Yoder wins limited late model at CCMS

LOCK HAVEN – The sixth try was the charm. With a season scheduled to begin April 12, Clinton County Motor Speedway finally got a night of racing completed. Almost. The pro stock feature was lost to curfew and will be made up next week.

Red flag stops were needed in the Smith Excavating and Construction limited late model/Lenny Stroud Jr Memorial race as the top three cars crashed out during the white flag lap on the backstretch. Those drivers misfortune turned into Jim Yoder’s good luck as he took over the lead and withstood a one lap dash to win.

Jeff Weaver won the Weaver’s Radiator and Auto Repair/Jay Coder Excavating and Trucking 270 micro sprints. He also earned a win in the 600 micro sprint features.

Jared Zionkawski won the Gary’s Motor Mart/Laurel Highlands IMCA sprint cars race.

Weavers Radiator & Auto Repair/Jay Coder Excavating & Trucking 270 micro sprints (25 entries, 15 laps): 1. Jeff Weaver, 2. Ethan Spotts, 3. Mason Peters, 4. Denny Rinehimer, 5. Troy Whitesel, 6. Quinn Roberts, 7. Kyle Stahl, 8. Timmy Bitner, 9. Skeetz Hockenbrock, 10. Ryan McAndrew, 11. Shaun Musser, 12. Logan Hammaker, 13. Kyler Stahl, 14. Dan Wertman, 15. Travis Welch, 16. Mather Dixson, 17. Tom Quiggle, 18.Hunter Zimmerman. DNF- Gary Keister, John Roberts, Bryan Strouse, Nick Whitesel, Buddy Kramer. DNS- Jerrod Heil

Heat race winners: Ethan Spotts, Mason Peters, Nick Whitesel, Gary Keister.

Lap leader: Jeff Weaver, 1-15.

Smith Excavating & Construction limited late models (21 entries, 25 laps): 1. Jim Yoder, 2. Clinton Hersh, 3. Kevin Probst, 4. Mike Smith, 5. Drew Weisser, 6. Devin Frey, 7. Tim Luben, 8. Gary Mellott. DNF- Devin Hart, Joe Lusk, JR Toner, Joe Loffredo, Luke Hoffner, Darren Lucas, Dylan Yoder, John Myers, Jamin Chapman, Andrew Yoder, Bryan Benton, Len Stroud, Sr, Matt Cochran

Heat race winners: Devin Hart, Joe Lusk, Jim Yoder.

Lap leaders: Matt Cochran, 1-4, Joe Lusk, 5-12, Devin Hart, 13-24, Jim Yoder, 25

Gary’s Motor Mart/Laurel Highlands IMCA sprint cars (20 entries, 20 laps): 1. Jared Zionkawski, 2. Scott Lutz, 3. Jacob Gamola, 4. Kyle Ganoe, 5. John Walp, 6. Ken Duke, 7. Dale Schweikart, 8. Ray Sheetz, 9. Dave Guss, 10. Fred Arnold, 11. Neil Petock, 12. Reed Thompson. DNF- Jeffrey Weaver, 14. Dakota, ( 1 lap down), DNF- Ryan Lynn, Randy Sterling, Cowboy Jim Kennedy, Dylan Proctor. DNS- Josh Spicer, Tylor Cochran.

Heat race winners: Jared Zionkawski, Kyle Ganoe, John Walp

Lap leader: Zionkawski, 1-20

600 micro sprint feature (9 entries, 15 laps): 1. Jeff Weaver, 2. Garrett Bard, 3. Josh Beamer, 4. Lance Spotts, 5. Bobby Sanso, 6. Derek Swartz, 7. Dariek Humanay. DNF- Kyle Knopp, Tyson Mowery

Heat race winners: Jeff Weaver, Garrett Bard

Lap leader: Jeff Weaver, 1-15.

Millers Automotive Machine Shop pro stock division (13 entries): Feature postponed due to curfew. … Make-up date will be determined later.

Heat race winners: AY Schilling, Ray Rothfuss