Be more creative around the green

PHOTO PROVIDED Don’t paint by the numbers, create your own masterpiece.

If you find your ball off the green and in the high fringe, a putter may be the wrong club for this particular situation. Try hitting the top half of the ball with the leading edge of a club of your choice, I prefer a sand wedge.

Keep the hands quiet and utilize the shoulders to move the club. Use a smooth accelerated stroke is required, take the club back half as far as the follow through.

Golf requires a golfer to be creative. Don’t be afraid to try different techniques, even if your method is unorthodox and out of the norm. If it works, do it.

Enjoy the game more by experimenting and adding a personal touch to your game.

Don’t forget to enjoy this great game called golf.

Rick Musselman, a golf author and professional, owns Musselman’s Golf and gives lessons in his high-tech golf swing simulator at his golf facility in Williamsport.