Lock Haven’s Weaver wins 270 Micro Sprints race

After two straight Friday nights of rain out, the Clinton County Motor Speedway got its opening nights events in the books, with four of the five divisions getting there features in before rain wiped out the final feature.

Dylan Yoder scored the win in the limited late model 25-lap feature. Brad Mellott drove to the 20-lap sprint series 305 feature and Tommy Dawson scored the 15-lap Pro Stock feature win with Jeff Weaver of Lock Haven picking up the 270-micro sprint feature.

CCMS will be back in action this Friday night with another five division show of limited late models, pro-stocks, 270 micros, along with the 600 micros, along with a make-up feature for the FWD four-cylinders and another show for the division.

Mellott had never driven anything before at CCMS until Friday night and from his outside stating spot drove to the feature win. He got the early jump on Tylor Cochran at the start of the feature, a caution on lap six bunch the field with Cochran making a move to get by Mellott but to no avail.

Dawson took the lead at the drop of the green from Noah Jensen and led all feature laps to pick up the pro-stock feature win, which in last years opener he was second to Jensen.

“He got me last year, and that was fun racing him tonight, and then I saw he blow a tire which was bad for him. I did not think I had it in me tonight. I did not know were anybody was, so I was just trying to drive my race, and keep it straight”, stated Dawson.

Weaver started off this season one spot better than last year when in placed second to Mason Peters in the 270-micro sprint feature. He took the lead from the start and survived several cautions for the feature win.

Laurel Highland sprint series: 1. Brad Mellot; 2. Ken Duke; 3. Tylor Cochran; 4. Kyle Ganoe; 5. Dakota Schweikart; 6. Colton Hoover; 7. Dale Schweikart; 8. Ray Sheetz; 9. Ron Aurand; 10. Scott Lutz; 11. Reed Thompson; 12. Ryan Lynn; 13. Jeff Weaver; 14. Tyler Denichick; 15. Dave Guss Jr.; 16. Bob Garvey; 17. Randy Sterling; 18. Jim Wagner; 19. Eric Husick; 20. John Walp; DNS Jim Kennedy

Limited Late Models: 1. Dylan Yoder; 2. Andrew Yoder; 3. Joe Lusk; 4. Matt Cochran; 5. Brian Shuey; 6. Devin Weyandt; 7. Mike Smith; 8. Jeremy Ohl; 9. JR Toner; 10. Kevin Probst; 11. John Myers; 12. Gary Mellott; 13. Tim Luben; 14. Denny Fourney; DNS Jim Yoder.

Pro Stocks: 1. Tommy Dawson; 2. Nate Stroup; 3. Danny Jensen; 4. Tom Dawson; 5. Noah Jensen; 7. Mike Bates; DNS Kevin Vanamburg, AY Schilling, Al Rishel.

270 Micro Sprints: 1. Jeff Weaver; 2. Quinn Roberts; 3. )20 Bobby Sanso; 4. Denny Rinehimer; 5. Stone Keller; 6. Gary Keister; 7. John Roberts; 8. Levi Vial; 9. Nick Hess; 10. Shaun Musser; 11. Jesse Sanso; 12. Timmy Bittner; 13. John Bower; 14. Troy Whitesel; 15. John Fritz; 16. Preston Phillips; 17. Jay Coder; 18. Logan Hammaker; 19. Lance Spotts; 20. Brian Strouse; 21. Jerrod Heil; 22. Mitchell Holden; 23. Skeetz Hockenbroch; DNS Steve Fernburg.