamar Jason, WIlliamsport, 5-6; t6. Allen Taylor, Williamsport, 5-6; t6. Mavin James, Danville, 5-6. Pole vault: 1. Tanner Shaw, Shikellamy, 12-6; 2. Travis Keyser, Bloomsbug, 12-6; 3. Keefer Goodspeed, Warrior Run, 11-6; 4. Ben Moore, Bloomsbug, 11-6; t5. Garrett Buck, Selinsgrove, 11-0; t5. Brant Long, Southern, 11-0.