Lewisburg sweeps Shore during Dragons’ senior night

BRETT R. CROSSLEY/Sun-Gazette Correspondent Lewisburg senior Christian Coleman competes in the 200 medley relay on Thursday against Jersey Shore.

LEWISBURG–Christian Coleman just seems to enjoy his time in the water and being with his teammates on Lewisburg’s swimming and diving team.

He can constantly be seen helping the younger swimmers as they prepare for events. He’s always prepared, a constant leader, and strong competitor for Lewisburg. Thursday was his last home meet with the school along with his fellow seniors as the Green Dragons honored their 12th-grade standouts.

“It’s a little sad,” Coleman said of senior night. “Last year I thought I had so much time and now it’s actually here.”

Coleman continued to looked in postseason form even as the season still has plenty of time left. He was honored as a senior and swam like it was his final home meet.

He topped the field in the 200 IM with a final time of 2:07.79. He also swam in the 200 medley relay and helped Lewisburg get off to a quick start with a top finish. Jack Drouin, Mason Wuerdeman, and Austin Blakeslee also swam in the medley relay.

“You just have to take it wall by wall and push yourself to be the best you can be,” Coleman said. “The outcome is the outcome. You just have to prepare for it.”

Coleman actually swam against Jersey Shore’s Alex Butzler in the 200 medley relay. The pair swam the butterfly portion and Butzler actually posted a quicker split.

“It was the best split I’ve ever had in a relay,” Butzler said. “I look up to Coleman and it meant a lot to me to get such a good time. It feels really great.”

Coleman highlighted the 100 free and helped his second relay team of the night in the 200 free relay. He anchored this time around and cruised to a top finish.

Butzler credited his quick time to the team’s bonding throughout the season. All Shore swimmers cheered from the deck throughout the meet.

“I feel as the season goes we are just getting closer and closer as a team,” Butzler said. “As we cheer each other on I feel like that helps and makes us go faster.”

Jordan O’Connor continued to be one of the Bulldogs’ top swimmers along with Allison Moore and Alex Butzler.

O’Connor swam against Sarah Burns in the 50 free and used a fast start to take the event with a 25.89.

Lauren Michaels also took advantage of the senior festivities. She helped the group of Anna Batkowski, Delaney Humphrey and Sarah Burns open with a win. She then swam in the 500 free and helped in the 200 free relay. Michaels cruised through the 500 with a winning time of 5:26.14.

Michaels was part of a huge group of seniors that were honors after the diving portion of the meet. The group even honored Jersey Shore’s seniors as well as the independent swimmers at the meet, including Fravel from Selinsgrove.

Jack Drouin had a busy start to the meet as he competed in the 200 medley relay and then the 200 free. He helped win the 200 medley relay and then finished second in the 200 free with a time of 2:03.94. After getting some rest, Dourin won the 100 fly with a final time of 1:04.06.

“The 100 fly I surprised myself,” Dourin said. “The 100 fly is an event I don’t do very often or do very well at. I was surprised, but it might be something to keep in mind.”


Lewisburg 110,

Jersey Shore 70

200 medley relay: Lewisburg (Lauren Michaels, Anna Batkowski, Dleaney Humphrey, Sarah Burns), 2:46.23. 200 free: Lauren Michaels, L, 2:04.34. 200 IM: Delaney Humphrey, L, 2:21.02. 50 free: Jordan O’Connor, JS, 25.89. 100 fly: Delaney Humphrey, L, 1:04.73. 100 free: Anna Batkowski, L, 57.05. 500 free: Lauren Michaels, L, 5:26.14. 200 free relay: Lewisburg (Alexandra Decker, Lauren Michaels, Sarah Burns, Jewels Hepner), 1:47.59. 100 back: Jordan O’Connor, JS, 1:01.76. 100 breast: Alexandra Decker, L, 1:11.49. 400 free relay: Lewisburg (Anna Batkowski, Alexandra Decker, Delaney Humphrey, Jewels Hepner), 3:59.54.


Lewisburg 126,

Jersey Shore 47

200 medley relay: Lewisburg (Jack Drouin, Mason Wuerdeman, Christian Coleman, Austin Blackeslee), 1:53.20. 200 free: Alex Butzler, JS, 1:56.18. 200 IM: Christian Coleman, L, 2:07.79. 50 free: Austin Blakeslee, L, 24.52. 100 fly: Jack Drouin, L, 1:04.06. 100 free: Christian Coleman, L, 48.45. 500 free: Evan Dominick, L, 6:06.16. 200 free relay: Lewisburg (Austin Blakeslee, Jack Drouin, Thomas Haynos, Christian Coleman), 1:37.13. 100 back: Thomas Haynos, L, 1:06.15. 100 breast: Mason Wuerdeman, L, 1:16.21. 400 free relay: Lewisburg (Thomas Haynos, Vaughn Holthus, Logan Plank, Mason Wuerdeman), 4:02.30.