Golf tip of the week: Driver fitting 101

PHOTO PROVIDED It takes a master club-builder with a trained eye to fit a club properly and perform a proper shaft profile.

Golfers are impulse buyers and when it comes to buying a new driver, there are many things to consider. Fancy advertising and colorful cosmetics can trick you into purchasing something that doesn’t fit you properly, perhaps you should think about buying a custom driver.

There are many factors other than clubhead speed when fitting a driver to a specific golfer. The whole idea of a custom driver is to build the driver to get the proper spin rate, launch angle, and maximum distance.

There are hundreds of different shafts with various torques, weights, flex points, and firm tip or soft tip.

Below are five factors that we plug into our computer fitting program:

1. Clubhead Speed

2. Golfer’s physical strength rating: below average, average or well below average.

3. Downswing Transition Rating: Smooth, very little force or forcefull.

4. Wrist-Cock Release: Early 10 o’clock to 12 o’clock; midway 8 o’clock to 10 o’clock or late 6 o’clock to 8 o’clock.

5. Downswing Tempo Rating: Smooth, rhythmic, average some aggression, fast aggression (Hitter).

Don’t forget to enjoy this great game called golf.

Rick Musselman, a golf author and professional, owns Musselman’s Golf and gives lessons in his high-tech golf swing simulator at his golf facility in Williamsport.